Sony PS3Eye Camera DirectShow Capture Source Filter *Update* v3.0.0.0901

Well, here it is… 
I managed to put together a first version of the DirectShow capture filter for PS3Eye camera. 
This will allow us to use this great camera in various Windows applications (assuming they are compatible with DirectShow system) including TouchLib for use in multitouch applications.

I made single PS3EyeSetup application that will install PS3Eye driver, DirectShow filter and test applications all at once. It will also allow for clean Unistall, for those of you that are experiencing problems with Flash content in IExplorer and Mozilla browsers. Please note that before running Uninstaller you must close any application that uses PS2Eye camera or some of the camera component will not be properly removed.

Installation Steps:

– Unplug the PS3Eye camera from your comupter.
– Uninstall any previous version of PS3Eye software.
– Download and run the latest PS3EyeSetup file.
– Click ‘Install’ and follow the setup process.
– Plug in the camera.

After successful installation, your Device Manager should look similar to this: 

You can run the PS3EyeTest application from the start menu at this point to verify if camera installed properly. You’ll see something like this:

I added the option of controlling the camera settings such as Gain, Exposure, White balance etc.

DirectShow Video Source for PS3Eye camera will also be installed, registered and ready for use. To test if PS3Eye DirectShow component functions properly, run the AmCap application from the start menu.

After a few moments the camera will start capturing and the AMCAP will show the camera preview in its window: 

Camera properties selects video format:

Camera settings:

Currently the PS3Eye camera DirectShow component is set by default to capture uncompressed 640×480 RGB (24bit) video at 30fps. 

Now you can enjoy using this great camera in your favorite Windows app!

NOTE: Thank you all for your feedback. For those of you who are experiencing problems, you can now uninstall the software by running Uninstall from the start menu. If for some reason the camera DirectShow files ( and PS3EyeLib.dll) are not removed and still on your system, follow these steps to manually remove them:

Manual removal of and PS3EyeLib.dll files:

– Close any program that are using PS3Eye camera.
– Press ‘WinKey’+R on your keyboard or alternatively go to Start->Run
– Type the following: regsvr32 /u “C:\Program Files\AlexP\”
– You will see the following dialog box confirming successful un-registration of the file.

– Now you can safely delete and PS3EyeLib.dll from your machine.

If the manual removal steps above fail for some reason, run your Windows in safe mode and repeat these steps.

To Do List:

– Make Setup application
– Create camera property pages
– Add camera resolution selection (640×480, 320×240, 160×120)
– Add selectable camera capture window (x, y, width, height)
– Add capture frame rate adjustment (640×480@60fps max, 320×240@120fps max)
– Add selection of Auto/Manual camera operation modes
– Manual adjustment for Exposure and Gain
– Add RGB-16/24/32 color output format (this will increase compatibility with the software out there)
– Implement 64-bit version of the PS3Eye driver

I am currently working on implementing these features. As am only working part-time on this project please be patient and check here for future updates.

NOTE: Since currently I do not control the PS3Eye’s microphone (detected and installed by Windows by default), there is no way for me to make sure that every program that uses both camera and microphone will work properly. I am aware that there are some issues with this when running WML and other programs on some machines. I am currently looking into this and possibly a way to find a workaround.

And most importantly, the PS3Eye Setup file:

NOTE: The older setup files are crossed but still available below. For the latest setup scroll to the bottom.

PS3EyeSetup (v1.0b81006)

Notes (v1.0b81006): I worked on major bug fix. Flash player camera capture now works properly. I successfully tested it on

PS3EyeSetup (v1.0b81007)

Notes (v1.0b81007): Increased compatibility by setting default capture frame rate to 15fps for DirectShow filter (320×240), making it fully compatible with Flash and many video conferencing programs out there. Fixed ‘green screen’ bug.

PS3EyeSetup (v1.0b81008)

Notes (v1.0b81008): Fixed preview/capture issue with AMCAP and other programs. The camera resources are properly released now.

PS3EyeSetup (v2.0b81019)

Notes (v2.0b81019): Created DirectShow camera property page (selectable resolution and frame rate). Support for RGB-16/24/32 color output format. Implemented both 32-bit and 64-bit version of the PS3Eye driver. Fixed the PS3EyeCamera.inf file so that drivers install correctly. Included PS3EyeLib SDK as described here.

PS3EyeSetup (v2.0b81021)

Notes (v2.0b81021): Driver installation tested on both Vista x86 and x64 it now works properly and driver files are found correctly. As of this version (v2.0b81021) the PS3EyeLib driver uses the advanced thread scheduling features only available in Vista. This greatly improves its performance and stability on this OS.

PS3EyeSetup (v2.0b81029)

Notes (v2.0b81029): New version of driver now supports resolution selection as well as the adjustment of the camera settings such as Gain, Exposure, White balance etc. Please make sure you fully uninstall any previous version of PS3Eye software you have on your machine before installing this latest release.

PS3EyeSetup (v2.0b81109)

Notes (v2.0b81109): Fixed crash problems with various browsers involving Flash content, including crashes when going into ‘Settings’ option in the embedded Flash player. This also fixes problems some experienced with MSN, Skype and others. Succesfully tested the new version on the Cameroid website. Please make sure you fully uninstall any previous version of PS3Eye software you have on your machine before installing this latest release.

PS3EyeSetup (v2.0b81111) (MD-5: 7DCDCDBF6B0E184AEAA8E709F259E576)

Notes (v2.0b81111): Fixed bug that caused errors in AMCAP in the previous version. At the same time fixed error issues in Flash player. Some of you reported that there is a worm in a setup file. After investigating the issue I found out that my ISP’s server was infected. They fixed the issue and I uploaded the setup file again. I included the MD-5 checksum of the original file. I tested this file with both Kaspersky and Avast! and it is clean.

The camera was tested and works with Skype. Here are some screenshots of camera setup window in Skype.

Skype video:

Camera settings:

PS3EyeSetup (v2.0b81231) (MD-5: EB14A19766BE5DEC8340E78C6AC03819)

Notes (v2.0b81231): Fixed issue with ‘file in use’ (write protected) file. This was due to running installer/uninstaller while MSN messenger is opened. Fixed annoying ‘software upgrade’ popup.

PS3EyeSetup (v2.1.0.0130) (MD-5: 67F0D2D4D10D3428B3D6F861AD478A12)

Notes (v2.1.0.0130): Thank you for your valuable feedback. I finally tracked down and fixed the annoying popup to upgrade the software. It was due to one of the libraries I was using in my code. I fully rewrote that part.

PS3EyeSetup (v3.0.0.0825) (MD-5: EAA8EB00AE85C6F1D9B495F72B45F0B4)

Notes (v3.0.0.0825): Thank you for all your valuable feedback. Fixes in this version:
– Improved driver stability (this relates to the freezing of the camera image on some machines)
– Overall CPU usage was greatly reduced by optimizing the critical code. This code is now implemented using hand optimized MMX/SSE instructions.
– Various fixes in direct show component. This should improve compatibility with many programs that use this feature (i.e. Skype, MSN, Flash)
– Direct show applications can now use full set of PS3Eye camera frame rate capabilities. Here is the list of supported formats: 320×240 @ 15, 30, 60, 75, 100, 125 fps and 640×480 @ 15, 30, 40, 50, 60 fps
– Full XP/Vista/Windows 7 support

PS3EyeSetup (v3.0.0.0827) (MD-5: B672686ECA42E0A15EC73E065BC9D8D3)

Notes (v3.0.0.0827): Fixes in this version:
– Fixed browser crashing issue when the PS3Eye camera is not plugged in

>>> PS3EyeSetup (v3.0.0.0901) (MD-5: 2774325719386C063ECBCCF907F0636F) <<<

Notes (v3.0.0.0901): Fixes in this version:
– Fixed camera compatibility with Skype v4.1

Please join my forum to further discuss this topic.


If you find the software useful or if you feel like supporting this project, please feel free to click the donation button below.



~ by Alexander Popovich on October 2, 2008.

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    • Yea I ran the update on my ps3 cam it works great until i use yahoo msg,it loads fine but when I ask others to view my cam they crash! Any suggestions!

      • ok I know i am being dumb but where the heck is the program to install????? i dont see it on this page????

    • Hello. Thanks for the drivers: I have windowsXP and the ps3eye works perfectly after installing your drivers!
      My problem is that I would like to use the camera with trackmate ( and I can’t. Trackmate does not “see” the ps3eye. Do you have any idea why?
      Thanks 🙂

    • It seemed to install successfully but when I try to run the test app, it doesn’t work, and says that WINUSB.DLL was not found. I’ve tried reinstalling and no luck. I also remembered to unplug the camera… did I miss a step or something? Also, the AMCAP doesn’t work.

      It’s really cool that you’ve done this, I just wish it’d work for me! Lol.

    • were is the hack download been looking for an hour now and found nothing on this page besides comments saying “oh yer it works great on my machine” but the problem is it WON’T WORK ON MINE CAUSE THERE IS NO SOFTWARE !!”!

      • Just open your eyes : See the «Works on my machine» awards, you can find a red line just above, and, O, surprise, the link on the beginning of this line… «>>>PS3EyeSetup»
        And keep cool 😉

        Anyway it doesn’t work on my machine with Win 7 64bits, the sound driver is installed correctly, not the camera one.

  2. Good Stuff Man.. Keep on going with what ur doing!
    from us at we thank you.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for the great work.
    As some others mentioned in NUI group, it works perfect in the test application but crashes the browser (Tested with both IE 8 and Firefox 3.0.3) in some pages containing flash. I’ve faced this issue accessing my studio in

    Thanks again

  4. Great job on this! I tried it with Skype.
    The configuration and preview window does work.
    However when a call connects it crashes Skype.

  5. It won’t capture, it either goes blank or says cannot start graph, is there any user documentation for AMCAP?

  6. Good work !!! Thanks a lot from Frank in Germany !!!

  7. hello please can anyone tell-me when remove I tried run
    regsvr32 /u but give me an error
    LoadLibrary ( failed- impossible find specified module.
    now my browser crash with flash items.

  8. Thanks for your efforts on this. I have a problem though. When I start the PS3Eye Test app, it hangs on “Initializing driver…”.

    Here is my Device Driver window. Seems that “USB Camera-B3.04.06.1” is missing from mine.

    Without the Eye plugged in, I ran the PS3EyeSetup.exe with success. Plugged in the camera. Found new hardware. Pointed it to my ../Program Files/AlexP/Driver directory and it installed the driver. Then tried running PS3Eye Test.

    I’m using Windows XP SP3.

  9. Apologies, forgot my Device Driver pic:

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  11. thanks for the update but vista can’t find any driver?!

  12. Thanks for working on this driver!
    i have Vista x64 and when i try to install driver it says this
    “A service installation section in this INF is invalid”
    im guessing you dont have it setup to install to vista x64?
    or im doing sumthing wrong. thanks

  13. You’ll have to run the PS3EyeSetup.exe as an Administrator.

  14. it doesn’t install “Jungo” ?!

    you’re doing a great job! thanks from germany

  15. Currently the Windows x64 driver install is not implemented, but this is on my list.

  16. lol and I’m thinking I’m an idiot… than I’ve to wait for a x64 driver.

  17. cool thanks, the mic works great for now cant wait for the x64 driver

  18. Run as Admin? The account I installed it on is a member of Administrators.

  19. I’m also experiencing a similar problem with James
    Running 32 bit XP SP3, the Video driver installed fine, but nothing is coming out of the PS3 Eye test.

    But great work, have been waiting about half a year for a working version of PS eye working on windows, Keep it up.

  20. great work

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  22. it’s work jast fine but how i can use it in skype. As Staus said its crashes. Can it be fixed?

  23. Excellent, works like a charm on Vista Home! Eagerly waiting for the manual camera controls.

  24. the download link (PS3EyeSetup (v1.0b81007)) does’t work.

  25. For those that didn’t figure it out for themselves, the link to v1.0b91007 is actually

    Thanks Alex, it all now works with my cam!

    Looking forward to testing it on touchlib in the future!

  26. Also, I had to manually unregister the previous file from regsvr32 and manually register the new file.
    Before doing this, several programs could not see the camera.
    Flash worked fine to see them, but Windows Media Player, et cetera, could not view the camera.

  27. Thank you so much for doing this, Alexander Popovich.

  28. Yet another message from me.
    My actions with the may not have helped at all.
    I can see the PS3 Eye Camera in Windows Movie Maker after I do unregister/re-register. However, it is when I select the camera that something odd happens. It thinks the device is no longer responding, gives an error message saying that you should close any programs using the camera, and try again. I closed all programs using it, and I try again. Same error, only this time it removes the PS3 Eye Camera from the list, and the camera will not return until the file is re-registered.
    Maybe it’s expecting more property dialogs than it’s been given?
    I believe this is a program-specific error, at this point. Other programs have worked well.
    Thanks for everything!

  29. Thank you so much for working on this project.

    One thing to report for me, The new DS driver seems to leave the camera in a bad state when capture/preview is finished. The observed behavior with AMCAP.exe is that i can only start the capture or preview once. Any further attempts to stop/start capture generates “Error 80004003: cannot run preview graph” or “Error 80004005: Cannot start graph”. if the program is closed completely and reopened, the camera can be started again (but only once per program launch) This behavior is the same when used in other programs (skype etc)

    This is as observed on v1.0b81007, the previous build actually crashed the calling program when the camera was “opened” a second time.

  30. The PS3EyeSetup link is fixed now.

  31. Thanks Chris, I will look into the preview/capture issue with AMCAP.exe and other programs. I think it is the problem with properly releasing the camera resources.

  32. Thankx Alex, great job btw.

  33. Hey Alex, i’m very impressed on how your work is going on…i’m definitly a fan… So i thought i might help by giving you a feedback…Installed the last version online of your work… the PS3EyeSetup (v1.0b81007) is now installed on my computer… but it seems like on my Vista OS it makes MSN unable to start anymore… i uninstalled it , msn re work… reinstalled the setup , msn won’t start again so i figured this setup is not interacting well with this software… hope it might help …Julien

  34. Great work Alex. I’ve tested it on Vista with WebcamXP and it works. I can monitor my home from work now using the Eye Toy.

  35. alright, second post, for you Alex and those who are experiencing the same problem as I do…Here is the trick… Incompatibility seems to be with the MSN launcher because I uninstalled the setup for PS3Eye, launched MSN, reinstalled the setup, and it works fine… So you just have to uninstall and reinstall the setup each time you have to use MSN…

  36. Actually experiencing the same thing as Julien, only a slight variant.

    It installs fine and works very well….
    Until I unplug and replug the camera. Then the PS3 Eye Test App doesn’t detect the PS Eye anymore. This problem was solved after I ran PS3EyeSetup.1.0b81008.exe again. Then the webcam started to work again.

    After I unplug it another time, same problem arose.

  37. hello, in the latest version of the drivers, everything works fine me, but only 15 FPS, the ps3eyetest let me put up 60fps, but the other programs will be put automatically to 15fps, there is a solution? thanks.

  38. Hi, thank’s for this. But I have a problem, the camera works great but the mic doesn’t works for me. When I try to prove it in the Control Panel > Audio Properties I get an error 0x80004005 about Direct Play and DvpSetup.exe, and when I switch in the audio controller to “USB Camera B4.04.27.1” I don’t see any options.

    P.D.: Sorry for my english.

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  40. Just tested. Video works inside Skype (and Stickam) but if you try to change the audio driver USB-Camera.B304061 with Skype, you’re gonna cash… !

    btw, Great work AlexP!

  41. Great Work!
    Unfortunately I’m having problems also, installing goes fine, PS3Eye Test App works on all settings , AMCAP works, Mic works fine, however can’t get cam to work for any other programs, MSN crashes when i choose PS3 cam, Movie Maker doesn’t list it as an option. I’m not sure if I’m able to change something somewhere to get it to work, or if I’ll just have to be patient and wait.

  42. Great Alex, Your latest build fixed the camera release issue. I can now start/stop the camera in skype/AMCAP with no problems at all.

    Many Thanks for your excellent efforts.

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  44. Ummm i trying too tested out too see with wat programs it works for and i cant seem too get it too work with hotmail or windows movie maker or the youtube upload video from camera device can somebody recomend something for me please or help

  45. Alex you are amazing 😀 it works over here with XP SP2 ;)..

    just to let you know ive got PS3 Eye B3.04.06.1..

    the only thing is it doesn’t work past 640×480 @ 15fps (15fps @ 640×480 and lower works perfect, but higher doesn’t) thats all there is..

    anyway keep up the good work.. skype seems to work with it.. msn aswell.. havent tried anything else 😛


  46. Many may Thanks for your excellent efforts …. Alberto (Rome .. Italy )

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  48. where is the PS3EyeSetup file?????????

  49. THANX for you job !!

    and please , add 64bit driver as fast as You can … 😀

  50. I was excited to see that in the screen shots you were using Vista. Unfortunately you were using the 32 bit version. I hope you work on a 64 bit driver soon. Good work so far, must take a lot of skill.

  51. Really looking forward to being able to use my PS3Eye as a webcam. Unfortunately I am currently using 64bit Vista.

  52. I got it working but the video is shifting like it has no bounds. Anyone run into this problem?

  53. ya I am looking forward for it to cant wait for the x64 edition of it.

  54. I got this working with skype in vista and it works awsome, ive tried 3 cameras from microsoft 2 from dynex and 1 from rocketfish
    and 1 from logitech several were top of the line, this is the best of them all my girlfriend says the pictures better and the sound is great, THANKS for the drivers you ROCK

  55. Hi, i’m a french guy, sorry for my poor english !!!
    Is it works for msn or skype, because it’s doesn’t work for me. Thanks

  56. Thanks a ton for the hard work you put into this! Anyone know why you can’t use the mic in the camera for skype?

  57. Too sweet!

  58. I think i will buy one it’s look good

  59. Now working! Thanks a lot for this, Alex!

    …although, sometimes I have to remove the PS Eye and plug it back in for it to work. Otherwise the test app hangs on “Initializing driver…”

    Also had an issue about 10% of the time where the camera image shifts (to the left, I think) every few seconds.

    Great work though – I look forwards to seeing future releases!

  60. Hey man I love what you’re doing but I’m having trouble using the EYE for webcam things such as Meebo and Windows Live Messenger can you help me out?

  61. Also PS3Eye Test App only works sometimes and I have to reinstall it to make it work every now and then. What am I doing wrong?

  62. Waiting for the x64 driver, in the meanwhile i donated to say thanks to you and pheraphs to speed up development 😉

  63. i did all that stuff n it wrked once but wen i restarted my computer WLM no longer wrked and i had 2 uninstall all your stuff, y is this

  64. helo ps eye on skype problem help please

  65. Hi,

    Updated from v1.0b81008 to v2.0b81019. Uninstalled the old version first using the Uninstall under the AlexP directory. The PSEyeTest app works fine with v2.0b81019 but in Windows Live Messenger, when going through the Audio and Video Setup wizard under Tools, at step 3 no webcam is detected (not in the drop down list). The PSEye was in the list in the previous version. Anyone else have this prob? Could I have uninstalled correctly (it left an .ax and dll file after uninstall).

  66. James,
    You need to close all the applications that use the camera before uninstalling. It seems that something was opened and was using the DirectShow .ax file. This is why they were not deleted. I suspect that the new install then didn’t overwrite these files either. So now you ended up having files from different version of the software. I suggest you restart the machine and do install of the latest setup.

  67. Thanks for the advice Alex but I still have the same issue – The PSEyeTest app works fine with v2.0b81019 but in Windows Live Messenger, when going through the Audio and Video Setup wizard under Tools, at step 3 no webcam is detected (not in the drop down list).

    I followed your advice previously. Unplugged the camera, rebooted, uninstalled v1.0b81008 using the unistall within the AlexP directory. Installed v2.0b81019, plugged in the PSEye. No new hardware detected. Tried the PSEyeTest app and it failed to start with an error ‘winusb.dll missing / could not be found’. Rebooted again. In Device Manager I right clicked Jungo > PS3 Eye Camera and chose ‘Update Driver’. Pointed to the Program Files\AlexP\Driver directory and it went ahead updating, installed winusbcohostinstaller (or something like that). Now Jungo > PS3 Eye Camera has gone from the Device Manager list and I now have a new entry, ‘AlexP Devices > PS3 Eye Camera (x32). The PSEyeTest app works now but again, the webcam is not available to Windows Live Messenger when going through the Audio and Video Setup wizard (step 3) – just ‘none’ in the list.

    Anyone else have this problem? I have used System Restore to go back to yesterdays config that uses v1.0b81008 and that works fine. Then tried the above a few times with the same outcome.

    Any help would be much appreciated 🙂

  68. Also, AmCap reports that I have no video capture device. Only thing working is the microphone in MSN Live Messenger and the camera works in PsEyeTest.

  69. i’m suffering from a similar problem to james, i wanted to use my playstation eye as a web cam, it installed fine without any hitches, msn detected it, and when i go to have a video chat it says that it is in use by another program, which is a big pile of something that need’s censoring heavily, aside from that major let down, the program is awesome, the drivers are awesome, and so is alex for creating them in the first place. any advice for me chap?

  70. another slight dilemma i’m having, i’m trying to uninstall the program, and it does, it just leaves and ps3eyelib.dll can’t delete them to start from scratch, which sucks the big one if you have any ideas please get back to me

  71. hey i downloaded the 2.0 patch, but i still cannot get the update to work…

    the computer only recognizes the camera as a microphone, and nothing else…

    I have no idea what to do at all… please help me…

    Jungo does not show up either in the device manager…

    It also shows that the INF is invalid…

  72. I’m happy. Thank you for this job but the eyetoy is still not working in MSN )Windows Live Messenger). If I go in tools/video and audio settings, I found it but after, I need to select it from tools/sttings of the webcam and the eyecamera is not there. Answer-me please. Thank you.

  73. I have a similar issue, as James, after updating from v1.0b1008 to v2.0b81019 I am now missing winUSB.dll file and the Testapp or any other, will no longer work…

  74. Andy, to completely remove the program both and ps3eyelib.dll have to be deleted. The uninstaller attempts to do this, but you must close any program that is using the camera before running the uninstaller. Otherwise it will fail to remove those files. I will add the manual uninstall procedure in the post . You can then follow these steps to manually remove and ps3eyelib.dll files from your system.

  75. Jonathon, you must uninstall the previous files. You should not install on top. I changers the driver model I used for the PS3Eye camera and now use Microsoft’s WinUSB which is different from Jungo’s WinDriver I originally used. Are you running 32bit of 64bit version of Windows? Is it XP or Vista?

  76. Are people successfully using v2.XXXX1019 and the PSEye with MSN as a webcam? Mine’s not even detected.

    Andy P – I have an issue with the previous version where the microphone wouldn’t work with MSN as it was ‘in use with another program’. Just disconnect the camera and plug it back in and try again. I had to do that regularly when all was working well with v1.XXXX1008. I have sometimes noticed a few instances of PSEyeTest app under Processes in Task Manager even though the app is not open… almost as if it doesn’t exit properly…?

  77. Andy – unplug the webcam and restart your computer before uninstalling to ensure that no other programs are using the device.

  78. Andy – have a problem with the install of the camera i have tried the various recommended approches none have worked. The error i am recieving is “A service installation section in this INF is invalid.” when checking out the device manager. It is not properly detecting the camera. I am currenly running vista 64 on a quad core intel system. If there are any work arounds it would be greatly appreciated.

