Dual IR Laser, Firefly MV, TouchLib running @ 112fps + TouchLib Speed/CPU Fix !!!

Today I got the Firefly MV B/W camera from PGR. I also added second IR laser to my original setup. This eliminates finger occlusions that were present in my previous single laser setup. 
I took some videos of this setup running demo apps, so I thought I showcase it here.

The TouchLib was modified (for fast blob processing) so that now runs synchronously to the camera capture rate. It also outputs current blob processing frame rate.

Here is the OSC app:

Here is the Fire demo:

Here is the Photo app:

Here is the Wall Pong app:

Here is the Puzzle app:

Here is the Ripples app:

Here is the Smoke app:

*** UPDATED ***

Dual IR laser blobs (camera view):

Calibration process (here I use ROI feature of the Firefly MV camera @ 320×240 frame size):

Many of you asked about my version of TouchLib with speed/CPU fix shown above. You can get it below and test it for yourself. Please note that I am using DSVideoLib as the input capture filter. The library was tested and it functions properly with this filter only. With other filters (such as VideoWrapper) the CPU usage may be very high, so please use it at your own risk.




~ by Alexander Popovich on June 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “Dual IR Laser, Firefly MV, TouchLib running @ 112fps + TouchLib Speed/CPU Fix !!!”

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  3. Hey borther, its really impressive what you are all doing with this tech. I was woundering if it is possible to use the touch screen with applications like CAD and TurboCAD. I would really appreciate any imput you have on this thought.

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