Differences Between B3.04.06.1 and B4.04.27.1 PS3Eye Camera Firmware

The analysis of the differences between B3.04.06.1 and B4.04.27.1 firmware revealed that the only difference between them is the reported amount of power that the device consumes. This information is stored in configuration descriptor in the camera’s EEPROM. 
The B3.04.06.1 version reports 10mA and B4.04.27.1 reports 500mA. This change is due to the fact that in the newer version of the camera the OV538 chip sits directly on the USB bus as opposed to OV534 chip being behind the GL850A USB2.0 hub controller chip.

PS3Eye firmware B3.04.06.1 dump:

PS3Eye firmware B4.04.27.1 dump:

The first two differences belong to the camera device descriptor and refer to the current consumption of this device.

~ by Alexander Popovich on September 15, 2008.

5 Responses to “Differences Between B3.04.06.1 and B4.04.27.1 PS3Eye Camera Firmware”

  1. How can I tell which firmware I’m at?

  2. […] chip that contains USB descriptor table as well as the camera’s firmware. Check here for camera firmware difference analisys. I checked the status of the WP pin and it is tied to the GND (EEPROM is not write […]

  3. Hi! We are a dev team that is working on PS3.
    It is possible to talk with you, AlexP on IRC? Because we have in mind a project about EyeToy for this console, and we want to talk with some people with experience.
    Thanks for the time dedicated to this comment!
    that’s my personal mail:

  4. @HEX Team: I’d reimburse AlexP, as his time is valueable and obviously you are going to make $$$ on this project. Well, good luck with it!

  5. posso usare questa webcam con il pc per videochiamare

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