  79. I get a rare error :S, I haven’t seen it around here, but thank you for your software, as it seems it has helped alot of people, I hope you could help me 😉 … My eror is as follwed :

    I installed the drivers, then I plugin the camera, and Windows starts looking for drivers automatically, it finds you drivers, but it displays in a big window : Windows found driver software, but encountered errors while attempting to install it, PS3Eye Camera (x32) The serice cannot be started, either because its disabled or beacuase it has no enabled devices associated to it.

    Im using Vista Ultimate…Help will be greatly apprciated 😀

  80. Desousa, check out the new PS3EyeSetup (v2.0b81021) I just updated. I worked on resolving the inf file errors and making it work on both Vista x86 and x64.

  81. Even with v2.0b81021 when i try and use it in any program, even the test ap it says “Can not find PS3Eye Camera device” However, v1.0b81008 works good.

  82. I’ve tried this out on MSN, but with limited success… at first it would crash live messenger whenever I accessed the audio and video setup… after restarting my machine (running vista home premium 32bit) the audio/video wizard detected the camera, but wouldn’t save changes to the resolution or framerate… also it says that the camera is either unplugged or in use when I click on webcam settings… trying to show my cam results in an automatic cancellation…

    Otherwise, very cool! keep up the great work Alex!

  83. thanks guys for the help, the .ax and .dll were deleted, i then downloaded the new drivers, still having the same problem, ps3eye test and amcap detect the cam, and msn gets to stage 3, where it comes up with a box with my mugshot (pulling rediculous expressions i have to add,lol), and when i go into webcam settings it comes up with no webcam detected, even tho stage 3 said there was, i’m getting slightly confused, and another thing, with the previous set of drivers the lil cam logo below my display pic was shown in all it splendor, and now it’s not, and one minor note of slight interest, with the previous drivers the red light flashed when it was working, now it’s static, the same as it’s lil bro the ps2 eyetoy.
    thanks again for all the help guys, is there anything else i could be doing wrong?

  84. i’m currently running windows live messenger on windows xp pro sp3

  85. Alex let me first say great job on the Drivers working great. Though as many other people on here i cant seem to get it to work on MSN. I downlaoded and installed PS3EyeSetup.2.0b81019 which i think are the new drivers. When i go into Audio and Video settings on MSN it displays the PS3 eye with no problem. Its only when i go to send the invite to show my webcam that i get,

    Your conversation cannot begin because your camera is currently in use or not plugged in. Make sure your camera is available and try again.
    * You have canceled your invitation to start viewing webcam.

    Which i dont understand. Any help on this matter would we welcome as this is buggin me now.

    Once again great work your a legend !!!

  86. hey Alex, seems like your work is very fertile like it use to be… Looks like lots of people are having the drivers working 100%… I’m still having the same issues since the first version with my Windows Live Messenger on my Vista x32 with your executable… Once installed it won’t let me run WLM anymore telling me WLM has been stopped and that windows is searching for a solution to the problem… once uninstalled , WLM will load normally… Any idea what the problem is??? Thanks again for your work

  87. I get the same problem as Andy P – when I go through MSN Audio/Video Setup the cam runs perfectly, but when I go to Webcam Settings it says the cam isn’t plugged in or is being used by another program – which it isn’t. I’ve tried unplugging, restarting, etc, but it happens every time :S

    Also AMCAP has stopped capturing – it says it ‘can’t render the video capture stream’.

    I’m on Vista x32

  88. Whatever you did crushed that bug, well done! It requires a restart which is inconvenient, but it does work.

  89. Hey ever thing seems to work pretty well but when I open AmCap all i get is a white screen. I can still capture through it but it will not show me what my cam sees. Thanx for all the hard work.

  90. […] ler toda a lista de updates, visite o blog oficial do rapaz, caso queira baixar e instalar os drivers, clique aqui. […]

  91. hello alex thanks for the drivers !!! I install the PS3EyeSetup (v2.0b81021) works well but the quality of the image have worst definition…. you can tell me why?

  92. Is there a way to get this camera to work with the new Tbeta? I am having trouble getting it to be detected.

  93. Only The PS3EyeSetup.1.0b81008.exe work on Windows live messenger. The 2 newer you made do not work on it.

  94. i installed teh driver right from the site (im new to this) and installed it. when i went to run the test, it said that WINUSB.DLL was missing, when checking up on where to get it, it happens when you install a program before the driver, but the download is the, what can i do to fix it?

  95. WINUSB.DLL is missing. Cannot run test. any suggestions?

  96. wow great job just one question is this only for Windows Vista?

  97. Hey, v1.0b81008, I run into the problem described by a few others where the test app and amcap work wonderfully, but unfortunately WLM crashes when attempting to set up the camerA. And since I’m running xp the new versions with winusb.dll, don’t work (test app + amcap) at all due to the missing dll. Which from what I’ve been able to find is exclusive to Vista. Is there a way to get the dll for xp, or another way to get the 2.0 versions working on xp. Or get old versons working with msn?
    Thanks for any advice, and great thanks to alex for all his hard work!

  98. First things first, thanks Alex for your efforts.
    I’ve been been on the lookout for a good quality USB cam that operates in bulk transfer mode for the last six months. Digi has a USB hub with an ethernet bridge known as “Anywhere USB” and if you read the documentation you’ll realize that it only talks to USB cams that operate in “bulk transfer” mode. The kicker is that Digi’s “bulk transfer” cams are in the order of $200. a pop. So if you want to cluster some USB cams in a 16′ radius of the Anywhere USB hub you’ll have to buy into Dig’s overpriced “bulk transfer” cams. At that point it makes sense to just buy IP based cameras and be done with it. It’s a delicate balance if you want to leverage the expense of the Anywhere USB hub with inexpensive but good quality cams. So that brings us to doorstep of Sony’s PS3E “bulk transfer” USB cam which satisfies the requirements of modest price, quality optics, a microphone, and USB plug’n play compatibility. So a cluster of four IP cams that would cost you a king’s ransom is now achievable with $400. Of course if good quality IP cameras approach $100 the math will tip in favor of IP cameras. So basically what was a $1,000 cost turns into a $400 expense when you combine an Anywhere USB hub with 4 PS3E cams instead of 4 of Digi’s $200 cams. All the cameras are visible with WebcamXP which works like a charm and can in effect be ported across the internet for the modest price of $80. Sounds like good deal to me.

  99. Douglas, WinUSB works on Windows XP. The missing dll is result of improper installation. Make sure you reboot Windows. Are you running x86 or x64 XP? I tested the install on clean XP SP3 and it all worked fine. I had to reboot, but once I plugged my PS3Eye it was detected without problems.

  100. Pascal, I’m testing the new version of the camera software with WLM right now. It will be ready soon.

  101. Jason, for tbeta is better to use my camera SDK and access the camera directly. This will greatly reduce any latency.

  102. spiritmind, I’m working on the quality fix. I had it set to 320×240 by default (instead of 640×480).

  103. Parker, did you enable the ‘Preview’ option in AMCap?

  104. Chrisy, I’m testing the new version of the software on WLM right now. It will be released soon.

  105. Thank’s again for all your hard work Alex, can’t wait to try the updated drivers for WLM.

  106. Hi Alex, I just can’t seem to get this to work, I see the camera under ‘Alex P Devices’ but the audio component isn’t there in device manager. When I load the test program it hangs on ‘Found PS3Eye Camera B3.04.06.1’. Every time I plug it in it also requests the driver software. Thanks for your efforts so far though it’s great to see most people are able to use your driver, shame my system won’t play ball! I’m running XP Home SP3, cheers!

  107. is the new release going to work with MSN and/or skype?


  108. Hey everyone.
    When I text my PS3Eye,
    it works perfectly.
    when I try to use AIM(AOL Instant Messenger)
    it only picks up my Eye as a microphone,
    I don’t know how to get it so that I can video chat.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  109. For me too, MSN live messenger works fine with v1.0b81008. But doesn’t with your last version. XP/32 SP3. Great!

  110. Thanks allot alex for the effort you have put in the development of the driver .I bought the ps3 eye camera just because of you :P, and im pretty amazed with the quality.
    Right now im using the omnivision driver and have no problems.With PS3EyeSetup.2.0b81021 driver i have an issue , every time i restart the pc the camera is lost in the device manager.After unpluging and pluging it again everything works fine.Allso it seems that the camera cant be initialized by “manycam” thats effects software.Keep up the good work. Pozdrav od Makedonija 😉 🙂

  111. I’ve rebooted and tried the test app and it still indicates winusb.dll is missing, Amcap works fine however. I will attempt to unistall and reinstall later tonight and reboot prior to trying to run anything and will let you know the outcome. Thanks for all your hard work.

  112. And unfortunately it was unnsuccessful, I will be patient and wait till next build, and see if it works!
    Thanks again

  113. hi ya ,may be a silly question though does it run on windows 2000
    thanks !

  114. I used to get a winUSB.dll missing error, until I manually forced the PS3 Camera in the Device Manager to Update Driver (right click the device), pointing it to the C:\Program Files\Alex P\ directory. Not sure I needed to do this. The trouble is, after successfully uninstalling v1.0b81008, when I installed version v2.0b81019 and then plugged the camera back in, it didn’t detect it as new hardware as before.

    After that, the test app worked but AMCAP and Windows Live Messenger didn’t, so I’ve reverted to the 1008 version as it worked.

  115. I’m using the latest version (v2.0b81021) and it keeps on coming up with horizontal grey lines (no picture) in MSN but not in the Test App (where it will just freeze instead). Is there a reason for this? This happens at anything over 640×480 30fps anyway but not normally at lower resolutions. Is there a way that your driver could reset the camera when this happens? I use ManyCam atm to reset the camera but setting it to a blank screen then back to the webcam


  116. Hi Alexp!
    Thanks for the driver! but it didn’t work for me! (please help!)

    I installed it (v2.0b81021) without any trouble, plugged the ps3 cam, opened ps3eye test, start capture, and I just get a black screen..

    the ps3eyetest shows that it found my camera (ps3eye camera B3.04.06.1)

    Please help!


  117. it works up until AMCAP, then theres nothing =[

  118. OK I got the new version working, and like you said Amcap and WLM don’t work. SO I guess since I’m unable to get WLM working with previous versions I’ll wait for the next great iteration!

  119. PS3 eye is on Amazon’s today deals for just 22.98 and Free shipping w/Prime. Just picked one because I loved the PS2 Eyetoy nad once I knew it worked as a webcam I couldn’t let this offer pass by. I’m donating right now. Keep the good work, sir ! And many many thanks !

  120. […] Milzy that link was for the old PS2 eyetoy, here is the link for the new PS3 eye Good Luck __________________ PSN ID: oSiorain Playing: […]

  121. This works with skype but you have to be careful. ONLY SET THE VIDEO SETTINGS TO THE PS3 EYE.

    for audio your going to have to use a seperate mic. hopefully in the future we can ue the eye for both mic and video.


  122. Chet, thanks. Currently I do not have control over the PS3Eye’s microphone as it is automatically detected and installed by Windows (standard Usb Audio Class device). It seems that there is sometimes an issue when starting both audio and video capture at the same time. As you said the solution is to use separate mic for audio.

  123. Alex, everytime I’ve had that issue, all I’ve done is unplugged and plugged back in the eye toy and it works again.

  124. thanks for the great work so far!
    Latest update doesn’t work with MSN however..
    Just shows a blue screen, without being able to select a camera.
    gets pass the device is in use error on the last release however

  125. alex thanks for the works and the drivers!!1 but I thing 1.0b81008 drivers have the best quality image and after this drivers the image quality its worst. if you want I can mail you images whit 2 drivers 😉


  126. Both Firefox and IE crash when choosing broadcast on with the newest build (v2.0b81029). I even safely removed the PSEye from the PC’s USB port. This did not occur in build (v2.0b81021) or the one before that. I could actually use the PSEye to stream in those older builds.

  127. hi! Thankyou so much for this new driver! I use PD with the v2.0b81029 but I can’t use more than 30fps. The v2.0b81021 let me select any framerate, do you know what happened?

  128. Gratz Alex it works fine with WLM 😀 A big thanks 🙂

  129. hi… i’ve just installed the PS3EyeSetup.2.0b81029.exe on my XP sp3, i plugged in my ps3 eye (USB Camera-B3.04.06.1) i fired up the testApp.. it worked…

    but.. it doesn’t show up on my skype nor msn..

    actually i used the previous driver (PS3EyeSetup.1.0b81008.exe) it was working fine..i could even use the microphone on the ps3 eye, except the image moved like 100pixels to the right every 10 minutes..

    my question is. is this PS3EyeSetup.2.0b81029.exe meant to be used on Vista.? and it’s only made for the newest version of ps3 eye ?

    thanks in advance

  130. Thank you for this wonderful driver! I use it with Pure Data on vista and it works very well. But with the last v2.0b81029 I can’t select more than 30fps with Pure Data, is there any solution?

    Another pb is that the image freeze sometimes and I need to restart the app. I think it’s because of the 500mAh version of the Ps3eye that drains to much power…

  131. i only have one problem it work in msn great now…but i have to install driver after msn is started or it will crash on ive been uninstalling and instaling every time i use msn.?any idea what the problem is

  132. Thanks for the continued development Alex.

    Unfortunately, I still have the same problem with v1029. Amcap does not detect a video capture device and WLM does not detect a webcam. I uninstalled everything successfully prior to the install of v1029. PS3EyeTest works. Will have to do a system restore and go back to v1008 as that is the only version that works with WLM and Amcap.

    Are you aware of this issue? Seems to be affecting a few of us on this blog.

    Athlon 64 3700
    Windows XP with SP3

  133. got a question when i install it it disable my wireless internet from working at all it will only work when i uninstall it

  134. I can’t get it to work with windows live messenger msn, amcap works, everything else works. Can’t select webcam in webcam settings

  135. v2.0b81029 i have tryed this today and it worked if i did not restart and i already had msn open however as soon as i close msn and try to reopen it, it no longer works. upon uninstalling it , it works. thanks for all the work u’ve done for it and i hope you can fix the problem soon

  136. Does anyone know how to access the PS3 Eye using ORB? I installed and tested using the PS3 Eye Test and AMCAP, but on my ORB page, the camera does not show up as a webcam.

  137. doesnt work with yahoo messenger for me.. get web cam not connected messge.. works with testapp fine.. running windows xp sp3

  138. […] ps3eye […]

  139. the new drivers work like a charm, especially on my WLM. cant use the mic, but the picture quality is mind blowing, in comparison to the likes of the ps2 eye toy, thank you soo much for the update alex, because without your hard work and effort, i wouldnt be able to use it as a web cam, once again thank you very much alex

  140. the new drivers work like a charm buddy, thank you for all you hard work and effort that you have poured into the new drivers, keep up the good work, and once again thankyou

  141. lol, i made a booboo and posted twice, sorry guys

  142. Drivers work great for a webcam, but for some reason I have to unplug and re-plug the PS3 Eye after turning on my computer for it to recognise it.

    Vista x32 with latest updates.

  143. flash player crashed on mozilla,ie,opera. Skype work correctly.

  144. Does this program allow for the Playstation eye to work as a WebCam for MSN?

  145. it doesn’t work using yahoo messenger…

  146. Drivers work great for a webcam, but for some reason I have to unplug and re-plug the PS3 Eye after turning on my computer for it to recognise it.


  147. Thx for this its great, however i can only get the PS3 eye workin as a microphone over MSN, it works briefly as camera but then stops, i am usin the lastest driver, any advice?

  148. Alex,

    My experience on x64 XP hasn’t been successful thus far. It mirrors exactly what Sinistar83 said on post #272 of the NUI thread. The AlexP device group shows up in the device manager, but no audio driver appears in the audio/game/usb section. It did show the driver in the little toaster notification on the task bar as being found, but the install never went through… doh!

    Trying to use the ps3 eye test app gives me the winusb.dll not found error.

    Is the camera only supported on vista x64?

    Thanks in advance, this is a great thing you’ve done here!

  149. Thanks for the great work.

    I was installing the driver on a notebook with an integrated webcam and the DirectShow part did not work. So I disabled the integrated webcam and reinstalled the driver, then reactivated the webcam. Now both cams work seemlessly next to each other.
    The camera produces a perfect 640×480@30fps and I use it now for Skype.

    Support this guy and use the Donate button 😉

  150. […] the driver.  If it doesn’t, the driver has been removed. To install download and run the latest PS3EyeSetup file and follow the instructions.  If your camera is not automatically detected when you plug it […]

  151. Every time I run MSN it makes msn crash and makes Firefox and IE crash too. Everything on my PC is up today. Im running Vista Home Premium.

  152. Is this compatible with xp pro 64?

  153. The new driver works good except now whenever i try to use it in FireFox for websites like or it closes firefox, when an old driver worked. Any ideas?

  154. difficult1_

  155. i cant get the ps3 eye to work with windows live messenger

  156. Congratulations on your success, the driver has come a long way. You might make a topic on Digg about it, it could help spread awareness and maybe even get some donations.

  157. I found one major problem with the PS3Eye driver in combination with other software:

    I am using driver v2.0b81029 and some web pages suddenly crash. I first assumed the problem would be Flash player related, but as reinstallation of it did not fix it, I debugged the crash with Visual Studio and this is the call stack:

    [Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for]

    The flash player version I use is and one of the web pages that always crashes like this, is e.g. (currently featuring some article about the new XBox360 part stuff which includes a flash video).

  158. Just to confirm once more and some more observations:
    – it crashes all browsers: Mozilla, Chrome and IE7.
    – uninstalling the PS3Eye driver fixes the problem
    – the error can always be reproduced by right clicking into any embedded flash and in the context menu click on “Settings”. The Settings dialog contains a setting for web cams, I assume that makes it crash once the driver is installed.

  159. […] vor einer Minute Mikro berall als normales Headset. Treiber fr Vista/XP hier: Sony PS3Eye Camera DirectShow Capture Source Filter *Update* v2.0b81029 AlexP’s Weblog […]

  160. Hi, greetings from Portugal !
    Congratulations (a lot!!!) for your work! Its a great work, and my and my friends we send-you our support. Continue to improove this, Alex, the quality of your soft ist each time better. Thanks a lot!
    Now, some feed-back: you wrote this in vista, but until now, still we manage to use the last version in xp sp3 (in apl. like messenger and skype). I don´t understeand why dont work still in vista… (amd system or intel, vista ultimate 32).In vista the program shoot-down the msn mssg or skype, we have constant crashes, with error messages in msn msg and skype just don´t start. But, in xp sp3 still work, decent. Skype work 10-15 sec, and after this time, crash.
    We have pacience, and confiance in your efforts.
    Again, our big hugs and, thanks! M Telemakhos, Portugal, Mirandela

  161. Alex, do you have any sugestion for the crashes in msn msg?… we use the vista ultimate sp1, 32, Intel quad core q6600, 4gb ddr 3 1333 kingstone, mb asus p35 chipset, and a nvidia 7950×2, sound with a creatie extr ed sblive.
    Thanks again for your GREAT work!

  162. m telemakhos, download the latest release (v2.0b81109). I worked on fixing crashes with various software.

  163. I now am using v2.0b81109. My browsers don’t crash anymore, so that issue is fixed. However, now whenever i try to use it it wont show a picture, or for example webcammax states its in use already. Any ideas?

  164. AlexP – v2.0b81109 – dont work in Skype.

  165. (v2.0b81029) driver now not work too… chort poberi!!!

  166. […] is voor de ps3 cam (ik heb em wel nog niet getest) hier alvast de link naar blog van de maker Sony PS3Eye Camera DirectShow Capture Source Filter *Update* v2.0b81109 AlexP’s Weblog ergens in de comments sta er een download link, misschien in zijne tekst ook maar dan heb ik […]

  167. how change capture frame rate ? amcap not work at all and previus version of driver not work anymore!!! unistall seems don’t change anything!

  168. You are fast with bug fixes.
    Great work!

  169. Great !! Now It works fine on Skype.

  170. Hi, First of all congratulations for your Blog.
    My name is Daniel and I’m from Brazil. Using your program in my computer works fine for some time, but after a couple minutes the “preview window”, where I can see what the camera is capturing, becames with strange colors and this window is spplited in 4 smaller squares showing the same image in all of then. I’ve tried all the resolutions and all of them incurred the very same problem. Can you fix it? My system is Windows XP.
    Best Regards

  171. This is AMAZING!!!
    Works GREAT!!
    sooooo glad there was an update last night, the version before didnt work with anything but the test program, not even AMCAP, but now it does!!
    Alex, major props to you! Easy, painless, SIMPLE! Love it!

  172. Oh, and just wondering Alex.
    I have tried using a program called Dorgem, it is now unsupported by the original programmer, so no future updates, but i was wondering if the PS3Eye camera will ever be supported in a program like that?
    I have got it to work in AMCAP, but when i run Dorgem, nothing shows up in the source camera drop list, my Microsoft webcam shows up perfectly though, but it really sucks compared to the PS3Eye
    Thanks again.

  173. great work although it works fine in the test everything else says i don’t have any video capture hardware.

  174. the qualtiy has become worse over the builds and i am still having problems closing and reopening msn however thanks for all the work u have done. it great 4 wen i need to b on web cam i can just install the driver again. the latest b1111 or something nolonger crashes firefox or chrome. thanks!

  175. I have found this almost works for my version of the eye.. but for some reason it only works when its a certain amount of distance from objects.. ie it has problems focusing which makes it mess up.

    for reference i used the latest version of the driver 2.0b81111

  176. Still having a problem with Windows Live Messenger (latest) using v2.0b81111, MSG just won’t start, I think it could be the Direct Show object that’s doing this. I hope this helps…

    Keep Frosty!

  177. hey, i installed everything fine and was working fine, untill i came to record, (capture) every time i try. i stops for abit then says cannot start gragh. i saw a post about this alreay but i dont fully understand or didnt see the reply. any help?

  178. If someone could help me out here, I would be indebted for life. I have the drivers and the camera working, but I cannot for the life of me find any software to actually RECORD anything seen or heard through the camera. This wouldn’t be an issue if the damn PS3 would properly imported files, everything that is exported from the system to Windows loses the audio stream. I’ve done an exhaustive Google search and cannot find anything that works. Is there anything?

  179. When ever i install the ps3 eye driver and restart my computer a error comes up with windows live messenger, (Windows Live Messenger has stopped working) till i remove the driver then it starts fine. I’m using driver 2.0b1111 currently its done this for the last few drivers as well. Ps keep up the good work on the drivers!!

  180. Many many thankd for this Alex !
    Fed Switzerland

  181. Firefox repeatedly crashes when trying to broadcast on with the PS Eye software installed.


  182. Amazing work on the drivers Alex! I’ve just installed (v2.0b81111) and everything is working great (apart from Windows Live Messenger crashing, as other users have reported). Take care, Daniel.

  183. same with me shane.. im now using the wlm beta and it works but still that dont fix the problem…. beta is bugy

  184. Hi Alex

    Great work – the previous version works for me in Win XP but doesn’t in XP x64 but I think this is more an issue with MS’s winusb than your software. However my AV software (Kaspersky) detected Trojan-Dropper.Win32.VB.gte in the latest version of the software 2.0b81111 – just thought everyone should know.

  185. Hello, Alex. I installed your program and while the PS3EyeTest works, the AMCAP doesn’t work. It says that there’s no video capture hardware installed, which would be the PS3 Eye itself. I did download the latest drivers. Am I doing something wrong?

  186. I’m having problems getting my camera to work properly, more specifically the microphone. I’m using Windows Vista x64. when trying a manual removal of the .ax file I get this error “The module “C:\Program Files(x86)\AlexP\” was loaded but the call to DllUnregisterServer failed with error code 0x80070005.” Thanks for all your work on this, keep it up!

  187. AMCAP doesn’t work. So I need to find some webcam capture program…. The PS3Test seems to work well — if only it captured to a file and took snapshots in various formats…

  188. same issue here, wlm won’t start with the drivers installed…

  189. Thank you so much!

  190. does this work with

  191. Whenever I try to start PS3 eye test app, I get an error message telling me winusb.dll was not found. what’s going on?

  192. hey, I can’t use it on it won’t work! I’d love it if you could fix this, thanks, this is awesome stuff!

  193. Is there a User out there who has Vista64 an the PS3CAM successfully running?

  194. Alex great job man, nice work!!
    I do have a question that I hope you can answer, though. Now, I do have the camera working under AmCap and I can capture audio and video files, but when I open the videos I made, the video will move very fast, jumping way out of sync with the audio. Do you have any suggestions on what I could try to fix this issue?

  195. OH nevermind, I see that you need a seperate mic as of now. Being that the driver doesn’t resolve the issue of both video and audio not working together “in sync”. Great job, though man. Keep it up!!

  196. Been looking for hours and haven’t found a decent webcam capture application. Nothing allows for 30+ fps. I suppose I could use cameroid for snapshots, but it’d be easier to have a HD app.

  197. I am not getting a device under the Sound, Video and game controllers branch on my device manager. The device is showing up under AlexP devices. Unfortunately I already have an app designed to work with dshow cameras, so the fact that this part isn’t working is a big problem for me.

  198. Where is the download, installation button ?

  199. the latest update dosnt work. says failed to open in programs files alexp

  200. argh now ive got installer working it says application cannot be start cause winusb.dll couldnt be found. this latest installer has hardout aids

  201. hi i have a problem, how do i install to begin with the disc i got with it is blue ray is there some were else i can download data

  202. hi got the data down loaded and installed on computer but thats as far as it went plugged in camera and nothing tryed the test and it was trying to load but failed.

  203. Help! lol i got it to recognize the camera, but the AMCAP parts not workin, i tryed downloadin AMCAP, but it says i have no video cature hardware ;(

  204. thank you sir^^

  205. I have a problem with this driver. When I launch the Test App it comes up with an error saying winusb.dll is missing. Also, with your software installed on my pc my taskbar takes forever to load up after i restart windows. Im using XP Home Service pack 2.

  206. Hy.Thanks for your great work.I purchased a PS3 Eye yesterday and I tried today on my Windows Vista Ultimate X86 pc.It works perfectle.The camera and also the microphone is recognised by Y! Messenger.Thanks.

  207. This is really great work. Thanks for that!

    Unfortunately I cant use the PS3 Eye in skype, etc. In the device manager there is only one entry in AlexP devices but no entry in Audio Video and Game controllers, so no app except the test app can see the camera.

    Anyone got an idea what could help me or experienced the same problem?

    My system is Win XP SP3 32Bit

  208. Hey, thanks for the driver! Great job and keep up what you’re doing.
    It works perfectly fine here in Vista Ultimate 64bit. Haven’t experienced any problems so far. (No crashes or freezes)

  209. Not yet work on msn?i have the last driver(v2.0b81111) and when i try to up it in msn this do an fatal error and close the program any help?^^.

  210. Where is the PS3Eye Camera Download ?

  211. Hey, so I ran into a bit of a snag. Before was just me being an idiot. I figured that out. This machine sucks. But now I have a real bug. Your drivers don’t support multiple devices simultaneously. I picked up two of these for doing stereo vision work, and I can’t use both of them on the same machine at the same time. I don’t know how difficult it would be to add support for this, or if you even can, but I would really like it. I would even be willing to write it myself if you want, but I would need to get the source for the driver to work with. Anyway, I need to know if this is at all planned so I can start to work with it. Thanks.

  212. Thanks. You’re a true super hero!

  213. No, wait. Apparently with the driver installed whenever I start MSN Messenger it fails to load and crashes. I uninstalled the driver and now it works again.

  214. Oh and the microphone doesn’t work for me. Either the program freezes up (when I select it) or I get this error message:

    “Error while opening sound device. Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate.”

  215. I see. I don’t have Vista. That’s why it doesn’t work on my PC. I’m running XP. I guess I’m out of luck.

  216. this is whack where do i get the software from?

  217. okay, i’ve tried reading this all but i’m clearly very novice. i followed all the instructions, and i’m to the part where i try to run Amcap, i get an error message reading “Error 8007045a: Cannot create video capture filter”. The PS3EyeTest is working, however, I’m not sure where to go from here. Any help in fairly laymen terms would be appreciated. Great work on this!

  218. I tried downloading version PS3EyeSetup (v2.0b81111) and my antivirus program is stating it has the following virus DR/Drop.VB.gte

    I’m using Avira.

  219. I can’t find your driver on this page…where is it exactly?

  220. Jake, since I don’t have control over the audio component of the PS3Eye camera, In order to capture audio you will need to use some other source.

  221. Excuse me, but i have a Playstation Eye camera. I found the site on Wikipedia on how to get the Playstation Eye on Windows. i came here and i want to download it. I cant find a download link. Is there any way to download it?

  222. My antivir says it´s a virus, so how can i know it won´t?
    I don´t want to install a trojaner , or something else like that.

  223. What is with those trojans detected when i want to install new drivers?

  224. i just got the new version and ever since i got it on yahoo i can see myself but the other person just sees black and i’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver and it won’t let me uninstall the and PS3EyeLib.dll manually any ideas?

  225. Hi Alex, How do I get rid of the message that appears every time I fire up my pc that is entitled “Unregistered Version” and asks me to check for an updated version of PS3EyeLib library?

  226. Whenever I start wlm, or try to use any program that uses the cam, It says unregistered version check for updates… And so far have been unable to find a way to rectify this??
    Hopefully there’s a known simple fix

  227. same issue here, wlm won’t start with the drivers installed…

  228. when i use the camera with skype it times out after about a minute. the screen freezes and eventually skype shuts down with an unknown error. ive tried just using the camera, with a usb headset for my mic but it still times out. any helpful hints on skype setup would be appreciated.

  229. in addition if i try setting up the camera settings, skype shuts down immediately when i click the setup button.

  230. Hi… appreciation from Indonesia..
    too bad it’s still not working with Yahoo! Messenger.. or did i made mistake somewhere? Y!M says that no webcam detected.
    please help on this… thanks

  231. I have the same problem as Douglas but this is because I am using an older version (v1008). More recent versions don’t detect the webcam as a video capture device in WLM (even though the mic works). I am going to try again and will report back…

  232. After another uninstall, reboot, system restore (back to before I tried the early driver releases) and installation of the latest driver, I still have the same problem.

    Amcap and Windows Live Messenger still cannot detect the webcam as a video capture device. The Eye’s microphone works, however.

    In Device Manager, I have:

    AlexP Devices > PS3Eye Camera (x32)
    Sound, video and game controllers > USB Audio Device

    Is anyone else having this problem? Using v2.0b81111, Athlon 64 3700, Windows XP (32 bit) SP3.

  233. It seems i have the opposite problem everyone else has. I have audio but no video. I installed the program. I tried ran the ps3eye test application and it works fine. I started skype and ran the test mic/cam/ etc.. and the mic actually works, but the Video doesnt. It says it says no camera detected. i drop down the camera selector thing, and all it has is default, i cant select the ps3eye it isnt there.

  234. i keep getting this


    The module “C:/Program” Failed to Load

    Make sure the binary is stored at the Specified Path or
    debug it to check for problems with the binary or
    dependent .DLL files

    The Specified module could not be found

    i just want my camera to work good HELP ME!!

  235. What about the virus detection?
    Does anyone have that problem, too? i still didn´t install the driver, cause i am frightened of having trouble with my computer

  236. Whenever I start wlm, or try to use any program that uses the cam, It says unregistered version check for updates… And so far have been unable to find a way to rectify this??

    Is there a program running in the background ?
    I’d like the name of it so I can disable it .
    I uninstalled it and the message still comes up .

    I’m running on Vista 64 . Please help .

  237. […] Sony PS3Eye Camera DirectShow Capture Source Filter *Update* v2.0b81111 AlexP’s Weblog Hier die Entwicklerseite, mit dem neuesten Treiber.   Social Bookmarking […]

  238. virus? My virus program says its virus? two newest drivers? Why?

  239. i think i have the same problem as you james because it says in yahoo that there isn’t a webcam

  240. where the fuck is the download????

  241. james where did you download the file: my emails:

  242. Antivir found a virus in the installer do not install this file!

  243. […] Sony PS3Eye Camera DirectShow Capture Source Filter *Update* v2.0b81111 AlexP’s Weblog Hier die Entwicklerseite, mit dem neuesten Treiber.   […]

  244. there is also a Trojan on this exe 😦

  245. Anyone tried on googletalk? the Flash parameter are ok, but no cam 😦

  246. hey great work alex but when i open amcap it says that there is no video capture hardware. i have uninstalled and re-installed it several times but still nothing on amcap although the ps3 eye test works fine.

  247. Only Audio Driver working fine on MS SERVER 2003 X64…
    ERR: winusb.dll not found !

  248. The virus issue has been resolved. Please take a look at the latest setup release notes.

  249. Windows XP x64 is not supported yet. I’m still waiting on Microsoft’s help regarding the WinUSB on this OS.

  250. Doesn’t work on XP 64

  251. @Alex – seems a few of us (Chris, Richlough and Blake) are having the same problem – no video capture device detected, but microphone works and PS3EyeTest works also. If I can help in any way please ask.

    Any ideas why we have this issue? The version v1.0b81008 worked but any updates since haven’t. Seems to be ever since you stopped using Jungo?

    @Rob – at the top of this page, scroll down until you get the list of all versions released – click the PS3EyeSetup writing – it’s a link!

  252. i can’t get to work to msn!!! when i run the ps3 test it works fine!can the problem start because of the msn plus messenger?

  253. Great job, just wondering I used to have a SVGA webcam and wondered if this PS3eye is capable of doing the same resolution (in the future) of SVGA (800×600)?

  254. I need to know how to remove whatever is running that says I need to get an updated version…Blah BLah blAh .
    Please help .

  255. I as well still have the get update message appearing after I uninstalled the programs as well as the driver?

  256. Hi
    It´s me again.
    Now there is no virus detected i install the driver.
    Capture with the camera config program starts without problems, but it won´t work with skype.
    No camera found, and after starting the computer second time, skype doesn´t start.
    Anyone else with this problem?

  257. Same problem but Live messenger.

  258. where do i download from… can’t see link…

  259. Is there Anyway to Keep the OLD drivers as the PS3 eye looks like crap with the New Drivers =(

  260. […] am cautat sa vad daca a mai postat cineva sau nu, dar pt. cei interesati, aici gasiti un driver perfect functionabil pt. XP/Vista a PS3 Eye. __________________ […]

  261. I can’t get this to work in anything but AMCap. I’ve tried on two different computers as well, each with different results.

    On my laptop, AMCap works fine, and it detects the PS3 Eye and everything. GMail can bring it up, although after I try accessing it with Gmail, AMCap no longer works (black screen, times out, says another instance of Visual Studio 2008 is running? (it’s not)), and Gmail can’t get video out of it (I got it once, but the video was chopped up and crossing all over).

    On my desktop, Windows won’t recognize the PS3 camera. Amcap works fine, but nothing else seems to be able to detect it for me to even try them (although now I get options for a default camera adapter, and Google Camera Adapter 0 and 1, none of which work).

    -.- Any help on this? I may try to revert to the older drivers and see what happens.

  262. Sorry, I meant it all works with the Test App. Whenever I try to use AMCAP I get Error 8007045a: Cannot create video capture filter.

    Also, on my laptop, I’ve been trying to get it to work with Gmail’s video chat. I can get it to recognize the camera (although I can’t get video from it), although after messing around and reloading Gmail, Gmail forgets that it ever installed the Voice/Video Chat feature, and continually asks me to install it, until I restart my computer. Very frustrating. Unplugging the Eye doesn’t remedy the issue either.

  263. Hi.
    Ok i don´t know how, but now it works.
    But i have trouble if i use the microphones of the camera using skype, then skype crashes. If i use the microphone of my headsets it works without problems.

  264. While I did like it while it worked, apparently Yahoo! Messenger and MSN crash before they can actually start right after I installed the driver.

  265. Oh and, I’m using XP Tablet Edition on my laptop (basically the same as XP) and XP Pro SP3 on my desktop.

    I have a feeling this works a lot better with Vista :\ (and that’s the first time I’ve ever typed that sentence).

  266. ok, i fixed it, i can now use it on msn and amcap , etc. but now i cant load youtube vids

  267. Hi, i have an issue when using Skype, the mic works perfectly, but the camera is not detected when using skype ( it only has the default input device ), skype says it doesn’t reconise a web cam connected !!.

    the test app works perfectly.

    p.s 3 cheers for getting the cam to work in the 1st place, and a big thank you… 🙂

  268. Hi thanks for the program!

    I’m having trouble running a program with my ps3 eye. It gives me a runtime error..

  269. the mic crashes it in amcap for me on vista

  270. Hi

    The program works fine with wlm (windows live messenger) to i restart my computer and i get a massage that wlm has stoped working im useing windows vista 32 bit

  271. Skype works for a few mins, then the video freezes then it Crashes. Can this be fixed? Or did i do something wrong?

  272. james im having the exact same problem and no one is helping.

  273. i can install it .. it says alexp failed to write.. any help?

  274. Hey Chris, do you know what you did to get it working? I’ve tried unistalling rebooting reinstalling, redownloading, ect but haven’t found the correct method, I’m still getting the message saying to check nui….com for update? Any help is appredciated!

  275. Ok so the other day it made me update to the latest version, everything was working great. Now my computer dosn’t recignize the camera. I was using it to talk to my girlfriend who is serving in Iraq. I use yahoo instant messenger. Like I said I was using an old version it was working great now it’s all messed up any suggestions? I don’t have Vista… Could that be the problem… I probablly should just go buy a real web cam.

  276. Hi Alex, I am developing my application based on openCV using your driver. Now,I have serious problems with your new driver (v2.0b81111). It doesn’t work after starting Eye. v2.0b81029 worked wonderfully on my application, but I think you inserted timeout in your driver, so v2.0b81029 showed unregistered version alert and doesn’t work. Could you please let me use your v2.0b81029 driver for my application? I have been struggling for two weeks because of this. Thank you!

  277. I had a probably with an old ATI TV tuner card messing up AMCAP. My TV tuner’s capture was always on and I was unable to disable it to use the Eye. I disabled the TV Tuner card and then I got the error saying “No capture hardware”. I disabled then uninstalled my TV Tuner as I don’t use it anymore. I then reinstalled the Eye and it works fine. Thanks for all your work Alex. I put this comment up in case anyone else has a similar problem.

  278. One more note. With the latest build I get the error Chris described “unable to start graph”. However, if I turn the sound off, then the video capture works fine.

  279. Hey everything was working great and then suddenly one day it says unregistered version and download update at But I download newest one uninstall old one but message still come up.

  280. […] au boulot, que j’ai tout de suite convertie en une Playstation® Eye. J’ai trouvé un pilote pour Windows (qui marche également sous Vista x64) me permettant d’utiliser cette webcam dans Skype par […]

  281. not working for msn

  282. i don’t find the download link for the new version!?!?!? i am searching for one hour……am i stupid? please help me because my ps eye doesnt work anymore with the old version….

  283. I can make the webcam ps3eye work in the test mode, but when I try to us it in yahoo it wont work and it wont work in the amcap ether.

  284. Mine sayes when i press on the PS3EyeTest

    This applicaion has failed to launch because winusb.dll was not found.

    Need help some1 respond

  285. PS3EyeSetup (v2.0b81109)

    Notes (v2.0b81109): Fixed crash problems with various browsers involving Flash content, including crashes when going into ‘Settings’ option in the embedded Flash player. This also fixes problems some experienced with MSN, Skype and others. Succesfully tested the new version on the Cameroid website. Please make sure you fully uninstall any previous version of PS3Eye software you have on your machine before installing this latest release

    this link doesn’t work
    really I need to use the PS3Eye on my MSN AND SKYPE
    please can you fix the link

  286. […] ~~~~~~~~~~~~ *UPDATE* 10-29-2008 New updated PS3EyeSetup version is here!!! […]

  287. […] zu verwenden. Wer auf solch eine Möglichkeit schon ewig gewartet hat, sollte mal diesen Post in  AlexP’s Weblog besuchen. Dort hat sich ein gewisser Alex Popovich der Sache angenommen und kurzter Hand dafür […]

  288. Where is the download? I can’t make the PS3 EYE work with Skype, I have version 0b81029 and I need version v2.0b81111 to use with Skype, I guess.

  289. Hey Alex, are you currently working on getting control over the audio component of the camera? Just curious.

  290. im not getting anything in my device manager. after i install it and try to run the test app it says it cant find the ps3 eye.

    im running vista 64it ultimate

    plz get back to me i been waiting for this to wrk on windows day one of its release

  291. great job, it works on my XP, but msn messenger don’t recognize it. are you working on it? many thanks again for your work from france

  292. I have the same problem.Skype works for a few mins, then the video freezes then it Crashes. Can this be fixed? Or did i do something wrong?

  293. hi mate so far i installed lastest version on windows xp and i fist had a problem installing it opened device manager updated the driver and it started working but i can only see the video on the test program doesnt gives me audio nor video on msn nor skype

  294. My Internet Explorer no longer launches , it gives the same tone that the driver update pop-up gives , and hangs .
    It shows up in the Task Manager as ‘not responding’ .
    I really need to rid my machine of any and all traces of this , please help !
    If anyone can help me please e-mail me .

  295. msn will work but you have to have it off (shutdown) then install the drivers

  296. […] diventa webcam * Precedente * Prossimo La PS3 Eye diventa webcam Un gruppo di hacker: Sony PS3Eye Camera DirectShow Capture Source Filter *Update* v2.0b81111 AlexPs Weblog ha trovato una soluzione driver per permettere alla vostra PS3 Eye di funzionare anche come webcam […]

  297. works like a champ here @vista32. Thanks sir!

  298. Everything used to work fine. Now it tells me something about being unregistered version, and it wants me to go here for some reason. It’s as if a trial ran out, and now the driver doesn’t do anything.

  299. This is what happens when I attempt to run the eye test:

    Camera works fine in it’s AMCAP program, But when I try to run the eye test app I get the following message:

    “Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item.”

    Also YIM says no web cam was found on my system.

    Thoughts on what I can do to fix this….

  300. getting error 196 after install and attempt to run test or open camera

  301. Hi Alex.
    My camera works only for a few moments, afer that it splits the preview screen in 4 small squares. Could you please help me? If you want I can send a printscreen of the issue to your e-mail.
    (I’m using the last version – 81111)
    Thanks a lot

  302. Hrm… doesn’t work for me, when installing it hangs on a ‘Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable’ dialogue box, then gives an error stating ‘Error opening file for writing: /AlexP/PS3 EyeLib.dll’

    Any help would be appreciated.

  303. It was working on the 1 version (on msn and AmCam )
    now 2nd version works on PS3EYETest but not on the others…

    on msn keep telling me it’s not plugged or not install like a jackass and in the Option of msn it’s clearly write PS3EyeToy Camera



    Hi keep having this msg when i download the latest uptade :

    Error opening file for writing:
    C:\Program Files\AlexP\

    Click Abort to stop the installation
    Retry to try again, or
    Ignore to skip this file.

    i only can Ignore it

    BUT !! after this

    My hardware wizard does see my the PS3Eye Camera (x32) and do the backup file and complet the ”new found hardware” and tell’s me its ready to use !

    It’s working on the PS3Eye Test App, i can change any capute format, capture etc …

    BUT !!!

    with AMCAP i have this msg:

    Error 8007045a: Cannot create video capure filter

    and on Msn it tell me it’s not plugged or use my another program when it’s not and it does work as my microphone too

    what can i do ?????? i tried evrything i know n could … but still no webcam

    • Émile Gervais,
      As I said many times before, make sure that MSN does not run while you try to install/uninstall the PS3Eye camera driver. In order to do this you will have to exit MSN from the taskbar. Remember that by clicking on X button in messenger the program does not close. It just minimizes to a tray.
      Another thing you can to is kill it in task manager.
      Once you’ve done this you can re-install the PS3Eye camera driver and it will then be able to overwrite the file.

  305. Ok, where else can I download this file? The site for the link says under construction and has for a while now.

  306. How do I take a snapshot with the camera?

  307. Fix for Windows XP x64 Edition:

    1) from “\Program Files (x86)\AlexP\Driver\i386” copy “WinUSBCoInstaller.dll” to “\windows\syswow64”.

    2) then using WinRAR (or similar) open “WinUSBCoInstaller.dll” and extract “winusb.dll” to “\windows\syswow64”.

    3) re-run the PS3 driver installer.

  308. Yo Alex, whenever I try to run msn after installing the driver it stops working. I get a “Not responding” message as stated in above posts. When I uninstall your driver it seems to work again. Please help 😀

  309. the eye won’t start when i launch amcap it says error graphic or graphic can’t start please help me im using Vista

  310. Hey I had a question about the drivers and software.

    I installed the software you made and it worked on my system just fine, but then I got a new webcam so I uninstalled the program and stopped using the ps3 eye.

    A few weeks later it started showing this message every time I went to webchat on webchatting websites and programs:

    “Please, check for the updated version of
    PS3Lib Library

    It would display that message over and over again repeatedly right after pressing “Ok.” After about 10 messages it would crash my browser or program.

    The camera isn’t set to the ps3 eye in the flash settings or program.

    Please help, I have removed everything related to this program but… it’s still doing it…

    Any thoughts? I’m thinking of just rebooting my computer…

    • Install the latest version. In this one I don’t have this limitation any more. This was more for development revisions.

  311. I’m getting a message when I start windows XP asking for an updated version of this software?

  312. Currently I am getting this error

    (Check for updated version of ps3lib library). Will you release updated drivers soon for this? It works fantastic in Windows XP by the way, as a remote streaming webcam. Up until a few days ago it was working as one 😦

  313. Some, pleassssssse helpp me out if you can and get back to me at I downloaded the PS3EyeFile and installed it. Everything is as it should be in the device manager. I open up the test app, I click start capture and then a black mall box appears in the top left corner reading “FPS 0.00″…and I get no footage, yet the blue and red light are on my camera. Then I go to the AMCAP and it shows the PS3 Eye as the device, and so I click capture and then it tells me “Cannot render video capture screen”…WHat give?!?! Why am I getting just a black screen as if theres something covering the lense? Please help!!!

  314. Hey Everyone. First off thanks a million for this wonderful driver. I am however experiencing problems. I have the B4.04.27.1 PS Eye version installing the “PS3EyeSetup.1.0b81007” as it is the only one that works. But the thing is I don’t have any option for changing the settings and 640×480 doesn’t work at 60 FPS. It is just a basic window showing to change the FPS and resolution and Dump RAM and something else, no other button for changing any settings.

  315. Hi Alex,
    My camera works only in the PSEye testing app, nothing else recognizes the video or sound. Even AmCAP and other programs will not recognize it as a camera. Any tips?
    (I’m using the last version – 81111)
    Thanks a lot (We all really appreciate your work)

    • Make sure you completely exit MSN if you are using that one (MSN is running even if you click on exit). You must exit it from the task bar. Then you should be able to uninstall/install the program. The issue here is that PS3Eye DirectShow filter file doesn’t get released while MSN is running and the new one cannot be installed. As a result your camera is not being detected on the system.

  316. Windows XP SP3

    Hey, the video works really well, but the audio is super quiet. In windows and in skype there is no way to adjust the volume. In windows the volume button is grayed out. In skype when I try to increase the volume it just goes back to the minimum. I have tried selecting the “allow skype to set the volume level” button, and it is VERY quiet. It does come through though.

    Thanks for any help to anyone who helps!!


    • Check out the DPC latency of your system. This can greatly affect how the video is captured from the camera.

  318. Ok I can’r figure this out. I Keep installng the newest version: PS3EyeSetup (v2.0b81111) (MD-5: 7DCDCDBF6B0E184AEAA8E709F259E576)

    but near the end of installation a box pops up saying: Error opening file for writing
    C:/Program Files/AlexP/

    Then it gives me the options to Retry( which never works), to Abort( which ends the installation) or to Ignore which moves it on to another message box saying:

    Unregistered Version
    Please, check for updated version of
    PSEyeTest program

    I have tried all of this numerous times with the newest versions and older ones and none seem to work. I’m trying to use my Playstation Eye as a webcam on MSN Live Messenger, please help me!

  319. HI^^ the eye works on everything except Amcap i don’t know why and maybe after 10 minutes it shut down my MSN PLZZZZZ Help Me i need to record Videos for a project and this is the ideal camera

  320. For me everything installs properly, but in de the ps3 testspace i only get black screen. Als i have installed it for msn like u said in the post above, stil i get no screen in there. Using winXP pro.

  321. Hi i just realised it just work on ps3 eye app but not on recording softwares PLZZZZZZZZ help me

  322. After I install the latest version of the I get the following error when trying to run the PS3EyeTest.exe:

    “This application failed to start because wunusb.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem.”

    I have tried un-installing and re-installing but I still get the same error.

  323. Thank you Alex P! Your last comment got me finally up and running. Damn Live Messenger running on the taskbar while installing the drivers was causing me lots of issues / reinstalls / system restores and trying many revisions of your driver – now working great!!

    Thanks once again for this wonderful Christmas present and Merry Christmas to you all!

  324. A big thankyou again, i re-installed the ps3eye and it works perfectly in MSNLive 🙂 your fantastic . . . a Very Big Happy Chrimbo to you 🙂

  325. Hi Alex, this drivers rocks!!!!!!!!! thanks!!!
    But i have a very annoying problem… I installed the drivers correctly, but when i’m going to open MSN messenger it doesn’t open.. i need to remove the drivers first, i’m on vista 64 bit, can you resolve this problem with an hotfix? it’s very important for me, i need msn for work. Thanks

  326. Wow! Great work!
    Worked on first try. You’re da man Alex!

    greetings from Hamburg Germany

  327. pretty sure that this is a virus, you have skills, use them for good, with great power comes great responsibilty… you almost had me!

  328. Hey, gd work!
    Just one thing, and it might be specific to me, but I found this stopped my MSN working after I shutdown my laptop, and would only work again after I un-installed this app… It’s not a virus or the laptop, cause I ran AVG and Windows Defender and both came up clear… I’ll try to re-install it now… Gd ork again though…

  329. I keep receiving a message that states “Please check for updated version of ps3 eyelib library at but it appears I do indeed have the latest verstion installed

  330. thank u very much

  331. realy cool software, works with many programms but not with my arfigure from aris software

  332. Hi AlexP. Incredible project here. I am, however, having problems getting FreeTrack to interface fully with the eyetoy driver. It does see the driver, and get pictures from it. However FreeTrack seems to attempt to take direct control of exposure, etc and therein lies a problem. A symptom is that when you click “camera” in FreeTrack, the settings sliders/auto boxes are out of sync (greyed out). After some clicking they get synced, but I think the program is also trying to control these but doesn’t get itself it sync. Anyways, I’m happy to run any tests/betas which may help you figure this out. Also, I will gladly support your project if we get this working since I now have my TrackIR savings freed up!!

  333. This makes me want to buy one ……..

  334. Still crashes MSN Live. I hope that gets fixed soon.

  335. ok i love what you’re doing here, but i can’t get a good install.
    i get : the service cannot be started, because it is disable or has no enabled devices associated with it

    what do i doooooo?

  336. For whom the new version does not install the DirectShow Filter:
    Try manually registering the filter… for example using this tool:, Click Add filter and select the c:\Program Files\AlexP\

  337. dude, im getting an internet popup that says i need the latest version, like a spyware thing all the time. It says to go to and get the latest version. But i have the latest version. i even tried uninstalling it then reinstalling, and i got the error while i had it uninstalled, which in turn boggled my mind. I really dont know what to do.

  338. Okay, none of your download links work and the PS3Eye decided this morning to tell me constantly to update when I have the latest version and even crash my programs! Hope you fix this soon, thanks

  339. It won’t let me download the lastest update… keeps saying server timed out. Can someone upload the download for me and give me the link to it so I can download the update? Sounds confusing huh xD

  340. Up until a couple of days ago this was work amazingly, but then it just randomly started telling me I needed to “check for the updated version of ps3eyelib library” and now I can’t get it to work.

    Any help would be appreciated

  341. I cant even download the latest setup .exe file, page not it still there?

  342. i mean it says connection interrupted
    The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

  343. Video will not display on Skype with (v2.0b81231). Here is a screen shot of the Skype error and the processes running.



    I did a fresh install of (v2.0b81231) with Skype closed down, and the camera unplugged. I also tried restarting and I still can’t get the camera to show on Skype.


  345. Thanks Alex for the software, had it for some months, the problem now is make the mic work aswell with it.

  346. every time i try and use this with skype. my skype crashs

    and on msn, the camera works but it doesnt like the mic at all,
    so have no idea how i can get around this

    if you could help me at all please hit up at

  347. Am I an idot? ( Don’t answer that) I can’t lind the install file. Where is it?

  348. how do i download this ps3eye setup s

  349. 😦 The msn continue freezing after a few seconds

  350. Thanks man for the drivers but i cant get the Mic part of the webcam to work the thing works its just the mic part of the Playstation eye doesnt work can you help me out ?

  351. Hello!
    Thanks for working on this driver.
    The test capture works great.
    The amcap gives me a graph error 80004005.
    When I go to skype and pick the PSeye camera it crashes skype.
    Please help me.

  352. yeah i’ve tried the last two v2.0 beta versions with no luck i just get a black screen. although i had a picture with v1.0b81007 but it was completely distorted and liney looking. all the other versions are obviously unavailable or blocked so i was hoping for a way i can get a different version particularly an earlier one that might bypass this issue. or if you had any advice for fixing what might be causing this im listening. lol so Thanks, also i wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into this project. keep up the good work!

  353. Hey Alex,

    i have the same problem like steve described above.
    Windows XP SP3
    Hey, the video works really well, but the audio is super quiet. In windows and in skype there is no way to adjust the volume. In windows the volume button is grayed out. In skype when I try to increase the volume it just goes back to the minimum. I have tried selecting the “allow skype to set the volume level” button, and it is VERY quiet. It does come through though.
    Thanks for any help to anyone who helps!!
    Steve said this on December 18, 2008 at 7:07 pm

    Any solution for this problem ?

    Thanks in advance

  354. So I installed the drivers as described and was able to get it to work with MS Live messanger that night however after my system went into sleep mode ad I woke it up the next moring live messanger now crashes every time I try to start it up. Un-installing the driver fixed the issues with live messanger and tried to re-install the eye driver but the same thing happened. Any ideas what could be causing this issue? Are there any log files that can be gathered to be sent to see if it provides a clue as to why is crashes MS Live Messanger.

  355. Alex,
    Thank You very much for taking the time to work on the driver(s) for this great webcam! I am very impressed that it is working with SKYPE on my x64 Vista machine. Are you (or anyone else) working on a useable audio driver? The defualt driver Vista installs gives zero control and the sound is just about muted.

    The webcam turns on in Gmail Video Chat but the video is broken up and wraped into itself. any ideas?

    Thanks again for all your hard work!

  356. Well, was very excited to here I could use the PS3 cam for PC too, but alas, after buying it and trying all your different setups, SKYPE does not like the camera at all. The latest v2.0b81231 version makes it close immediately on opening options.
    I’m using Vista with Quod processor.
    Look forward to any improvements with skype as this is what i’m really wanting it for.

    Best of luck

  357. My camera works on the PS3EyeTest but it doesn’t works on AMCAP and the camera doesn’t works also on MSN and the microphone too, i use windows xp sp3.
    Am i doing anything wrong or it just really doesn’t work? Thanks

  358. my playstation eye doesn’t work on skype…how can I solve this problem?

  359. Alex — great work here. I want to report an odd glitch with the drivers, though. While trying to use the t-immersion camera-based greeting card at greetings DOT t-immersion DOT com, the video feed from the PS3Eye appears interleaved and shrunken. Any suggestions? (Machine is Vista SP1 64-bit)

  360. hey alex. every time i click on amcap with my camera pluged in it says “sorry, you have no video capture hardware” can you help me?

  361. thx for the latest update alex, can you make this driver work for yahoo messenger please?:D

  362. I got a problem.. my ps3eye just shows a black screen with 0 fps. I installed it without any trouble and it finds the cam and all but somehow it doesn’t work. Now the computer I tried to install it on is very old p3 450mhz 384mb ram and with xp pro. sp3. So I tried to install it on a newer computer instead and it worked flawlessly :S I have tried to reinstall, restart and unplug the cam several times but I just can’t get it to work on my old pc 😦
    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  363. I notice that you are working on a version to control the mic as well. I would like to know when you think you will be releaseing that because on my machine it kills windows messanger live and I have to uninstall the driver and reinstall WML to get it working agian.

  364. The driver is infected with the trojan.vundo virus. Beware. I went through hell getting rid of it. However, I still can’t restore my active desktop. Hope this isn’t permanent…

  365. Hi Alex,

    truly Excellent work. But still a little problem.
    I’ve installed your new version (v2.0b81231) on 2 systems:

    – My usual development machine your old version of the driver was installed)
    – A fresh XP Pc

    On the first machine I’ve your test application AND the directshow filter working just fine
    On the second machine your test application runs fine BUT thereis no trace of a directshow filter at all.

    I’m just wondering if the directshow components are all correctly included in your ast version, I suspect theynly show upif an older version installed them first.

    Wha do you think?


  366. Also, I have a 3rd computer running VISTA. On VISTA I’ve still your driver halting from time to time. It captures for a few secs and then stops.


  367. […] Here’s the post from the guy developing. […]

  368. How come it freezes when you try to run it at 640 x 480 @ 30fps or 60fps? It just freezes 10 seconds after having it like that. Anything lower usually doesn’t freeze. Anyway to fix that?

  369. My computer is completed screwed up right now. Trojan viruses, weird shit…..At this point my screen is blank and there’s this strange metallic corkscrew cursor. That’s it. Gonna have to take my computer to get fixed. My Norton 360 antivirus doesn’t seem to be fixing it. I must say that I can’t blame Alex for this. I have to take the responsibility because I took the risk in downloading it.

  370. Thanks for the driver Alex, I can’t get the sound to work at all on the camera though. Does anyone know a way to fix this?


  371. v2.0b81231 crashes windows messenger live 😥 all most donated fix that and £5 of English dosh is coming your way. keep up the good work

  372. Hi Alexp and everyone!!!!!

    In vista home sp1, app come with driver works ok.
    In skype i can select video but crash when select USB-2 Audio ps3.
    In Msn….. well can´t init the Messenger. For MSN works again, i need to deinstall the driver….

    Conclusion…… Need more test and work.

    Sure all comunity are with the first Ps3Eye Win Driver
    developer…… ALEXp GO….GO…..GO!!!!

  373. Please make a fix…

  374. I seem to be getting the BSOD (blue screen of death) while in windows. Windows has confirmed that it is the driver I have installed. Don’t know why this is happening though. Thanks

  375. Windows 7 Beta drivers any time soon? Other than that, thanks.

  376. Same Issue as above. Says I need the new version..Now I cant use the camera. Also says its unregistered. wtf man

  377. When wil it work as a full working webcam for MSN messanger?
    BUT WOW great quality!!

  378. […] If you want to download the drivers and get more information, click here. […]

  379. Great man! Thank you SO much!

  380. Are you sure the directshow filter supports all of those modes? I only see up to 30fps in the directshow test application. How do we access higher framerates?

  381. hey alex p! only bought this so i could use it with my pc and ps3, just want to say thanks and i hope u fully explode it open for us all one day with all the options and so forth – so keep up the good work^^

  382. Solutions to MSN crashing

    It works perfectly on my PC (WinXP sp3) this way, so I’m posting to help everyone enjoy the great program written by Alexander.

    There’re some steps which might not be necessary. But I’ll just post whatever I did before the ps3 eye starts working.

    If you have more than one video call program (eg. Skype + MSN). Uninstall them at ‘step 2’ together with MSN and reinstall them at ‘step 11’ along with MSN.

    For those who experiencing MSN crashing with the program, do the following steps:

    1. Unplug the ps3 eye camera from your computer if you haven’t done so.

    2. Uninstall MSN live messenger and other MSN related program. (start -> control panel -> add/remove program)

    3. Uninstall the ‘PS3EyeSetup’ of any version. (skip this step if you haven’t install any before)

    4. Restart the PC.

    5. Install the ‘PS3EyeSetup’ (latest version v2.0b81231).

    6. Next, uninstall the ‘PS3EyeSetup’ you just installed.

    7. Install the same ‘PS3EyeSetup’ again.

    8. Plug in the ps3 eye camera. (wait for it to install the drivers)

    9. (Once done) Launch the ‘PS3EyeTest’ app. Press start capture and you should see the camera working. Stop capture.

    10. Start the ‘AmCap’ apps. (The camera should work once the program starts). Exit the program

    11. Download and install MSN live messenger.

    12. After installing, start MSN live. Before you log in to your account, go to ‘tools -> voice/ video settings’

    13. Error messages regarding the mic should pops up. Choose another mic instead of the ps3 eye. The error message should be gone, click next.

    14. Choose ps3 eye as the camera.

    15. You’re done! Log in to your account and start video calls.

    Enjoy you ps3 eye!

    Many thanks to Alexander for writing the program/ driver for ps3 eye.

  383. […] – Повече информация за проекта и самия софтуер за теглен… […]

  384. “My hardware wizard does see my the PS3Eye Camera (x32) and do the backup file and complet the ”new found hardware” and tell’s me its ready to use !

    It’s working on the PS3Eye Test App, i can change any capute format, capture etc …

    BUT !!!

    with AMCAP i have this msg:

    Error 8007045a: Cannot create video capure filter

    and on Msn it tell me it’s not plugged or use my another program when it’s not and it does work as my microphone too”

    Im having the same trouble as this guy, any help on the matter would be GREATLY appreciated, after all my old webcam broke and I am in need of one to use in the meantime so any pointers would be great

  385. How come this driver works in WLM2009, but not in Windows Messenger 5.1? I still use that version (available from as it better for me…

    Can this be fixed in the next version???

  386. hey, thanks man, this is awsome. and it works great for my friends laptop, but it had trouble working the first few times for mine, and now it works great except it keeps freezeing the video during a skype call, im gunna try re-downloading it tomarrow and hope that works, but im wondering if you have any suggestions since its your program

  387. […] ukończył swój sterownik do kamerki PS3Eye dla Windows. Od niedawna, działa ona również ze […]

  388. gr8 job man..but with the last (i’ve just tryed this 1) driver the cam doesn’t work on skype(vista os) . in particular , the cam start the screenshot and later BOOOM :S sorry for any grammatical error xD

  389. hi can somebodu help me i cannot make this ps3eye with this driver to work with skype when i go to properties and camera the ps3eye is not listed 😦 i installed it correctly the test app is working i see a preview but skype is not “seeying” it 😦 help

  390. Lads, download and install the new msn live, it will not crash then (on vista), but avoid any audio from the cam, as it WILL crash then, just use for video on msn

  391. it works like a charm (I’m amazed how stunning the image is at high fps, even in a not well lit environment), only in your test application though! 😀 trying to run it from amcap, skype or any other application using direct show, fails ps3eye to be enumerated. I mean there is no error, just no ps3eye device is available for selection (running xp x32 sp2)
    AlexP, fix it please, pretty please!!! 😀

  392. every thing seems to work exceot the mic? any advice

  393. i’m running windows xp and want to use the eye for skype but it isn’t recognized; when i try Start Capture in AMCAP i get Error 80004005: Cannot start graph AMCAP does show the camera image in Preview and PS3EyeTest also seems to be working

  394. ok, I think I’ve found a workaround for the issue some of us have experienced: there should be no other capture device (ie. webcam) installed or configured on your system, prior to installing PS3Eye drivers.
    I had to remove not used for a long time Creative webcam drivers, and get rid of another capturing device, then uninstall Alex’s software (just to make sure) followed by system reboot. and finally make a fresh install. Now PS3Eye is detected by amcap, skype (haven’t tested it during a real call though) and all other software.
    The only thing left is that skype crashes whenever ‘configure webcam’ button is clicked :-/
    cheers and keep up the excellent work!

  395. I installed the latest version of this driver on my Vista x64 machine earlier today and it worked great… even tested it with Live Messenger.

    Came back to my PC a while later and MSN had crashed. I uninstalled the driver and it works. I reinstalled the driver and Messenger crashes. The crash occurs immediately, I don’t see my contact list or anything. Crash data is as follows:

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: msnmsgr.exe
    Application Version: 8.5.1302.1018
    Application Timestamp: 4717a53b
    Fault Module Name: StackHash_d569
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
    Exception Code: c0000090
    Exception Offset: 046727be

    I hope that this can be fixed. I really apprecaite the effort that has been put in here so far. Keep up the good work!

  396. Hey. I just got the camera with EOJ and I hooked it up to my comp. The camera works fine with ur drivers but what I really want to work is the microphone lol. I’m running vista 64 and I cant get the microphone to do anything. Everyime I go to the control panel > sounds and there the recording tab my comp takes a while to load it(not writing specs here, my comps fast enough).

  397. Audio doesn’t work on XP 32bit. Was recognizing before installation, but now I have no dice.
    There were no errors during installation, and I don’t use any messaging applications.

    I have not tried uninstalling/reinstalling yet.

  398. um.. hi havent done one of these things before but i have just brought the ps3 eye and i do have a number of probs first i am running windows xp sp3 and one i have the prob with msn kickin me off and all that secondly when i do install it, it dosent even work anyway which is slightly annoyin if anyone could help me then i would like that very much oh yeah the code of the cam is b4.04.27.1

  399. Hey, I just got the camera up and running, but when I go to Windows Movie Maker it says I don’t have a video capture device installed… What gives?

  400. Cant use it on Google Video chat either…

  401. Pongamen el link x aki porfa, q no lo veo

  402. AlexP, is there a way to force the camera to open at 320×240? I’ve started using VidBlaster recently, and unless I tell it launch at 640×480, it simply won’t revert back to 320×240. I looked for some sort of setting file or way I could force it to do just that, but I came up with nothing. Is there a setting file I’m missing or somewhere I could tell it to force 320×240 instead?

  403. i can’t (v2.0b81231) (MD-5: EB14A19766BE5DEC8340E78C6AC03819) to install middle way through the installation i get a erro with three options abort , retry or ignore I’ve try all of them and thing makes it work for skype please help

  404. I fixed my problem and suspect that others may have the same issue. I uninstaled the camera driver, uninstalled MSN and my other live programs that I don’t use… reinstalled the camera dirver and reinstalled Live Messenger. I found that I didn’t originally have the latest version Live Messenger. It was an older version… and I think that that may have been the root cause of my predicament.

    Would still like to be able to flip my camera’s image? Can I submit this as an official option request?

  405. Hi Alex,
    You really did a nice work.
    I posted a comment on NUIGroup forum but perhaps you did’nt see it, so i repost it here.

    1) The image is surrounded by a one-pixel-width border that remains black (or unchanged). Do you know why ?

    2) When no PS3Eye is connected, the dialog “couldn’t find PS3Eye camera device” appears and the host program crashes. When ps3driver is out of date, another dialog appears, notifying failure, but the host program doesn’t crash.
    It would be nice to prevent the host appplication from crashing when no ps3 device is connected.
    Thanks a lot.

  406. The Camera works on my PC fine, however, Skype doesn’t recognize the camera. Is there a setting I’m missing? WinXP system

  407. The PS3EyeSetup (v2.0b81231) (MD-5:EB14A19766BE5DEC8340E78C6AC03819) link doesn’t work

  408. graet man , good job!

  409. both my web browsers crash when i use the ps3eye on
    why is that?

  410. yeah im having issues with volumn the software is excellent except the mic cannot hear me it is working its just so soft im running vista business and it is up to date i was hoping you could help me with this problem thank you

  411. yeah me again sorry for posting again but this software seems to interfer with msn messenger ive been attempting to use the cam for video calls ive tried yahoo and msn both tests were unseccessful msn crashes and yahoo doesnt even show a picture. if i have missed a step or something like that i would appreciate any help

  412. I got the same error… it worked without problems but now theres also a window on my screen telling me to look out for the latest version and something about beeing unregistered…

  413. Hi Alex
    I´m currently using the last version (v2.0b81231)
    I’m still having the screem spliting in 4 squares after a few moments of use. Can you help me? Also, I’m trying to use Zone Trigger, but the program doesn’t find the PS3 Camera.
    Thanks in advance

  414. I have exactly the same issue as Jason. I have been using the latest 31122008 version of the driver for some weeks now without issue, and only yesterday did the popup appear for the first time when Windows started up. It has been doing it ever since (every startup).

    Please drop me an email, Alex, or ask here should you require any further information or help.

  415. Is it possible to record (actually record, not preview) video at the high 60/125 frame rates?

  416. i have the same problem as the guys above….but more…i uninstalled the ps3 cam from my pc because i dnt want it and now i seem to be being FORCED to get the update that i do NOT want….its also blocking some of my programs from starting so im gettin pretty annoyed to be honest, and im not a idiot so i no its not a random error, you have programed it to do this…sort it out

  417. tnxx

  418. ahmm. just wanna ask.. i installed it properly like i saw the drivers and stuff.. so when i tried testing it.. i plug the PS3EYE.then i run(i even run it as with the rights of an admin) using vita 64bit. i run the eye test program then when i click to start capture it doesn’t show anything like a plain black. -.-

  419. Hi,

    I’m using the latest driver and it woks fine .. but after some minute the capture become black,if i close the testapp and restart it it works again but only some minutes.. in reActivision it say camera disconnected after some min. it is quite strange .. and i alos saw that when this is happening the red led is off. .. but is on when it works. .

  420. Alex;

    I tried installing your driver on my new laptop. Had msn closed and everything. Closed it from the taskbar and checked the Task Manager to make sure.

    It installed alright and MSN knows the camera is plugged in (has the little camera icon) but when I try to use it they “show my webcam” option is grayed out.

    If someone tries to view it and I accept it says to make sure nothing else is using the webcam. Nothing else is.

  421. Im getting the same randomly appeared the other day please help me out

  422. Hey Alex,

    Great work first of all.
    But I have a problem currently.
    I have installed and updated the driver correctly and works fine but the problem is the MSN working/not working due to the driver update.
    Any solutions on this please and thank you?

  423. Wow, thanks… it’s work fine in my motion estimation projects. Thanks 100x

  424. Hey Alex,
    Great download but I also have a problem.
    I installed as you described, but from the part with Amcap I’m stuck.
    You described the following:
    “After a few moments the camera will start capturing and the AMCAP will show the camera preview in its window” This isn’t the case with me, Amcamp does nothing, I mean, how can I capture the images to my PC? I always get the message “cannot render video capture stream”
    Tx for letting me know what to do,

  425. Alex, great work, but why do you force us to update??? 81019 is the only one that works reliably for me… but now I can’t use it anymore

  426. Hey Alex. I am having a problem with the cam. I download the drivers, and that works fine. I have MSN, Yahoo, and Skype closed and exited when I install. I plugged in the camera, installed, and rebooted. The computer registers the cam. However, the capture is always black. I have uninstalled, reinstalled numerous times. Nothing I do gives me any video. Any suggestions?

  427. Does this driver work with Windows 7 Beta? I’m looking for a webcam and I thought this would be a good one, but I don’t want to go buy a PSEYE and have it not work with Windows 7.

  428. For everyone here, you have to run the PS3 Eye app at least once per boot – set it to 320×240@30fps. If you get a black screen, click on the Control tab and then **deselect the auto Gain** and adjust it to what looks good. When I do this my cam is stable and will not cut out for my entire session in flash based video sites.

  429. Hello again Alex,
    Great work, but i have problem when i connect 2 camera on my PC, i need to use both fo stereo image projects. What must i do? in my application filter just show one device, but on device manager there’s two device detected.

    • I am working on the multi-camera version of my driver as we speak. Will keep you posted with results as soon as I finish testing.

  430. Hey Alex, been using your great program with a webcam viewing program called Yawcam for several months now. Unfortunately, the only stable version compatible with Yawcam was PS3Eye Driver 1.0 Build 81007, and now suddenly it is not working and telling me I am using an unregistered version. I have downloaded this same version on other laptops without issue, so clearly there is some ‘timing out’ of the particular build. Is there anything that can be done to rectify this? I am anxious to get it working again. Thanks!

  431. Hi Alex,
    Just wanted to thank you for this little treasure, enabling me to use my PS3 Eye. Successfully installed and enjoying Skype video calls now hands free. Am noticing that I’ve started to drive a bit of traffic from my website to here, so hoping that you are seeing more people download the drivers. BTW, on the updates you put on this page above, can you put the date you changed as well. Helps with checking if you need to update. Thanks!

    • If you look closely the update setup file name you’ll see that it contains the date of the release. This is the last four digits (build). It is in the form of MMDD.

  432. […] PS3 EYE fungerer med Skype p PC N har en gluping endelig funnet ut hvordan han skal f PS3 EYE til fungere p PC. Denne exe-filen installerer driverne du trenger. Du m ikke koble kamera til PCen fr du har installert driverne. Jeg vet ikke om det er gammelt nytt for noen, men det er i hvertfall det frste tilfellet jeg har funnet hvor det faktisk fungerer. Forelpig er det svidt meg bekjent kun video som fungerer og ikke audio. Kilde: Sony PS3Eye Camera DirectShow Capture Source Filter *Update* v2.1.0.0130 AlexPs Weblog […]

  433. Burnout Paradise crashes when PS3 Eye driver is installed.

    Temporary fix: regsvr32 /u “%programfiles%\AlexP\”

    Please modify your driver to support our game. Thank you!

  434. This sounds great. but it doesn’t seem to work on my PC.
    I’m using XP SP3 and when I install it, I check, and the drivers are not present in my device manager list. And also if I try and start up the PS3EyeTest app it comes up with an error “This application failed to start because WINUSB.DLL was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”
    Except I have numerous times and it still doesn’t seem to work. Do I need another driver for Windows or something?

  435. v2.1.0.0130

    Hi, thanks for this great utility.

    On my Vista SP1 laptop, Skype/WMEncoder/ManyCam/VLC all can use PS3eye as input source for video and audio. The only problems are that occasionally the video capture freezes, I select another source and reselect PS3eye and it’s fine again. Also, if Skype or ManyCam launch and the cam is not plugged in, they crash.

    On my XP SP3 laptop, driver installed fine and the test app works. However, the cam does not appear in the source list of any other app I use but the audio component does.

    Be happy to test any revisions if you need guinea pigs!

  436. do you guys know if the latest driver works well with msn and you can adjust brightness contrast and stuff like that?

  437. Great work! Works perfectly on Vista x64 with SP1 🙂

  438. just downloaded this works perfectly for me no problems at all. great job

  439. Great Job..i had the same problems with the AmCap so i looked and i had previous cam drivers from before..uninstalled all of them and removed the ps3eyesetup and rebooted then reinstalled the ps3eye drivers..and now it works no problem…the only other program i use online is Paltalk..and it work fine for that now…ty very much for your hard work.

  440. Hello Alex,

    Thank you for providing this driver for Windows Vista and especially the x64 version.

    I am using vv2.1.0.0130 and noticed this problem: after some time (the camera is correctly recognized) Windows reports that the USB device malfunctioned and does not recognize it any more. The “USB Composite Device” entry is changed to “Unknown Device” and the AlexP Devices\PS3Eye Camera entry is removed from Device Manager.

    Rebooting does not fix the issue. Removing the camera and re-installing it neither. The only way to fix this is to remove the camera, uninstall the driver, re-install the driver and plug the camera to a different USB port than used to be (when it malfunctioned).

    Do you have any idea what might be wrong? Is it possible to manually install the driver (force installation), in hope of overcoming this problem?

    Many thanks in advance.

  441. Where do i download the latest setup software????

  442. i cant get it to work on xp x64 the ps3eye test app says it cant detect the winusb.dll any help would be greatly appreciated

  443. Thanks for ur efforts in creating a driver for the ps3 eye i download the 1st version of it and it worked pretty good until that pop up came and told me to update i did and the new version (v2.1.0.0130) worked fine until after about 6 min of use the camera freezes and stop working… In order to get it to capture video i have to start it over only to have mess up again any tips will be great

  444. also not working on msn due to update. LAME.

  445. When I downloaded this new driver, when i tried to use it with yahoo it said no webcam connected< and msn it said it was in use by another program. I went trough and checked all the writes and every one is correct exept when i downloaded the driver C:\Program Files\AlexP\ wouldnt download. Please help!

  446. Works flawlessly under Windows 7 x64! 😀

    Great, thanks!

  447. Hello, Alex. I recently upgraded the version of your driver, but now, annoyingly, it closes other applications that I am trying to use when trying to capture video from certain other devices. It tells me that it cannot find the PS3 eye camera or something on those lines.
    Having a program terminate automatically because the camera isn’t there is *really* annoying. Can you edit that code out in your next update, please?

  448. Hi. Impressive work Alex!
    I have a problem. I´m using v2.1.0.0130 with “AmCap” and “PS3Eye App Test” working fine. But the example source code does not work. The camera is initialized correctly and it even reports that is capturing frames (inside the main loop), but the buffer is never modified at the line :
    pCam->GetFrame(pBuffer, 24, false)
    Any clues? Thanks in advance

  449. Hi Alex,

    I want to know if your driver and SDK supports dual PS3cam or not?
    Thanks, great work!

  450. thanks a lot

  451. Hi, Alex.
    Great app. Keep pluggin!

    Having problems getting any applications to recognize the camera. Skype does not see any video devices (although it DOES see the mic, which I have not selected). Amcap does not see the camera.

    By the way, I initially had problems installing the driver. After driver installation, I plugged the camera into a front USB port on my desktop, and it would not see it. I tried pointing the Device Manager to the driver, but it wouldn’t load. I then plugged the camera into a REAR (high-speed) USB port, and it recognized the camera, loaded Winusb.dll, and the PS3Eye Test App worked.

    If I can just get other apps to see the camera… Any ideas?

  452. By the way, from the post above, I’m running XP SP3, driver

  453. This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1) i get that in the device man idk maybe u can help i have windows 2000 i know stfu lol

  454. Alex,

    I am running Vista 64 Bit Home Personal and everything is current. Just download your app – fantastic – I really appreciate the hard work behind it. Well done and keep refining it. The test tool works great no problems but when I open AMCAP I cannot find a device setting menu do generate a preview but when I go to hit capture i get consistently:

    Error 80004005: cannot start graph

    Any suggestions? Something I’ve set up incorrectly?

  455. I dont know if anyone else is having this problem but after exactly a minute of video from the PS3 Eye all i get is static! Any remedies out there for this. Works perfect for that minute tho but it happens in all programs one minute then dead. And if im lucky it comes back but after another minute dead again… thanks for the help!!!

  456. Hi Alex,

    Just wanted to say thanks a lot for your hard work on this. Also, the latest version is working great… (the previous version did too until the update reminder popped up after a few weeks use).

  457. My experiences with Vista x64:
    Video – Works great up to 640×480 @40fps; 320×240 – All settings work, but I get 55fps avg, 60fps max with no other USB devices on the controller.

    AUDIO – Every time I open anything that accesses the audio function of the camera, that application freezes up. From Skype to the audio device manager. Is this a 64-bit issue? Is there a fix in the works?

    thanks for allowing us to utilize these great cameras on the PC! Hopefully you can get audio working – it was the main reason I wanted to have this work, as the mic in this camera is great for the money.

  458. UPDATE: Uninstalling the audio driver component at least allows applications to work without crashing, albeit with no sound.

  459. hey there, i dam running xp and did all the steps nescisary and the tester loads but only showa a black screen, but the red light on the eye turns on. and msn recognizes it but the person on the other end only sees nothing nut white. if you could help me fix this it would be greatly appreciated. thanks ryan

  460. wheres the link..?

  461. never mind stupid question i gott it. i installed evrythingg like here but i open the eye test and its all black and says .50 fps, any ideas what to do?

  462. then again im using Windows Xp proff, would that make it not work?

  463. Hi Alex first sorry for my bad english, so i want to tell you despite of the fact i have removed any last version of controller even the 2 files and PS3EyeLib.dll, skype still no working in settings parts, could it be because of the new version of skyp 4.0? manny thanks for your help in advance

  464. First I’d like to say thanks, I think the eye is a pretty decent webcam for the price and I was excited to see that someone wrote a driver for it. I am currently living in Japan right now and noticed something right away that you might be able to implement. The power here is on 50hz so I notice a slight flicker. I’ve seen 50/60hz flicker correction settings in other cam setups so it sounds possible. If you can make it happen, that would even make it better.

  465. omfg thanks alot

  466. How to use Windows in the PS Eye


  468. I have problems with skype it takes a while to initialise a connection to the Mic usually about 10 seconds to a 1min any help

  469. the program doesnt open? there some missing files??

  470. Hi alex Is there any chance you can add some effects to the ps3 driver , like facetracking and stuff, like logitech has.. I mean if it’s not that complicated. And a mirror feature ?

  471. I’m getting insanely upset this isn’t working on my computer,I don’t load and do everything you say but nothing. I repetitively uninstall and stuff and my device manager looks the same as yours but when I test it in the app just the black screen that says .48 fps and it only goes to 320×240. Its very confusing though so if you could help I’d be very thankful.

  472. I’m getting insanely upset this isn’t working on my computer,It loads and I do everything you say but nothing. I repetitively uninstall and stuff and my device manager looks the same as yours but when I test it in the app just the black screen that says .48 fps and it only goes to 320×240. Its very confusing though so if you could help I’d be very thankful. (Sorry, needed to edit a few things from my other post)

  473. Has anyone been able to make the cam work with Yahoo messenger?

  474. hey this works great all tho it’s hard to test it out if some people that doesn’t you Skype.If you have time you should show us how to check if the mic works also.Since a few people that don’t use skype. but this is great 🙂

  475. I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  476. Why are the sources not open? it would contribute to the NUI group if people could use Alex’ precious findings to make drivers for linux, and other OS’es..
    Just like Sony or Omnivision refuses to release hardware software interface details to stick to PS3, now its kept to Windows…

  477. hey Alex know you probably got loads of question to answer mine is rather a small problem but annoying all the same.. everything works fine in all programs no problem.. but when my webcam is connected to the internet so someone else if viewing on MSN or skype i sem to get a drop in FPS and the video seems so miss alot of frames out..

    thanks in advance!

  478. Burnout Paradise (THE ULTIMATE BOX PC TRIAL) is available from:

    Please modify your driver to support our game. Thank you!

  479. Any word on getting a GCC compatible SDK?

  480. hey alex are you going to fix the problem with msn… the playstation eye driver is not compatible with dorgem I’ve windows xp 32bit


  481. Hi Alex,

    When I click Preview in AMCAP it clearly shows me that the video is capable of recording but whenever I try to capture the program freezes and then gives me an error – ‘Error 80004005: Cannot start graph’. I tried WebcamXP but although it shows a clear image of me it has a hugeeee delay, it’s not as smooth as AMCAP for example.

    Any ideas ?

  482. … I use ALLCapture 2.0 to capture the video from AMCAP but I still cannot figure out how to make the mic work and actually record something. Poop.

  483. Sorry for the triple post but figured out what to do. Just take a simple microphone ( whether in headset or normal mic ), plug it in and make it your default recording device. That should do the trick. Now I can use MSN and if I need to capture a video of myself I turn on ALLCapture 2.0 and define it to use the mic I plugged in; As for the video, just turn on AMCAP ( if you want to capture yourself ) and start recording. Easy as pie.

  484. alright i found out the problem. my drivers need a 2.0 High Speed Host Controller because my usb need updating. but iv looked and cant find a download

  485. why won’t the camera capture on youtube. the earlier drivers worked fine I don’t get it.

  486. Hello

    I bought PS3 EYe, i am on Vista 64 bits.
    and every works perfectly.
    Camera, Micro on Camera on MSN.
    And with webcamxp (it’s a good software to capture, record and secure place…)
    Thanks you very much

  487. Can the camera be used as a webcam for services like yahoo! messenger? If so, please let me know how. I have tried but have had no such luck.

  488. Absolutely superb bit of software development. I send you my thanks!

  489. Hi all, after allot of hours sitting at the PC and getting grief from the wife 😉 so i decided to move over to something a less spec.
    Alex ive managed to get the ps3eye test to work fine but for some reason AmCap will not display anything. the following error i get is Sorry,you have no video capture hardware which i thought is a little strange, I’m currently testing this on sony vaio laptop 32bit xp…hope this is enough information and hope you can help as 40 smoke a day due to MT is getting too much 😉


  490. So is there any software that can interface with the 4 microphones? I would really like to use the 4-mic array for some room recording.

    Thank for making this driver, Alex!

  491. currently have your software installed on windows XP. when trying to record the stream from AMCAP, I only get 4 options under Camera PIN: 640×480 @30fps and 15fps, and 320×240 @30fps and 15fps. Am I missing something? I would like to record a stream at 60fps, but I can’t find an option to do this anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

  492. Hi ! thx a lot for ur great work ! can t wait for your multicam version. Only regret : how great it could be if it was possible to rec in the big fps resolution ( 30 fps is a lot under what the cam can do). By the way i do not understand the difference between fps and frequency. contact me by mail if u have time for i can explain u what i m trying to do thanks to your work. sorry for my poor english. and thanks again!

  493. Awesome, good work Alex.

  494. this is amazing. im gonna try it soon thanks a lot dude

  495. were can i download the software at

  496. how to make this work on msn, skype, etc… i cant see the camera in the cam selection tool.

    in amcap i cant select the camera too, because it is not there

  497. can you please fix the download link please??????

  498. Hi,
    Where could I download the new Setup? If I do a right click and save as on
    “>>> PS3EyeSetup (v2.1.0.0130) (MD-5: 67F0D2D4D10D3428B3D6F861AD478A12) <<<”

    Than windows says the page cant be open!


  499. Hi Alex!
    I’m trying to download the driver package but it appears that the link id dead!
    Could you please fix this, I urgently need to get your drivers!!
    Btw thanks for sharing 🙂

  500. Hi Alex!
    I’m trying to download the driver package but it appears that the link is dead!
    Could you please fix this, I urgently need to get your drivers!!
    Btw thanks for sharing 🙂

  501. This works great. But i cant get it to work on msn.. Can you help me with this problem?

  502. Hi! Sorry for the double post. Link is working again – thanks a lot!

  503. just out of a touchcamp in Paris
    thanks for the creat job
    works on vista 64 on my laptop
    it freeze after a while but I guess this a USB alim problem
    we had to modify our framework because you don’t deal with the device path in the property bag thing ( that would be nice to start the cam by name/devicepath instead of index)
    but the most frustrating thing
    is the impossibility to access the higher frame rate
    any plan on this ?
    I know there is a hack (touch lib have this could you comment ?)

  504. Um sorry but I can’t download this driver. I really dont know

  505. I can’t download the latest update. Any Ideas. Sorry.

  506. Hey i got you downlaod and install to work, but I can’t seem to get the mic working or it to pick it up in Skype. I try the camera on skype and it freezes up and closes. I can test it and it works fine except for Skype. Help Please.

  507. the download link is not working anymore!!

  508. whenever i try and run the AmCap it pops a message saying that the program has found an error and need to be closed, i click on Don’t send and it all vanishes

    same thing with when i try and run the webcam on Live Messenger, it closes right away

    can you figure out whats wrong and help me? the PS3Eye Test works fine!

  509. Dear Alex,

    Worked for a while but now my machine is saying that the version I have is unregistered and that I need to look up an updated version – only problem is that you link doesn’t work for me on this site – crashes every time…is there anywhere else I can download the update?



  510. I cant seem to dl the driver as it keeps timing out

  511. I can’t download the latest firmware, keep getting a “timed out”
    on my browser, Where anywhere else can i can DL this update?

    Thanks 🙂

  512. I Cant find the latest set up files were ever u were hosting them there gone now


  514. my comp can’t find the file : WINUSB.DLL can you or some1 help me

  515. Anybody else find that anything outside of 3-4 feet is completely out of focus? Works fine on my PS3 though…

  516. Where did my post go? In any case…
    There seems to be a problem with the focus with these drivers in that anything outside of 3 or 4 feet is completely out of focus. When using my eye with my ps3, the focus works fine no matter how near or far away I am. Hopefully this is a simply fix/edit.
    Thanks for these great drivers!!

  517. […] willingness to temporarily repurpose their Playstation Eye, courtesy of some sweet MacGuyver-esque software) can play with the augmented reality portion of the website, which allows your to print off a […]

  518. […] willingness to temporarily repurpose their Playstation Eye, courtesy of some sweet MacGuyver-esque software) can play with the augmented reality portion of the website, which allows your to print off a […]

  519. I’m using (v2.1.0.0130) on Vista 64 bit, When i try to use this it constantly crashes it’ll work on a few streaming sites but will not work in aim for some reason any help?

  520. Hello! The last version (v2.1.0.0130) doesn’t work on my notebook. The video can’t get stable, shake a lot. I can send a picture from it.

  521. Hi Alex,

    I downloaded your app and the ps3eyetest works fine. But No audio component seems to be on my device manager. In addition, amcap does not seem to recognize that I have the ps3 eye plugged into the computer. I can use the webcam on my laptop but I can direct it to us the ps3 eye. I’ve tried to search through your response but could not find a good explanation. Would you mind helping? Thanks.

  522. AWESOME
    Been waiting for this.
    Thanks a million

  523. The problem that your windows application can not found any video capture device, reinstall the drive manually, i´ve got the same problem, know it works fine!!!
    (You can find it here: “C:\Progam Files\AlexP\driver” OR “C:\programme\alexp\driver”)

    Alex thx for the driver!!

  524. Sorry, i forgot something…

    Windows XP Service Pack 3 with the error above!

  525. Many people have stated that ps3eyetest works fine but they get an error 8007045a: cannot create video capture filter. Did anyone find a fix to that? I can be reached at I would really appreciate some help. Thanks.

  526. Hi,

    Thanx for great driver and SDK. I wrote a small proof-of-concept still capture app back in the day u brought the SDK available. But on other day i purchased another eye, cause it was just too cheap to pass by, and now i would like to improve my app to take stereo 3D stills.

    So im wondering can your driver and SDK handle two devices? I just installed the newest driver and plugged in both eyes and it seems driver is running for both without any conflicts they can both be seen on device manager, but when im trying to use either amcap or included test application i can only watch one of the cams. Both are seen in the list on amcap, but when im changing the device picture wont change.

    So bascily i just would like to know: is driver written so it can handle two instances? and if not is there any change to implement this in future?

  527. oh disregard what i just said…. just scouted your post above *embarrased* once again thanx for great work!!

  528. Alex,
    Where do I find the downloads for your drivers?

  529. can u make it work for webpages that run webcams like 🙂 by the way nice works it works like a charm

  530. Хороший блог 🙂 Люблю почитывать каждый вечер (ну и в другое время тоже :)).

  531. i recived the reply you sent me but im currently expiriencin the problem while using the new version the v2.1.0.0130 and as i said when i use it on sites such as it frezes after secs/minutes of use

  532. […] […]

  533. Alex, i’m using XP SP3 and i feel stupid. I can’t get the PS3 eye to work and idk why. i’ve tried the test app, and the red light on the camera goes on but nothing happens on the screen. ahhhhhh! help

  534. your ps3eye camera setup has virus I have checked about 5 others and they all have there one out there that does not have a virus

  535. How do i get the camera to work with yahoo messenger? I have downloaded all the software and installed! The test app works!

  536. Thanks alot Alex this driver is great, I was wondering if you’ve happened to control the audio component of the PS3 eye yet. That would be awesome.

    Thanks again!

  537. Well done Alex !
    For those who have an issue with AMCAP.EXE, try to register :
    C:\Program Files\AlexP>regsvr32

    The installer didn’t do it for me 😦

  538. Hi Alex!

    Thirst of all, thank you for this perfect idea! This is very usefull tool. But i have a big problem`s with camera in skype, windows live messanger and etc. i can make a connection woth opponent, but after a few seconds the image is freezing and do not move untill i make a switch off and switch on operation. But it`s works again a few second. Can you help me, or give some advice? I run from Windows XP, not Vista, maybe this is the main problem?
    Be a very appriciate for your help.

  539. first i need to tell you : GREAT JOB ! 🙂

    and also I’ve big issues using your driver and Processing (

    Usually the ps3 eye is not recognised at all (for example with the GSVideo library ( ) or sometimes when i use only the Processing video capture library , the cam freeze after +- 1min . i tried it on the ps3 test app or tbeta and the cam doesn’t freeze ..

    another problem is that Processing ask me for the ps3 eye to be plugged when a cast video capture features even if a plug another cam and tell him to use this one and not the ps3 eye .. the only way to stop that is to uninstall the ps3 cam drivers ..

    As you maybe know , Processing is a wonderful programming language for multimedia art and i really need this cam for my installation and i know other peoples having issues with Processing and your drivers

    anyway , thank you !! and continue like that , i’m really impatient to see your multicam drivers 🙂

  540. i omit to say i think there is maybe a problem with your driver and Vdig ?

  541. could you write a reset command into the driver so that we may leave the ps3 eye pluged in all the time instead of just when in use, as it is temporamental on boot, sometimes it is recognised as an unknown device and requires unpluging and pluging back in

    thankyou keep up the great work !!!

  542. Hey alex. great work.. but i am having the same problem as some of the folks here and i haven’t seen a solution for it yet. all the drivers and everything install perfectly.. but when i open ps3eye test and click on start capture all i get is a black screen with it showing FPS 0.00. I have tried uninstalling, installing, rebooting, still can’t seem to get it to work. please email me back if you may have a solution. thanks alex.

  543. just figured it out.. i guess it doesn’t work without usb 2.0. i got it working now. woo woo!

  544. I just installed this and it works great except that it will NOT work with Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo detects it and on my end it looks like it works but other people viewing my webcam only see a black window and nothing else. Is there something else that needs to be done to make it work with Yahoo Messenger?

  545. i dont get it its not working
    what do i have to press?

  546. Thank you so much for the driver, Alexander!

    One problem with it tho, although the video works perfectly,
    the audio doesn’t work in windows vista’s sound recorder or skype.
    I have Vista 32 bit. If you could fix this it would be great!

  547. Hey, just wanna let you know that somehow it worked!

  548. thanks for this

  549. directshow support not installed on latest version, and test capture program only works on 640×480. I downloaded v2.1.0.0130. Fresh install on this machine xp32bit never had another version prior

  550. umm hey thanks but when i run amp cam it says ‘sorry u have no video capture hardware’—-???? any suggestions im using XP pack3

  551. It doesnt detect the audio in the device manager. It also doesnt even work when I do the PS3Eye test. It just shows a black screen FPS: 0.50. I tried reinstalling and nothing. Can I have some help?

  552. hello, im have a problem with usb camera eye ps3, when installed i can see a error about microsoft c++ overrun buffer detected what it is y which solution for this error

  553. Hi, PS3Eyetest inside is a Trojan. ????!!!!

  554. any new updates coming. I still cant get mine to work w/ yahoo messenger and skype still crashes

  555. Worked on windows 7 !!!!

    The only thing different in the install was after installing the setup, I went to device manager, right clicked on the USB Camera-B4xxx and updated the driver manually by choosing browse my computer. Pointed it to the C drive and let it search and volia .. windows warned me it’s not verified, i said NP, started up the test app and voila .. was flawless.

    Thanks much!

  556. y wont it work 4 yahoo live messenger

  557. Hey man,
    I think what you’ve done is great. But I really really need to know where to get the PS3EyeSetup file. I don’t know where I’m supposed to get it from. THanks for your help.

  558. i had the winusb.dll problem but after manually forcing the driver to update through device manager everything works swimmingly (winxp sp3 + using win7 x64 via VM)

    thanks for all your work on this alex, you’re a bloody legend

  559. ho alex great work and many thx for the driver ^__^ i got one question thou when using skype with camera and mic altogether the picture i’m sending from the camera freezes:/ the sound is ok but i have to reconnect the video every 1-2 minutes:/ is there a solution to that problem???? thx for tips and keep up the good work :]

  560. ps. driver installed ok no problems:/

  561. thanks

  562. Man I´m getting an error about a .dll WINUSB.dll? Anyone knows how to solve this? I wanna use the ps3 camera as webcam on windows live, does it work with msn?

  563. Hi Alex,
    I’m running windows xp service pack 3. I have reinstalled the driver numerous times and whenever i actually try to use the camera in window live, skype, or yahoo they immediately kick me off. Also the test app does not work either. It says it cannot find the camera at all.

  564. don’t support multiCam…

  565. Whenever I set the camera to capture at a high frametate 30-60fps, it stops capturing after 10-20 seconds and is making everything realy useless, it does this with skype and MSN (the video freezes), as well as the test app (goes black). i feel like i’m missing something, because nobody else seems to have had this problem- i’ve had this for ages, since i first started using the driver. i have the latest driver version, vista 64 bit sp1, skype 4.0, 5gb of ram (if that’s important), and i’ve reinstalled it several times.

  566. I’m about to give this a go on Windows 7, i’ll keep everyone posted, @AP: I’m sure i grab it from the thread, so i’ll make sure i grab all possible files, and check for there possible new locations et al…

    Give me till tomorrow and i’ll keep you posted….

    @Criterion Games: I take it you have coverage for other webcams though right 😉 cheeky sods… … and why did you never reply to my interview request… tsk tsk…

  567. I get the error “This application has failed to start because WINUSB.DLL was not found. I have already tried uninstalling and re-installing and it won’t work. Please help.

  568. Thanks for all the hard work that you are doing!!!
    My issue – I am running Windows 7 RC and can’t seem to get the camera to work anymore!!! I don’t want to go back to Windows Vista Business but I need my camera to work. Will you be creating codes that are compatible with Windows 7 soon?


  569. For some reason… I can’t DL the drivers… could you please email them to me. thank you!

  570. Hi Alex, I cant seem to get the link to the driver to open. “network error” etc. Is there any other way I can locate it? thanks alan in dubai

  571. Hi again Alex, sorry, ignore my last post, I located the latest version through some guys’ you tube video on how to install it…got it all done and it works with the Tester but is not detected by Skype or MSN or Manycam or Webcam Max? It is definitely there as a device when I look through control panel…can you give me any tips to get it working? I am using Windows XP.

  572. Very nice 🙂

  573. The download links don’t work. They always time out.

  574. Ok, I tried it out. I have Vista 64-bit edition. I’m sorry to say but it didn’t work out with sound. The video was fine (which is the first time, previous versions only showed messed up footage for me), but the sound was non-existent. Skype said the sound wasn’t working either for the camera, so I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong.
    If you could follow-up on me with any help, comment to me here, or send me an email.

  575. Thank you

  576. not letting me download the file, link isnt workin

  577. is down? I can’t download.

  578. Is anyone else having trouble downloading it from the site? I’m desperately trying to get this driver but no matter how many times I try the link it won’t load.

  579. Is the download link for the latest driver dead?

  580. Can anyone get the link to work?

  581. yay it’s working now. Never mind!

  582. Зачет! и ниипет!

  583. […] […]

  584. Just barely started using this software (v2.1.0.0130) and my computer fails to bootup if I keep the Eye plugged in. So I have to unplug it every time I reboot or shut down.

  585. alex i have a problem, it all seamed fine until i tryed to use it on msn and the webcam does not work ? do you have a solution email me back soon as possible ;D thanks.

  586. Anyone know how to change the default settings for the PS3 eye at 320×240 120fps? I want to use it for an openCV application to capture faster movements, but I can only get it to 30fps:(

  587. frist of all: thank you 🙂

    Works on Windows Vista Home Premium x64.
    After installing your software i had to search once again for changed hardware at the device manager – then he found the PS3 Eyecam and installed the Driver. Then everything worked fine.

  588. Well I downloaded it awhile back and it works fine so great job. Only annoying problem I get is in any program for video works fine for awhile then it completely freezes. Then if I close the screen and open it works till it freezes again. I’m running it on windows 7 beta.

  589. […] are great in low light and have high frame rates, and are pretty cheap. You can get drivers for Windows and Mac since they are not recognized automatically. Have […]

  590. I happily just donated. Thank you so much for this effort. Are you open to paid contract work for customizations to this driver?

  591. Is it possible to get an trigger/sync signal out of the PS3-Cam btw. to trigger/sync the cam from extern?

  592. Great work Alex. I plan on building an FTIR setup in the next couple of weeks with a pre-modded cam from PeauProductions, but in the meantime been mucking around with Trackmate ( with an un-modded PS3 Eye and older PS2 Eye Toy. Unfortunately your driver does not currently detect in Trackmate, but it does with the older Eye Toy. There is a suggestion that this is because of the OpenFrameworks it’s built on not handling video well. Any ideas what might be the problem?

  593. Running windows 7 x64 RC and got the camera almost instantly working (had to instal audio drivers manualy) great job!
    If you need me to test something on windows 7, plz e-mail me at

  594. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for making this driver. Just a small note to anyone who might have issues with VC++ Redistributable. During setup, the installer asked about vcredist.msi. The correct version needed is for VC++ 2005 SP1 (at least in my case, I have both VS2005 and VS2008 installed).

  595. Whenever I use CCV it defaults to 15fps and 320 by 240. How do I change this?

  596. I found a fix for the camera not working in Skpye or AMCAP. I removed the latest version PS3Eye Camera Setup v2.1.0.0130 and installed version PS3EyeSetup.2.0b81231 Everthing works fine now. Thanks

  597. Great work, but my video frezzes after about 10-30 seconds. Was wondering if you have any ideas how to fix it? It does it in the test and in Skype

  598. It Crashes IE and Firefox. Tried Going on See if you can fix this.

  599. I donated too. Thank you for this awesome work Alex!

  600. It says that the Playstation Eye Is not installed in msn and i already had installed it.

  601. Hi Alex, for some reason my vista-x64 would not detect the microphone. Can you please send me an email when you find out the solution? Thank you.
    BTW great work on video.

  602. […] […]

  603. Hi Alex, I appreciate all of your hard work and I’m really digging the drivers and using the Playstation Eye, however I keep running into a few problems.

    Immediately after I install the drivers everything seems to work fine. However after I run PS3Eye Test App, it seems to ruin the audio portion of the camera and no longer receive input. I am no longer able to capture video and capture audio simultaenously with AmCap and my other videos no longer contain any sound.

    Also, no video capturing program seems to detect the PS3Eye. I could not use the PS3Eye with Windows Movie Maker at all during my first few tries, however when I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, it detected the PS3Eye for only one capture session. After one session it reverted back to no longer detecting the Eye. Vegas did not work either as the capturing application would crash everytime it received an input from the Eye.

    I was wondering if you had any insight on the problems that I am facing as I am not sure why these problems seem to occur. The fact that it works and then stops working is very odd.


  604. i’m sure it works but when i try the test the screen is black and says 0.00 FPS . Can anyone help please?

  605. Alex,

    Thank you for all of your hard work so far. I am using your driver in some of my research and will give you full credit if/when it gets published. I was wondering if you’re willing to open-source your driver? This would be most generous of you, and would facilitate bug-fixes and adding features to the driver for those interested.

  606. Hey Alex !
    Great Job, i’m using this on linux and Win Vista.
    But i’ve done a downgrade for XP and no video stream in my soft (skype, processing…). It’s seems to be the Service Pack 3 that create the problem. Is there a solution?


  607. Yeah, recently stopped working on “BEST” settings. I beleive it has something to do with the on2 plugins but I’ve got no idea how to get this thing to work again.

  608. Hi Alex, thanks for your great work. However, I have the problem similar to a couple of earlier posts but I can’t see any responses to the issue. The problem is in AMCAP and the Test App, the video is working fine for around 10 / 20 seconds and then the picture either freezes or gets static interference. If I change the “Set Frame Rate” value in Capture – Set Frame Rate then the video starts again but the same happens shortly after. I am running Win XP SP3, 1.5GB Ram, P4 2.53 and have had no installation / setup issues. I have reinstalled the drivers over 4 times. Please can you suggest a solution or further test? Many thanks.

  609. I have a similar issue to one or two commenters above: the DirectShow drivers report only 640×480 or 320×240 at 15fps or 30fps (i.e., 4 modes total). I tried some older versions, but couldn’t get them running. Using the SDK or the ps3eye test app I have access to all the modes listed above.

  610. […] […]

  611. I just tested your Driver on Win Xp sp2.

    The install was fine, but all i get is a black screen 😦

    i removed everything manually and re-installed, still the same problem.. does any1 have a solution for it?

  612. My comment disappeared… how come? 😦

  613. Hi, I downloaded the driver and installed it in Windows XP. It works perfectly with PS3Eye Test app. I was wondering if there was a way to choose higher framerates from Amcap. I would like to record at 120fps for my research and was trying to use this camera. But Amcap allows only up to 30fps. Is there any other program that I can use or are you working on developing something?
    Either way, thanks a lot for this program.

  614. hey alex great program and drivers I have everything to work but I think the drivers or program crashes and cause my other devices to malfunction I have a wireless G mimo usb adapter network card and it works fine without the ps3 eye plugged but when its plugged it causes my wireless card to not work and I have to gain internet access through a wired connection I tested the camera on a wireless laptop and everything works fine any suggestions?

  615. i cant get it to work, i dont know why, AlexP could you mail me please?

  616. Hi, great work on the driver!

    Just so you know, I don’t think that the latest installer (v2.1.0.0130) is correctly registering on XP (SP3) – when I first installed it, the camera worked perfectly in PS3EyeTest, but no other apps would recognise that I had a capture device. When I manually registered the .ax file (with regsvr32), all was fine (AMCAP, and also using it with the Trackmate software).

    Hope this helps! Cheers.

  617. Hello,

    After trying the latest version v2.1.0.0130 I cannot seem to get it to work on my Vista x64 machine or my XP x64 machine 😦 Both get through the installer okay but when I plug the camera in it pops up the “New Hardware Found” dialog and wants me to locate the driver for “Eyetoy USB camera Namtai”, I tried pointing it to the amd64 folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\AlexP\Driver, but it just says it could not find a correct driver there. I even tried some of the suggested workarounds above with no luck on both machines.

    Sure wish I had a 32 bit machine to try it on!

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!

  618. Thank you so much 🙂 honestly this is one of the most talented things ive seen anyone do with a playstation platform device

  619. […] […]

  620. The test app works fine, and a good capture is coming in, but I get the error “Sorry, you have no video capture hardware installed” when launching AMCAP on my XP system. This has been mentioned before, but I didn’t see a solution… and no amount of uninstalling & reinstalling helps. Any advice?

  621. […] […]

  622. I love you alex. This driver works perfectly for my PS3 EyeToy

  623. Thanks Alex – I had to completely exit MSN from the taskbar and reinstall drivers, but once I did that, the camera works perfect on MSN and the AMCap. Great Work!

  624. Similar to many people I had trouble getting the AMCAP part to work on XP. The TestApp would work fine but the AMCAP not. I had followed the installation instructions to the letter (no other applications open, camera removed, no other webcam drivers present, clean install of PS3Eye driver, restart XP before plugging camera in). The camera and mic appeared in the device manager, but AMCAP and other video capture programs could not see it. I assume this has something to do with the DirectShow part.

    What eventually worked in my case was to:
    2) follow the installation instructions as given
    3) After plugging in the camera, the new hardware window pops up. Choose the “have driver” setting and point the installer to C:\Program Files\AlexP\Driver.
    After XP installs the drivers from that directory for itself the camera works in other apps as well.

    Hope this helps some people

  625. AHHHHH, i REALLY need some help, the AmCap doesnt work for me, and nether do any other camera based apps i have. the only that that worked was the PS3EYE test app. im running windows xp, my email is
    please help i wanna get my ps3eye working as a webcam Thank You.

  626. […] AlexP氏のウェブサイトからドライバインストーラーをダウンロード バッジが素敵 […]

  627. I have no problem running on ps3 eye on the test app but when i go to AmCap i got an error message “no video capture hardware”. My device manage did show ps3 eye(x32) like ur pic but not on the sound part… My laptop is running window xp home sp3

  628. this is insane!!! nice work. it took me a while to figure out how to do everythin because im not so good at this boot leg driver (no offence) but yeah man! i neeed to give you some props!!sorry i don’t have a credit card to donate but yeah! This is Fill from CANADA!! 🙂

  629. When I run the PS3Eye Test I get an image from the cam but when I run Amcap I get an error message saying Sorry, you have no video capture hardware. How can I fix this?

  630. […] Now, for this step you can basically choose any ordinary webcam. The multi-touch community generally leans toward the PS3 Eye webcam because of it’s low cost, ability to be easily converted into an IR webcam, it’s high framerate, and it’s recent breakthroughs of being able to run under windows and not just a PS3. Thank you AlexP! Click me! […]

  631. Would love a mirror option in the settings 🙂 Fantastic work though, really great investigation into figuring it all out. Only wish the mic would work in msn (msn tells me its in use by another app?)

  632. sorry, maybe its a bug… the ps3eyetest app shows video the right way. even msn shows video the right way in the setup options, but when a video call is started the image is flipped. strange.

  633. Thanks for this great software. It works well in general, but it doesn’t work at all with Adobe Flash Media Encoder (2.5 and 3.0). It simply says “Problem with video capture device. Please verify that it is working correctly and is not already in use.” Tested on x64 Windows 7 and x32 Windows Vista.

  634. hey how do you get the ps3 eye to work for ustream?

  635. When i click the test app this shows up on my screen. (cannot find “WINUSB.DDL”) anyone know who to fix this?

  636. Running XP Pro 32bit SP3 the sound part registers and I can use your test app to see video but Skype and the like do not register a video device…

  637. OK, what’s the megapixel (MP) on this great cam? I looked through the above post but did not see an answer. Many thanks!!!! ^_^

  638. Thanks man! – This is really cool of you!

    Here’s my experience, in case it helps others get it installed…

    I’m on a Sony VAIO VGC-RC210-G,
    Running Windows XP Media Center Edition, Version 2002 sp 3

    I downloaded the latest PS3Eye install file:
    PS3EyeSetup (v2.0b81111) (MD-5: 7DCDCDBF6B0E184AEAA8E709F259E576)
    (But note that is isn’t obvious that the ‘PS3EyeSetup’ is a link – I’m viewing it in Firefox and IE 8, and the link text shows up as text with a line through it … making me think it was an old/bad one that was “struck out”?)

    So I downloaded/saved PS3EyeSetup.2.0b1111.exe to my harddrive, and then right-clicked on it and had Norton scan it for viruses (came out clean!)

    I then double-clicked it in my Windows Explorer to “run” the installer, and went through the install, taking all the defaults.

    I then tried to run (without plugging in the camera):

    It told me that it couldn’t find winsub.dll

    I exited out of the Test App, and plugged in the camera.

    My computer detected the new hardware, and asked where I wanted to search for drivers – I told it:

    C:\Program Files\AlexP\Driver

    Windows then did its thing installing drivers…

    I ran the test app again

    And this time it worked! (no complaint about dll’s)
    I was able to “Start Capture” and see the video 8)

    Not sure if everybody’s XP computer will do it like mine, but with all the people posting about the winsub.dll, I thought it might be useful to post some details on what worked for me!

  639. for some reason my PS3 eye camera doesn’t work whit windows live messenger, can some tell em how can i make it work?, it already work whit ps3 eye test application

  640. […] Sony PS3Eye Camera DirectShow Capture Source Filter *Update* v2.1.0.0130 […]

  641. has anyone used the PS eye on Google video chat? it works, but the video is double

  642. yo i cant find the install button lol

  643. nvm lol

  644. im on skype and its not letting the mic from my eyetoy work. how can you fix this?


  646. Thanks for the driver. It works great on Windows 7 RC x64. The audio driver installed by default but the camera didn’t. I had to do the update driver and point it to the directory to get it to install (after passing the unsigned driver warning)

  647. So happy when I found this driver, good work (I think). However, nothing really happens here, my Eye is just listed as USB Camera-B4.04.27.1 in the device manager, lacking a driver. (USB\VID_1415&PID_2000&REV_0100&MI_01).
    Win 7 64, installed as admin, no previous version installed.

  648. i have just installed it and i’m getting winusb.dll not found what does that mean

    • i have sorted it out now

      • What was the answer? I am also getting that error when trying to run PS3EyeTest.exe

        The error I get is – Unable to Locate Component

        the the dialog box says. This application has failed to start because WINUSB.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

        So did re-installing it fix the problem or was it something else?


      • ok not sure if this is going to appear above or below my previous post.

        To answer my problem, I needed to let Windows install the drivers from the Internet. Perhaps that could be added to the instructions.

  649. Tried it in Windows 7 x64 RTM, no joy. Refuses to detect the driver. Recognizes that USB Camera-B4.04.27.1 exists, but won’t match a driver to it.

    • Nevermind, had it go manually find the driver in the installation directory and it detected without a problem. Confirming running in Windows 7 x64 RTM.

  650. Can anybody use TWO cams at the same time? My windows does not detect both of them. I guess, it’s because they have the same title: PS3Eye Camera (x32).

    How can i use both cams????

    • The new dual cam driver is coming out later on this month or early next month.


      • Hi Alex. I just bought a PS3Eye solely for PC use thanks to your drivers. It works great so far.

        I read you are working on a dual cam driver. I don’t know how hard this is, but if it is possible, could you extend that idea to allow up to 15 Eyes to be used by 1 PC?

        Since the PS3Eye is a seriously good webcam this could be a very ghetto way to do a very advanced looking webshow like you see on Ustream.TV all the time.

  651. I cant get a video while using msn or yahoo. Is anyone having this problem im using Vista 64

  652. Thanks Alex! I’ve windows 7 ultimate x64 and it works. But can’t get any pic on skype and I don’t find any Record button on your apps 😦 i hope you will fix that for windows 7 users! greetings

  653. THANKS!!!

  654. on oovoo the cam is stuck on high res…. is there anyway to fix this

  655. erm where are the drivers exactly , no link to them at all

  656. the driver dl is where exactly ???

    • Yes I agree I had a hard time finding it the first time as well.

      So the actual link is not very clear on this page. Perhaps Alex could make it easier to find by having a big logo or large text. If you look above at the start of the red text you should find the link. The link is in the line that says:

      >>> PS3EyeSetup (v3.0.0.0825) (MD-5: EAA8EB00AE85C6F1D9B495F72B45F0B4) <<<

      obviously this will change over time once he releases new versions.


  657. dear Alex, thanks for your great job, but I experienced some trouble with the Audio driver under Windows XP SP3: I can see the video with your test application, but I can’t listen the audio. when I start audio recordimg the application crash. So I can’t use messenger or skype because of that audio error.

    you can help me?

  658. thanks I’ve trying to find a working version on youtube and then I thought why not go to the source, much is appreciated

  659. I can add that I tested the last release and the earlier one, but both are affected by tha audio issue: the installation ends successfully, the cam is recognized by the system, but in device manager I see USB Speakers isted of USB Camera under “Sound, video and game controller”.
    I have Windows XP SP3, so I use sound recorder application in order to test the audio channel, but the application crashes.
    the testapp give me the image for all the resolutions, unless 75fps. the AMCAM application give me the preview, but crashes when I try to capture video and audio.

    please, take a look to my problem

    very thanks for your efforts


    • If you read my blog and comments fully you’d realize that this is a video-camera-only driver. If you want to use it successfully you must not use it’s sound function at the same time with video. This is due to the fact that the ps3eye video function is non standard and not supported nativelly by windows. You should also remove ps3eye device from the default sound input/recording devices in your sound control panel. If you have a built-in or external microphone you should use that instead.

      Regards, ~Alex

  660. thanks alex, I missunderstood that your driver can’t control the microphone of the PS3Eye Camera. In future you think to do something about?

  661. Thanks Alex! Using the PS Eye with Skype – best cam yet!
    Great instructions and simple to install so well done.

  662. I click on the yellow message up top and nothing happens, just reloads this page. may sound dumb, but how do you start the download exactly?

  663. alex, video looks great when in google chat except its upside down…anything i can do on my end?

  664. Hi Alex. Trying to get the latest driver v3.0.0.0825 working with the latest version of Skype I haven’t been able to get it working on my XP or Vista machine. Skype & Windows Live Messenger boy says they can’t find a WebCam (it is able to use the audio from the cam). I also noticed that the AMCAP program displays the following error as soon as it starts up: “Sorry, you have no video capture hardware”. The cam does however work in the PS3Eye Test App. The blue light is always on, and the red one only comes on when capturing via PS3Eye Test App. Is there some third party component I am missing? I use DirectX 9.0c on my XP machine.

  665. […] Sony PS3Eye Camera DirectShow Capture Source Filter *Update* v3.0.0.0825 […]

  666. So alex, glad you’re back, i haven’t actually ever left a comment before, because all youre releases thus far have been fantastic. I would just like to note that the Most current release only allows the cam to work in the PS3 eye capture test. Any other application i try to load the camera with (skype for instance) displays a blank screen, and the red light doesn’t light up on the pseye. Whats going on?

    • Paulo, You might have an out of sync versions of the files. Were there any popup messages? Please make sure you uninstall the older version. Also make sure that all the files are gone before installing newer version.


      • Ok! so i narrowed it down a bit for me, At the moment, it would seem its just not working with Skype (skype specific issue?) regardless this obviously shouldn’t be happening.ld seems some are working, such as Trillian, and WebcamMAX.

        – Skype is doing the Blank screen
        – Youtube QuickCam Capture (browser- firefox 3.5.2) just crashes

  667. iono y but after i upgrade the ps3 eye software to the newest version v3.0.0.0827 it the sound wont work on msn no more, like it wont record like how it does when i still have the older version installed. And i cant record stuff with audacity with this new version. I use to can record on audacity and msn but not anymore. Can you fix this bug please! thank you so much!!

  668. It is also not working for me w/ live messenger and cannot see anything when attempting “Take a video snapshot” under Skype Tools->Options->VideoSettings. Haven’t had a chance yet to try a video call on Skype. My configuration is the following: 32 bit Windows 7, PS3Eye drivers v3.0.0.0827, Skype, Live Messenger 14.0.8064.206. The PS3Eye test app is working properly.

    I appreciate all the effort, let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  669. v3.0.0.0827, Skype sound ok skype not ok 😦 no Video !

    thanks for uptade !

  670. Vist service pack2

  671. First off, love the work you have done. works great with Windows 7 x64 as long as you follow the advice stated above and search for the updated driver on your c drive. I am having the same problem as others with skype though. It recognizes that there is a camera but it cant seem to use it at all. if anyone has found a fix to this please let me know. if not, then keep up the good work alex and im sure you will fix it in due time.

  672. !!!!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!!!

    i installed everything and still no video. i get a pop up saying no PS3eye camera device found. HELP!!!!

  673. does anyone know if it will work in aim and if so how?

  674. I’m having various issues =\

    MSN Isn’t working, I can’t go above 640×480 30fps, mic doesn’t work, Skype works kinda? now it doesn’t, and it always says PS3EyeLib.dll was not found…

    Also, with AMCAP I get a 80070057 error saying Cannot set frame rate for preview. Can’t capture for the same error reason too..

  675. Feylin, I’m having the same problem as you. If I figure out how to work it, I’ll make another post. But in the mean time, keep your fingers crossed

  676. Excellent site, keep up the good work

  677. v3.0.0.0901 plus skype – works perfectly!


  678. I got a problem when I run the amcap it says cannot set frame rate for preview and then on msn my friends tell me the screen is all white and on the Test app it’s just a black screen

  679. Thanks for share!!

  680. Installed and the test app works perfectly..but I can’t get any program to “see” the camera. MSN/Windows live, TinyChat doesn’t see it…suggestions please?

  681. Fantastic, thank you!

  682. I dont even know where to find a driver that will work with the PS3 eye and where do i find it and does it work with msn messenger?

  683. Here’s what I had to do….follow the below comment….(cont below)

    “Worked on windows 7 !!!!

    The only thing different in the install was after installing the setup, I went to device manager, right clicked on the USB Camera-B4xxx and updated the driver manually by choosing browse my computer. Pointed it to the C drive and let it search and volia .. windows warned me it’s not verified, i said NP, started up the test app and voila .. was flawless.”

    (cont)…. then I had to restart my computer and it finally worked for me on windows 7 and skype 4.1

  684. It’s telling me I have the wrong version of PS3eyelib.dll and telling me to get a new version o_O

    Resolved my previous issues… don’t know how, it just kinda solved itself. Now I got this =__=’

    I’m 100% sure that I have the PS3eyelib.dll version, uninstalled and reinstalled freshly and it’s still not working.

    Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    • It used to just not be able to detect the PS3Eyelib.dll at all though, so it’s an improvement I guess. It’s detecting something else or wants something else though apparently though.

      • Oh, PS3eyetest works fine, AMCAP doesn’t. Gives me the same eyelib.dll not detected as MSN and Skype or any other webcam program does.

  685. Wow! thanks for sharing this great stuff! Now I can use my PS3 eyecamera with my PC. 🙂

  686. Hey, I loved to use ps3 eye as videophone and it went smooth but somehow in few mins later it freeze. any help?

  687. im sorry i need help getting my cpu to read it, it reads it when i plug it in but where do i go to install anything or remove something? i goto install when it flashes up but says no hardware found, or something like that, and where on here is the file i use to make it work? i have the ps3eye and i want to use it as a webcam, my email is if u can help

  688. Thanks for your amazing work Alex! Really excellent stuff! I am having a problem though not so serious. I installed everything as you said and everything works fine but in the device manager I can’t see the audio component of PSEye. I know that you still haven’t worked your way around getting it to work, but I am just curious about this matter.
    Thank you very much for your help in advance.
    Keep up the great work!

  689. bug reports:
    The camera will not be recognized by system after rebooting PC. I’d tried many ps3eye cameraes in different computers. They have same problem. The tested softwre environment are winXP, Vista 32, win7 preview version. My ps3eye hardware ID is : USB Camera-B4.04.27.1. However USB Camera-B3.04.06.1 works fine.

  690. lol I d/l the program and ran it and as soon as I did guess what trojan virus came out of it over and over and over….nice way to go dude…You tried to put something in there to get stuff out of plp hmm tisk tisk no one d/l this program unless you want this guy to have like a back door into your computer so he can take your shit….if so be my guest and go right ahead.

    • “trojan virus came out”? Dude, are you fucking high? People like you piss me off.

      If your machine is infected, then I’m pretty damn sure it wasn’t through Alex’s driver. It’s much more likely that you got your machine infected looking at Yaoi or German scheisse porn.

      If you actually have proof that a trojan is included in this file, then provide it. And be specific, so that those of us who are actually knowledgeable about software and reverse engineering can evaluate this “evidence” and decide for ourselves.

      I won’t hold my breath; statistically speaking it’s much more likely that you have the intellectual capacity of a pile of mollusks and don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • I should add that I’m running this driver and haven’t seen *ANY* indications of suspicious activity.

        But just for kicks, I just downloaded it again to a virtual machine, and installed it while monitoring exactly what was happening with Process Monitor from and a custom tool I’ve developed.

        As expected, nothing out of the ordinary. Bob is simply talking out of his ass.

  691. Just to double check Alex. You stated earlier before the lastest and greatest update that this is a video only driver. Does the lastest driver allow you to use audio and video for skype. If not then cool. If you can use both I am having a hard time. When you get a sec can you respond back. Great job by the way.

  692. Alex,
    I was able to get my camera to work with video and sound. I still don’t know why but I had to unplug my camera from the usb port on the back of my tower and plug it into one of my two usb ports on my 22″ gateway montior, then I was able to get the sound to work. When plugged into just the tower skype was only allowing me to use just the video, no sound. Once again what is the difference from one usb port to another? Who knows, but it is working. Hope this helps anyone out there. I guess hardware is another thing we have to analyze.

  693. Hello Alex,
    first thanks for this driver.
    i have a USB Camera-B4.04.27.1.
    i have problems making it work in xp64 with puredata.
    camera driver worked (x64) in testapp after i manually copied :
    winusb.dll (unpacking it from coinstaller)
    and coinstaller from driver folder(i386 to SYSWoW64 and x64 to .
    but no more now even after restart in testapp
    testapp starts and sees the ps3eyecamera but if i start capture boom.
    i get a crash report that i can’t understand if needed i can send it to you.(ps3eye_lib blabla bla…)
    now the device looks ok in device manager.
    (audio is seen as generic USB Audio Device though)
    but if i try to capture it hangs the software (tried pd ,testapp and amcap)
    amcap gives me error 8007045a Cannot create video capture filter.

    btw : i found this thread:
    if of any use..

    my machine is q6600 p5k 8GB

    i have another machine with vista 32 and it works very nicely on it.
    have a nice day

  694. v1.0b81008 is unavailable for download (404 error), could you put it back?
    I’m having some issues on XP (camera not detected in Amcap, Flash, etc.) and wanted to try out an earlier version.
    Thank you!

  695. Which is the bestly working version of PS3Eye Camera Setup * for Windows XP, the last version v3.0.0.0901 seems not to work, at least here, with AmCap or Skype.

    So which other, older version was supposed to work in Windows XP with AmCap or Skype? Thanks in advance.

  696. The link to the update is not working for me tried over and over. Will this update allow for it to work on Yahoo Msg?

  697. i did everything the it said and i cant even get the PSEye test to work

  698. Installed it on my Vista Ultimate x64 and it worked perfectly along with the mic,

    Thank you very much for the effort you put om and I’m looking forward for future developments.

  699. feather request, can you please make a version that does not require users to install vcredist_x86?
    for example embed the files needed by the driver in the package?
    thanks in advance

  700. where is the file to download?

  701. Alex from your experience what was the main issue to prevent your filter to work under |Vista with Skype or MSN?

  702. […] from AlexP’s site here. If that isnt working, Ive uploaded it to my site here. Check here for a newer driver if previous link doesnt […]

  703. […] Posted by pooaul nimeni? Vezi poate te ajuta asta! __________________ GOD GIVE YOU […]

  704. I installed everything properly. The EyeToy wasn’t plugged in at all and I installed the video as well. AMCAP still does not work for me but PS3EyeTest does work and the webcam works fine. I do not see a sound driver installed either. Can someone help?

  705. Alex,
    what does the GetFrameRAW function in the API do?
    I’ve been using the regular GetFrame function but I don’t understand why GetFrameRAW takes a PYBTE *pBuf … is this returing access to a frame buffer internal to the driver? and by RAW do you mean the camera’s native YUYV format?

  706. hey man i downloaded the latest one and the preview works but the amcam doesn’t wich i dont care for but i still cant use the ps3eye on yahoo messenger. Any advice?

  707. Hallo,
    Freetrack work with PS3Eye Camera Setup v2.1.0.130 with 30 Fps.
    When I install the PS3Eye Camera Setup v3.0.0.0xxx Freetrack doesn´t work.
    Error pop up “Acces violation at adress 77222F15 in module ´ntdll.dll´. Read of address 1AE34C63”

    Can someone help?

    Thanks from Germany

  708. I forget:

    Freetrack with PS3 Cam USB Camera-B4.04.27.1 and Windows 7

    Thanks from Germany

  709. You Rock, Thanks!!!!!!

  710. OKAY I have everything installed…the preview shows up fine. When I go to AMCAP I get this: 80070057 can not set frame rate for preview. then the video pops up. I go to capture and get this error: Can not set frame rate for capture. followed by error 800040005 Cannot start graph. Then the picture goes to black. I’ve opened MSN, G-Chat and none see the camera 😦 Please help.

  711. ERROR: cannot create video capture filter

    pls help me!!!

  712. So I downloaded it and it works fine in the test app but I can’t get it to work in AIM or Skype. I feel like it should be working though.


  713. well wen i open link to the ps3eye setup file. it doesnt come up with a white box sayin install! like it should do! help me!!!!

  714. Also. I tried it on yahoo last night and it worked for maybe two minutes but then for some reason stopped working and I couldn’t, um, get it up again. My friend’s camera was working fine though.

  715. ERROR: cannot create video capture filter

    pls help me!!!

    i figured out the ishew: the camera needed to be plugged into the back of my comp. the front ports show up as 1.5 not 2.0(even though they are 2.0), and don’t work with the camera.

  716. For all people having Error 800040005 using the latest v3.0 drivers, uninstall that and install v2.1.0.0130. It works beautifully.

  717. Seriously. Help.

  718. […] be modified that way, so the complete lens has to be exchanged. With the help of Alex Popovich's Driver which nicely works on Windows 7 64 bit edition and two days of learning some Direct3D programming, […]

  719. I get this error after installing the software and trying to run MSN live messenger Exception information: Code 0xc000005 Flags 0x0000000 im using windows XP.

  720. hey im sorry can u eamail me the driver like to downloade bacause i cant find it for the life of me

  721. When I install it, everything is there, i see the test program, but when i try to run it, it says “This application has failed to start because WINUSB.DLL was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”
    How do i fix that? Also, it doesn’t show up right on my driver manager either.

    Get back to me asap please, been tryin to figure this out on my own, but it doesn’t seem to work, no matter what I do.

  722. Hey, Thanks for doing this software!

    Just a litlle request:

    Is possible to add a shortcut of PS3 EYE in Scanners and Cameras (in control panel) and in my computer??

    If there is a way, please let me know:

  723. I would like to plug 2 usb ps3 camera, but not to stitch them. One should be used by ccv to produce tuio data and the second one uses as a normal webcam.
    Currently, with multi-cam I got a stitched unique video (really wide) and with the normal driver, only the last ps3 plugged is usable (with ccv or ps3eye test app).
    any solution to this issue?

  724. OS: Windows 7
    Browser: FF
    Versions of this: 9 and 8

    Problem: Camera installs fine, AMCap and Test work, trying run the camera through flash in the browser causes an instant crash every time. My brother had a similar problem, so he downgraded to 8, but it didn’t fix the issue for me. 😦

  725. It doesn’t work on Windows 7 64bits.. Any new driver planned for this OS ??

  726. ah thank god…
    the 3.0 drivers finally work with everything…
    msn, icq, skype, and even flash…
    thanks load alex…
    you’re teh winrawr…

  727. Hi thanks for the driver, i have downloaded and installed (v3.0.0.0901). all i get is a black box on the test program and when i run AmCap it comes up with the error message sorry you have no video capture hardware. the devive is there in device manager and states it has no problems. Anyone a idea of what has gone wrong?

  728. I don’t now what to say.
    But I Really thank you. ^^

  729. First off: Excellent work!
    Second issue: I’m running vista ultimate works great in live messenger, but not skype 4.1! all
    Third problem: No sound! No where.. I can’t even recieve sound messages when the cam is plugged in! All the normal win sounds are present but nothing linked with the cam. I have tried sound when video was shut down. Cause it just froze otherwise..

    Hoping you’ll suprise us all with a quickfix soon =)


  730. a sidenote the cam is reversed!
    Tried showning my friend something I had written and it was mirrored..

  731. I want to upgrade to Windows 7, but I don’t want to lose the camera as it’s my only one. Does this work on Windows 7?

  732. Alex, your filter is great. Actually I write a direct show source filter, too, and have the same problems: it is not recognized by AIM and the video is not displayed in flash player. If it is possible, it would be very helpful if you could give me some advice in what direction to go to make the video source work with flash player. I’m totally confused.

  733. hey alex, love that you got the ps3eye working on the computers. 😀
    any way’s, your new driver “(v3.0.0.0901) (MD-5: 2774325719386C063ECBCCF907F0636F)” seems to have problems with yahoo messnger/YIM/YahooIM, as in it will only work as a web cam in the bigger viewing mode, to were i like it in the smaller viewing because its faster, almost double the speed. and there was an older driver i was mainly using and it worked on both but then i think it stopped working that way… now im thinking its actually because of the newer yahoo versions, but i figured this might be something to tell you and see if you might be able to fix and what not.

  734. Hey, I use the camera with webcamXP to host it online from my comp. How do I use the camera in 640×480 resolution in webcamxp? It works in 320×240 now but shouldnt I be able to use 640×480 somehow?

    Thanks in advance!

  735. help please when i plug in my Ps3 EYE it says installing driver….. unsuccessful install could not find driver. Im runnig Windows7, new desktop and everything it just wont install the camera why???

  736. I you’re doing such great job, man.
    but could it possible to run it on a x64 machine (like mine!!!)?
    Your installer doesn’t install the driver…
    maybe you want to send me a x64 version…?

  737. For the rec. I have windows seven ultimate x64

  738. Where is the driver?

  739. only works with the “PS3Eye Test App”, which is useless because you can’t record or take a photo with………………. is there a trick to get this to work?

  740. Windows 7 x64
    Says need driver where is the driver how do i get it, only thing that works is the mic on the camera.
    When i used the camera on winXP it installed perfectly but the camera wouldnt work when i use the test or am, and now that i have a much better pc i cant use the camera cuz it won’t install, ps3 also died of YLOD, just not my month -.- , anybody with an answer

  741. ok, for those of you using x64/64bit OS’s on winxp and win7 i don’t think the driver installer’s work at all, so you may have to use the x32/x86 OS’s for those 2 OS’s, but i do know that the drivers work perfectly for vista in both x32/x86 and x64. i have used the win7 32bit and it seem to work fine but i can’t use the amcap program other than that it does seem to work, and winxp 32bit should work fine, but if you don’t have this register file i found a while ago, the amcap does not seem to work…

  742. works great, if you have some problems whith AmCap do not work or show a lot of errors, and directshow “OpenCV 2.0” please CLOSE ALL APLICATIONS i have firefox open and i get some problems thanks

  743. i mean close all aplications when you run the .exe in your PC

  744. my skype doesnt find the camera only the microphone

  745. @ konstantin
    are you sure your settings are fine? because i’m using Skype with my ps3eye and it seems to work perfectly fine…
    also try to make sure to plug the ps3eye in before opening any of you’re messenger programs, it seems to like to glitch out or not work if you are on the messenger and then plug the ps3eye in sometimes it works some times it doesn’t, and only one thing can be accessing the ps3eye at a time.

  746. i have only for a few seconds a picture then it scambles and i only have noise – how can this be solved?

  747. I installed it on Win 7 x64. At first the camera did not work then I went to device manager and added the driver manually. the camera is working fine after that but the Mic dose not work and suggestion?

  748. Hi!

    I have been working with the excelent PS3eye driver and Reactivision, in Windows XP with no problem at all.

    But now, I have to put it to work in Windows Vista Home Premium SP1, and the problems begun.

    I have instaled the v3.0.0.0901 driver of ps3eye.
    It works with the ps3eyetest app and the AMCam aplication with not problem.

    But reactivision does not work.

    when I lanch reactivision, it said:
    “couldn’t bind moniker to filter object.
    The specified module could not be found.”

    I tried the “regsv32” sugestion.

    First I did it normally, and I received a dll registration error. So I registered it in safe mode.
    It succeed in regitering it, but when I reboot in normal mode, reactivision is still not working.

    I did not know what else I can do… please I need help!

    Thanks a lot!

  749. windows7 64bit… Installed driver “PS3Eye Camera Setup v2.1.0.0130”

    micro worked, driver failed… manual instalation of file, driver path “C:\Program Files (x86)\AlexP\Driver” and i got question “this driver is not verified from microsoft”. Select “install it anyway and works like a charm”

    thx alex 😀

  750. edit: “micro worked, VIDEO failed…”

  751. stupid page, no obvious download link to the driver.

  752. everything works fine until i try to use it for youtube and stuff. it crashes the explorer.any one out there have any idea what it could b?

  753. im on vista x64 btw

  754. Got it up and running, everything works great online, etc. Anyone know how to take photos with it now?


  756. @Josh
    have you tried to plug the PS3Eye in before opening skype? and if you have try to open AmCap and go to “Video Capture pin…” and change the resolution 320×240 at any FPS then hit apply then ok, then try to open skype and sign in and do the video call thingy… if that doesn’t work then i’m kinda lost, i haven’t had a problem with skype so sorry if those don’t help…

  757. @Jonny
    well the only way i know how to take picture’s with PS3Eye, is opening either AmCap or the PS3Eye test app, the do what every you’re trying to do and then on the key board hit either “Alt + Print Scrn/SysRq” or just “Print Scrn” then open the program “paint” (if you don’t have it then try to find a image/photo program that has a past to it) then once you got it open, go to “edit” then “past” and there ya go, and if you want go ahead and re-size the image to just what the PS3Eye is seeing. sorry but thats the only way i know of how to take pictures with the PS3Eye besides maybe using another webcam program or digitle camra program, a lot of them seem to work with the PS3Eye. hope this helps ya 😀

  758. I opened the AmCap and it said, “I have no video capture hardware.” Help please!

  759. The AmCap says, “Cannot set frame rate for preview.” And skype is still not reading it. HELP!!!!!!

  760. @Josh
    ah ok, yeah the Amcap is because you need a register file for some reason, i have it on my stupid youtube video i made, im trying to get another video set up, but just go here and look in the “more info” to the right of the video.

    in case the link does not show, type in BOBCAMO in the search and it should be the first video that pops up and say’s this… “How to install PS3Eye, PS3 Eye installation for Win XP Pro SP3 & Win”


  762. hey Alex great work i got it working and it seems great but i wanted to broadcast with it on this web site www. justin .tv but it seems the the broadcasting tool doesn’t locate my camera any help pleas


  763. @Spacky Chan
    yeah man it does it on mine too, AVG is just doing what its known for…”false detections” don’t even worry about it, i always test and use stuff that AVG detects as a virus and in most cases AVG is wrong, especially for this… i’ve been using AVG for so long that i know whats usually right and wrong of the detections, but there getting more and more bullshit virus types in there database any more and it pisses me off, so all i can say for that Spacky Chan, just make sure before posting when it comes to AVG, the only one’s i would recommend using is like ESET NOD32, Kaspersky, and one or 2 others, and there are some online anti-virus scanners also, try using those if your not sure from AVG.

  764. @chris.s
    hey chris, i don’t think most browser based webcam usage’s seem to work with any webcams in most cases, but i can always test it for you and see if i can get it to work.

  765. @chris.s
    ok i just tried to use it on that site and i got what i usually get for trying to use any web browser based thing that uses the webcams, which was… either FireFox crashes or Internet explorer freezes and say’s the error report thing, i seem to get that on every site i try to use it like that, i also seem to get it when i use my crappy digital cam… i actually think something is wrong with the flash player which is what’s used try to do it. but any way’s sorry for going on… basically, no, of what i know of the PS3Eye does not work on the web browsers unless your using another web cam program that allows it to work on the web(which there are) for instance, yahoo actually uses AmCap for the video cam trouble shooting and when your trying to test it it actually shows you its working on the browser.

  766. Hi Alex, I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit on a AMD Phenom II based system and everything seems to install fine but when capturing video it will “crash” the video goes from normal to a bunch of horizontal lines and it never recovers. If I stop the capture and start it again it will be fine for a little and “crash” again. Any idea what the problem is?

  767. […] is not supported by Windows or Mac OSX. Luckily there are drivers ready for you to grab. For PC, use this driver. For Mac OSX, use this […]

  768. This software works rather well but, for some reason the audio doesn’t work on MSN windows live messenger. Picture works well, just no sound. When I try and configure it, I get the message “The microphone you selected is not working properly, or may be in use by another program. Please select a different microphone”. Only software I have found that doesn’t work.
    Using Windows XP SP2.

  769. can i get a mingw compiled dll?

  770. i got it to work but i dont got it to work when i wanan webcam with pplz????

  771. if any one needs help on installing this go here>>>
    make sure to read the “more info” part also, i have uploaded another video that’s in 2 parts but i tried to post them on here and the post got deleted. but any way’s my video’s should help you on installing the PS3Eye and possibly help or give you an understanding of how to work it.

  772. if anyone can help me use the sdk with mingw it will be great 😀

  773. For an application that I am develloping in actionscript 3.0 with Flex builder: I need a webcam able to
    capture at 60 fps.

    I choose the PS3 Eye with the ALEX DRIVER. By the way, thank you for your great work

    I used the function camera.setMode(320,240,60) to do that: but the cameras not able to capture at more than 30 fps.
    the camera.fps and camera.currentfps is limited up to 30 fps.

    I am working on this problem for two weeks ago and did not succeed, I am lost! Please Help!!

  774. trying to get the driver to work on Windows 7 64 & it installs, but still doesn’t work. when i click the test button in the start menu nothing happens. still doesn’t recognize the camera at all. any help?

    • Do you see the camera in the device manager? Make sure you plug the camera into USB 2.0 port. Some people had similar problems that got resolved just by plugging the camera into another usb port on their machine.


      • Nope, doesn’t show at all. May be cuz it’s Windows 7, I dunno. Gonna show all your info here and a YouTube instructional I found to an IT friend of mine. He can probably figure it out. I’ll let you know how it turns out. And THANK YOU for doing all of this!!! It means soooo much that you will dedicate your time to this and then make it accessible to the average idiot like me! THANK YOU!!! 😀

      • Showed this page to my buddy and he did something weird and now it works perfect! Thank you so much, Alex!

    • Yeah I resolved this likkle problem.Uninstall both PSEye & Program, then reinstall the program, and once complete plugin’ the camera (try a different port like Alexander suggested) and watch for it to say all 3 tings are ready 2 use. Then it should work, cause I’m usin’ Windows 7 2.

  775. I jus’ wanted 2 say it’s an excellent program design and greatly appreciated to the creator. But I only have 1 problem, how do u get it 2 work on MSN Messenger? Or is it not available?

    • What OS do you have? I am running vista 64-bit home premium on a Lenovo laptop. I just bought one and it works on the audio/video setup dialog (but if you leave that dialog on for extended period of time say 10 minutes, it crashes. Today is too late I have no msn friends online to test the cam with on MSN but will find out later.

      • Thanks for replyin’, but I’ve solved the problem now, and I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit. Didn’t exactly no what was wrong, but I managed to re-install it successfully and it seems to be working on MSN efficiently.

  776. Alex,

    Thank you for writing the driver. I just got a ps3 eye cam and tried your drivers. I am running vista 64-bit home premium on a Lenovo laptop. There seems to be some stability issues. I used your test program. 320*240 seems to work nicely. I test 15fps to 100fps for several minutes each and nothing bad happened. But when I tried to use 640*480@60fps, your test program has a high chance to freeze frames. I tried various test schemes and found that your program sometimes crashes when I stop capture at 640*480 even when I had a good live feed before stopping. If it doesn’t crash, it has a high chance to freeze frame when I stop and then restart a capture. When freeze frame occurs, sometimes choosing 320*240 will make the cam work again. Could this be a memory management issue or x64 issue? I also used msn’s audio/video setup program to test your driver. I let it run for 10 minutes with live feed just alright but when I stopped the program (stop capturing), msn crashed. Any suggestions? BTW, I’m trying to use this cam to teach physics labs about motions. I have two $400 cams but economy is bad and I don’t have money to equip more. Your dirver + PS3 eye could be the solution!

  777. Alex,

    I just tested it with a video lib (JMyron for Processing) I’ve been using for 6 months. It’s totally stable unlike msn or your test softwar but there is one catch. It seems that 320*240 is the cam’s natural resolution, which is reported by my video lib as forced dimensions. Is this right? My lib can’t pick resolution 😦 BTW, I took some time to read what’s on the box. The box says “output raw bayer pattern or yuv422 format”. I guess that’s pretty useful info for PS3 gamers ^_^. Do you use bayer mode for the high fps modes and do you do bilinear or bicubic interpolation?

    • Hi John, Thanks for your input. As far as capture stability goes, try to test the DPC latency of your system. You can find the link to the DpcLatency tool here on my blog. I’ve seen many times that the system latency jumps up due to badly written wifi drivers. When this happens, the system stops processing events for the duration of this latency period (which can be up to 60ms or more). Since PS3 camera requires that the system be responsive at all times in recieving it’s data, during high DPC latency spikes the data from the camera gets dropped and becomes out of sync. In my driver I am monitoring for this condition and when this happens I try to restart the capture but sometimes this fails resulting in blank image. The camera outputs image in many formats including bayer, RGB and YUYV. In order to achieve high framerates and not saturate USB2.0 bus the format with least amount of data must be chosen. In this particular case this is a native bayer format. In my latest driver I use highly hand optimized bilinear interpolation code written using MMX/SSE SIMD instructions. This gives 2-4 performace boost over the same code written in C/C++.


      • Thanks Alex. I’ve used the DPC latency tool and found no problem (almost always less that 500us). Even when the frame freezes the latency graph shows nothing alarming. I’m testing on 3 computers and realized 32-bit OS has better chance to work fine. I need more time to test 32-bit xp with laterst version (somehow I found your other blog site and its latest edition is I need time to test on XP. Thanks for explaining the modes. I once had to write a debayer code for a camera because somehow “no correct filter was inserted?”. One suggestion: I’m trying to use this cam for college physics labs. I need to drop exposure to around 1/250s to get images without blur. I need to set this to the same value every time I do the lab. Could you add a numerical display/input besides the filter property scroll bars such as gain, exposure, RGB? Thank you! John

  778. Noticed this on a a fresh install of Windows 7, 64bit edition:

    The driver status image shows that it is attempting to add the driver twice. And although it succeeds on the second listing, there is a error for the first one. This stops it working in the testcap program, and in skype. In either of them, I get the error that mentions that no webcam is detected or plugged in (I do have one plugged in, and power going to it). The sound works fine from it, if that helps…

  779. Last update today. I tried amcap capturing. 320*240 is ok but 640*480@60fps stops working after capturing a total of 3000 to 5000 frames. I tried two versions of your software same thing. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  780. Alex,



  781. Hi Alex
    Followed your instructions and the PS3Eye works OK… GR8
    Using Skype ver also works GR8…
    (PC running Vista 32 bit)

    Have also tried to use “Video chat” from Google Mail and iGoogle, unfortunately with no success, has anyone tried this?


  782. hey guy’s ill try to mess with the driver on Win7 and see if i can figure out how to get it to work properly or at least figure out why its not working properly, now alan, as for web based video use/chats i don’t think i have ever gotten it to work and web based stuff to work with the eye same with my regular crappy camrea could be some way different, but that’s just my opinion for that… but any way’s for those who are still having trouble installing it on WinXP and Vista just check out my crappy youtube video or video’s on how to install it.

    i hope it helps you guy’s

  783. when or if i figure out how to get it working on Win7 i will try to make a video for how to install it or what ever, same thing for vista, well… i just need to make a video for vista any way’s… but yeah just look for my video’s on youtube and they should help just about all of you i hope, and so you know im not trying to get you to view my video for “views” and stupid sh*t like that, im just wanting you guy’s to get it working cause i love using the Eye on my computer and as a video chat.

  784. Thank you Alex,

    I installed the drivers from this site with no problems. It works great for me! Now I can video chat with my friends on windows live.
    I have basically no knowledge of computer systems.

  785. yep no problem alex, just trying to help you and every one else out because i bet your being over whelmed with comments and all that, and if you need help on any thing like testing you know where to find me(or at least should know :D). but any way’s im just hoping people actually read my comment so they will watch my crappy video’s so they know how to install it and use the PS3Eye. and again for those who may not have seen my last few comments here is the link to my “PS3Eye installation” youtube video.
    and don’t forget to read the “more info” part to the right of the video, i have also made newer video’s but im kinda afraid of posting to many links in case this comment gets deleted again, but the new video’s are in the “more info” so you know. and if any one needs help or any thing i will be glad to try and help ya on this.
    and again alex, thank you for making this driver for all of us using the PS3Eye.

  786. Alex,
    After testing your library for about a week, I conclude that it’s very stable under 32-bit PC OS, like xp and vista. On the other hand it’s not very stable under 64-bit vista. I wish I had more computers to mess with but I don’t. I’m very thankful to your work. I’m sure the multitouch screen community is going to appreciate very much as you have showed this camera is a fast and cheap way to track motion. I am myself interested in multitouch screens (if economy gets better and my school wants to spend on a screen that will be great) On the other hand, I can see potential use in intro physics labs form motion analysis in high schools and colleges (interesting and exciting thing that physicists and visual artists/engineers share equipment). I’m going to promote your library and PS3Eye to physics teachers. Plus I hope this will bring you monetary contributions from a new revenue and eventially make your code open source.

    A side note: if anyone interested in using Alex’s lib in Processing, Dan Ivanov has written a wrapper library to utilize Alex’s lib. You can check out Processing’s forum under video capture.

  787. Question for Alex,
    Is there a conversion between the exposure value in binary [0,,,511] and in physical units like 1/60s, 1/120s? It’ll be nice to compare two cameras at the same physical exposure settings. No big deal if such info is not known. Thanks again.

  788. […] quick search on Google later, and I was redirected to AlexP’s Blog where he maintains and uploads versions of his homemade driver for the […]

  789. Hello,

    Im running Windows 7 X64 and cant get this driver to work for me 😦 Do you plan on supporting windows 7 X64 in future driver revisions?

    Thanks for all your hard work,

  790. In my XP – dont work correctly. I install drivers, all OK. Start test progrdmm or Sype, and all OK. But after few minutes capture – pic is still and if close app – red light on cam still lighting.

  791. All OK, previously post tested on Skype 4.1 but when I install Skype 4.0 – ALL OK!!!

  792. Ok so i downloaded everything but when i tried to open it it said winUSB.DLL is missing so i downloaded it and it worked on PS3Eye Test App and it was working but it doesnt seem to work on MSN or any other cam things

  793. yeah alex, the WINUSB.dll is what pops up on the screen for XP 64bit, and every one would know this if they watched my video’s lol, but yes i don’t think these drivers will work on the “XP 64bit” just because of that “.dll” file, and it possibly will do the same for Win7 64bit, but i still haven’t gotten a chance to test it on Win7 64bit yet, nor install it…

  794. Alex – very impressive driver, many thanks. I have it working on Win7 64bit, only issue I have found is that Win7 seems to ‘forget’ about the mic and then finds it again if I unplug the PS3Eye and plug it in again. Perhaps I missed a registry step at install. Will play with it more today. Many thanks for all your effort. Chuffed it works with latest Skype.

  795. for some reason my PS3 eye shows up as “USB Camera” with no drivers installed and it doesnt recognize that it’s plugged in when i try to start the camera test, een though the camera lights up blue.

  796. iv had this for some time now and its started saying
    PS3EyeLib library
    so when i go too this page it will not let me download anything! someone help me out!!!!!!!!

  797. I love it! it works great on my win7 64 bit ty..

  798. AVG says there is a trojan virus in here be aware

  799. Hi Alex, thank you for nice software.
    I want to make multiple cameras system using PlayStationEYE with OpenCV.
    Is it possible?

    • Hi, you could use my multicam driver to access two cameras. It comes with an sdk and an example app that uses opencv to display images from cameras. The app also comes with full source code to quickly get you started. There is also upcoming release of the driver that will support color, independent camera output, resolutions such as 960×640, 480×320 and 16+ cameras. I’ll keep you posted about all of this on my blog.


  800. Only the test app works, nothing else detects the cam, using XP

  801. Not working In Windows 7 Ultimate

  802. Me too, I installed, but Tried to use the webcam with Flash and Skype and do not detect this.
    I use: Windows XP


  803. And Its is not showing the USB Camera-B4.04.27.1 on my Device Manager

  804. ok for any one using the “AVG anti-virus program” it will detect a couple .dll files as a virus but like me and alex have said, AVG has a lot of false detections, why do i know this? because its pretty much the only anti-virus i use but i know what to look for at the same time, so don’t worry about any viruses in these drivers. i have used them with and with out virus programs and nothing has ever gotten infected from the drivers.

    @ andre, check my youtube video for your problem, it may help ya. my older video, follow the link>>>

    check the “more info” part for my newer video i made on it.

    @ Vamoss, ill try to help ya out on that, which bit is it? 32/86? or 64?

    @ Alex, um on mine it actually shows both “PS3Eye Camera” and “USB Camera B4.04.27.2” depending on the program im guessing, but most of the time i think it shows the “USB Camera” part more, but like i said it depends on the program going to use it and so on.

    (this is a re-post because my last comment was not approved or something, guessing one to many URL’s/Links.)

  805. for any one needing help on this or something you can always contact me here>>> bobcamo_hentai_and_furry @

    i know its hard for alex to try and do this by him self but i will be more than glad to try and help any one else out and/or figure out other stuff or problems for it and so on.

  806. Alex do u have Windows 7 Ultimate? cuz i can give u aio dvd so u can get it to work 64 bit & 32 bit all in one dvd

  807. hey so the latest version u have available crashes all the time for me on skype, it makes me close it and then i have to uninstall and reinstall the software…i have windows xp…Can u help me out please. Ps, sometimes it works fine, and thanks a lot for ur hard work. i woulda never figured out the stuff u know.

  808. vista home premium, sorry about that

  809. @ kashif lewis, if your using vista the drivers should have no problems at all… the only problems I’ve had is usually with either WinXP or Win7 all vista’s should work perfectly fine because i think he mainly made the drivers to work with vista… but yeah i’m always testing the newer one and the one i first found on the OS’s and IM’ing programs and so on.. or at least trying… so far its usually something small and stupid which is why it could be screwing up or something.

  810. i recieved 2 trojans can u explain why all the good comments

  811. my ps3 eye toy b3.04.06.1 works with sound i followed your steps and downloaded 861 Responses to “Sony PS3Eye Camera DirectShow Capture Source Filter *Update* v3.0.0.0901” also i downloaded webcam_logitech_drivers webcam_namtai_drivers and still nothing but update v3.0.0.0901 showed up as 2 trojans on my avg please explain

  812. oh no explanation thought so

    • @ mark, Ok AVG has false detections… why do i know this? because that’s all i use is AVG, also I’ve seen AVG detect name brand programs that are top notch stuff and blah blah blah as viruses…
      I’ve used it for a long while so i know what to watch of what it detects, and if I’m not sure, i throw the supposed “virus” on another partition and use it and see if it messes with any thing. I’ve done it with Alex’s driver quite a few times, and i use the PS3Eye a lot and never gotten nor caught any thing from them.

      Alex doesn’t get on that much, I’m like the only random person who is trying my best to help him out and trying to help every one else out on questions and problems. but any way’s, if you need further help I’ve made youtube video’s on how to install the “PS3Eye” they may help you out on installing it. ill put my older video link because i can only put one link on here at a time but my old video has the links to my newer one’s i made.

      My old youtube video on how to install the PS3Eye on WinXP.

      i hope every one else reads this because every one is having the same problems over and over, and i cover some of them on my video’s and on comments from other people, so make sure to also read the comments. if you have a question you would like to ask me go ahead no harm in doing so. if i can’t figure it out then we can talk about it on a email messenger which i provide in my video’s.

  813. i feel like i have looked at ur videos and followed the instructions correctly…and also this isn’t a virus mark…but yea back to me. Im hankerchief on youtube, bobcamo…i watched all the videos idk what im doin wrong. skype crashes after i hang up on a call, at the 3 minute mark of a call or 10 minutes, also when i change video settings thru skype. The only thing that youtubed help me out a lot on was your info on amcamp or w/e…by the way thanks a lot for ur help, and i hope im not annoying you

    • nah your fine man, but any way’s um i use skype with my one friend on there and i have talked to him with my ps3eye up to about 2-3 hours strait… sad i know but i’m bored most of the time lol. but any way’s it could just be something small and stupid, usually is for me any way’s, but if you don’t have me on yahoo or what ever you can add me on there and i can try to help you out, and you can add my skype also which should be on my newer video.

  814. just like to say i got this working after ignoring the trojan virus which tell me if i am wrong avg (which i to also have used for ever)would mistake a virus for a driver or vice versa i actually got this working from another site where the download did not contain any backdoor trojans running version 9 avg thanks for the help

  815. Hi, I’m using emguCV (.NET wrapper for openCV) to access this webcam. I am able to change resolution in my code, but I can not change framerate – which is vital for me. So there’s the question: is there a way to set the default framerate of camera? In other words, can I edit default settings, which arre loaded after webcam is started?
    Thanks in advance for reply

  816. Why do I have to keep getting that annoying unregistered popup when I start the “PS3Eye Test App” instead of letting me still use a old version that still WORKED!!!

    On my WinXP 32bit install which I do not use much (mainly use Linux)the only version that worked properly was the old PS3Eye Drive 1.0 Build 81008 and since I could not get the “PS3Eye Test App” going I decided to take a chance with new release but now I get “This application has failed to start because WINUSB.DLL was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem.”

    grumbles now I may have to buy a new camera if I cannot get this going…

    • um steve the only time I’ve gotten that error was when i tried installing it on the 64bit of windows XP… i have never gotten that on my 32bit… just figured I’d tell ya that, no reason though. but any way’s I’ve been using the newest driver for a while now and only gotten small problems that were really stupid and simple.

    • Steve,

      The new version of ps3eye driver is gonna be released in a few days. In this one, among other numerous fixes I address specifically the 64bit windows and compatibility with x86/x64 xp, vista, win 7. I worked quite a bit on this version focusing on making sure I cover really broad spectrum of os versions (home, premium, pro, etc). It takes a lot of time to test driver on all of these OSs, but hopefully most of the issues will be resolved with this latest version of the ps3eye driver. On top of this I revisited most of the code and made some changes and improvements I introduced in my high performance multicam driver. So this will make it even better.


  817. im trying to help every one the best i can but for problems that i have not yet covered my self i can’t really help that well, which is why i have my email’s and other way’s of contacting me so you can tell me exactly whats going on when ever something is done and so on… but i will try my best to make more and better video’s for installing the ps3eye but i need people to also help me test the stuff i need help on so i can make more vids for every one else so its not as much of a hassle to deal with…

  818. thanks to both of u, for real

  819. the 64 bit is what i have, thats why i was havin trouble here and there…thanks for the christmas gift, lol

  820. Alex, I hope you get this message. I’ve tested your driver on six machines with 32-bit xp, vista and 64-bit vista, as slow as P4 2.8 and as fast as Core 2 Duo 2.4. All machines can do 640*480@60FPS except for one. The only time it doesn’t work is this:
    The computer (Lenovo ideapad Y530, my blasted laptop) has vista 64-bit with Intel ICH9 chipset compared with another computer with 64-bit vista with Intel ICH8 chipset, which tests out fine, regardless of OS.

  821. i already posted because i had problems with ps3eye on xp64.i still have .
    i just wanted to ad it was on ICH9 but now i changed the mobo (bad flash)
    and same problem on ICH10. On another computer ( old P4 laptopwith xp32 it works but with a pcmcia USB2 card not on onboard slots(where i get strange garbled image).

    • What kind of problems are you having exactly? Driver installation or running the camera?


      • driver installation problems.
        first winusb missing .
        i tried with some info i got here :
        unpacking winusb /putting x64 dll in the system32 and i386 in systemwow64 then it crashes the app when using the cam.
        tried testapp and puredata.
        anyway thank you a lot!

      • These issues are all addressed in the new driver. Please stay tuned.

  822. ok just a quick update my ps3 camara works sometimes with sound then sometimes perfectly but always results in one thing crashing my computer when using msn anyone else having same problems when i say crash i mean freezes my pc completely have to say when it works the picture quality is superb just wish there was a stable driver

    • Hey Mark,

      Could you please try to use camera without the ps3 microphone? To do that select other mic as the primary sound source. I’m curious to see if that will work for you. As I said in my blog, there are some issues with running both camera and camera mic at tge same time.


  823. hey Alex when is the new firmware coming out. if it works in windows 7 ultimate 64 bit ill donate.


    • We are currently testing the new driver. It works on Win XP/Vista/Win 7 x86/x64. Stay tuned its coming out soon.

  824. hello alex i dont have another mic but i will still run the camara let you no a.s.a.p with the result

  825. ok then, i tried camara without sound it ran perfectly for around 8 – 10 mins then froze my pc i couldnt even alt ctrl delete. i then tried with sound same result its such a shame becouse the people i am speaking to cant believe quality of the camara i hope this helps becouse i really want this working i am sorry i cant help much more if i can please let me no how thanks alex for attempting this

  826. This still not working here in my Windows XP 64bits.
    Crash the applications when detect the webcam.
    Only AmCam is running fine.

    What can I be doin wrong?

  827. going to try yahoo see if that different but i never use it so i got to sighn up and find someone to chat on it hahaha if u have yahoo my add is

  828. xp pro sp3 amd sempron with 1.5 gig ram latency checker
    said my machine can handle realtime streaming of audio and video without dropouts max at the mo is 604 hope this helps

  829. The webcam does not come up on 3 different of my systems for yahoo messenger. I’m a little tired from getting this to work. The camera is brand new but it will not show up in yahoo messenger at all. Both on Vista 32 and XP 32 bit. Not working on AIM either. Do i have to try this in windows 7 now?

    • What version of the driver are you using? Does it work in test app and amcap?


      • I’ve used the latest v3.0.0.0901 (AMCap did not work on this one), and v3.0.0.0825, amcap worked. I installed and re-installed, restarted several times. No avail in yahoo messenger, and AIM. I tried the above 2 and v3.0.0.0827, the test app works great in all of them. If a youtube video is needed, I will record one and upload it for you to see.

  830. lol, how long do I gotta stay tuned….how do u do what u do n e way. Im still curiou

  831. Dear Alex,
    Thank you for your excellent and intelligent work. However, after install on xp sp3 device manager shows device working properly but your test ap just shows black screen, and amcap says no capture device found?

    • David, I specifically work on ironing out the XP/Vista/Win7 compatibility and stability issues. I put a lot of work into making sure all is covered as well as time into testing the driver on all of the versions and flavors of these OSs and applications. The new version of the driver is coming out within next five days.


  832. hi i installed the drivers and the test app shows that it works but it still doesnt register with Skype. any suggestions

  833. the wait is killing me come on alex you got a date in mind plz tell me nice one for the work you done tho m8 you saving me and many others money

    • Mark, The new version of the driver is coming out within next five days. I’m still doing a lot of final testing making sure all problems are solved. I’d like to thank all of you for very valuable feedback. Going through the posts and reading about all of the issues encountered was tremendous help. Thank you all.


  834. This works, but causes crashes on my Windows Server 2008 x64 system. I can run the test app, do Start Capture, see video, but when I hit stop capture, I get a crash. Same thing when using Flash. The cam works, but as soon as I close the window, I get a crash

  835. oh hey alex, did you add the problem with having that register file for windows XP(x32/86)?

  836. i installed the latest driver and i keep getting the same error when i test it that the ps3eye is not plugged into a usb 2.0 and all of my usbs are 2.0. not sure if you have had this encounter before. i also tried getting an earlier version of it and still have the same problem.

  837. good luck alex let me no when its done i will be more than happy to try it out

  838. Hi, I’m using WinXP 32bit and this driver works perfect with MSN, Skype, etc and AMCAP. However, any flash app that uses webcam crashes the browser. I tried the uninstalling and reinstall latest driver but it didn’t work. Is there any solution for this?

  839. Hey i installed the driver on windows xp 32 bit, and windows live messenger only reads the cam as a mic. Yahoo won’t read it at all. The test cam thing works though, I’m not sure what the problem is. I’ve tried reinstalled but had no luck. Any ideas?

  840. Hi, I’ve installed PS3EyeSetup (v3.0.0.0901) (MD-5: 2774325719386C063ECBCCF907F0636F) and both the PS3Eye Test App and AmCap are work fine but every time I try to use it online it closes the browser with an error, have tried IE and firefox with no luck. Just wondered if anyone could help me out with it.


  841. any closer yet

    • I anticipate a site going out some time tonight. Because of the high demand for this driver and my SDK I decided to make a website especially for ps3eye where users and developers can feel at home, discuss, post and find information they need regarding this great camera and other cool things. Please keep checking


  842. Where do I download the driver? I’ve been looking for a link and I cant find it. I got one driver from some other website, ran the tests and nothing happened. And nothing happened with any web cam sites, or applications. Help?

  843. […] Windowsでのドライバは「Sony PS3Eye Camera DirectShow Capture Source Filter *Update* v2.0b81231 « AlexP’s Weblog」にあり、インストールするだけで使用できます。 […]

    • 英語ネイティブのページに日本語でコメント付けるバカがいるんだねw

  844. how do i make it work with msn? it works with everything else except msn 😦

  845. Great application it works even though I get some weird white noise sometimes with the cam it lasts for about 20 seconds and then it disappears again.

    Also, I dont wanna complain or want to sound ungrateful because I am enjoying your software a lot but! Could you add a grey white feature? And also sephia perhaps? I don’t love my self coloured!
    I tried messing around with the red green blue feature but it doesn’t give me the effect which I desire many thanks again and hopefully that I can have a comment back.

  846. wat

  847. every time i try to download it, it keep on saying that its connecting to an host and i don’t know hot to take that off. can someone help me out

  848. every time i try to download it, it keep on saying that its connecting to an host and i don’t know hot to take that off. can someone help me out plzzz.