The OV538 Based PS3Eye Camera (Version B4.04.27.1)

This newer version of the PS3Eye camera features less parts. In this version Sony removed the GL850A USB2.0 hub thus greatly simplifying their design. Check here if you want to see the internals of the older version of this camera.

Here you can see the OV538 USB 2.0 camera controller chip.

I marked the I2C signals that can be used to dump the commands sent to the OV7720 as well as data being read from the EEPROM during camera’s boot sequence.

The front side of camera’s PCB contains minimal amount of parts in comparison the older camera version.

Both versions of PS3Eye camera feature 24C64 (8K) EEPROM chip that contains USB descriptor table as well as the camera’s firmware. Check here for camera firmware difference analisys. I checked the status of the WP pin and it is tied to the GND (EEPROM is not write protected!). This means that camera’s firmware is software upgradeable. By disconnecting (floating) pin 8, you’ll get the OmniVision’s default (OV0534) PID and VIDs (Not recomended unless you are a firmware developer or want to modify camera’s firmware)

~ by Alexander Popovich on September 10, 2008.

10 Responses to “The OV538 Based PS3Eye Camera (Version B4.04.27.1)”

  1. Can we use this on a PC ?


  3. great work alex, @charlotte: i got it all runnin on my pc, the driver is on this site, works with xp and vista no matter what version, as far as i know.

  4. hmm struggles bigtime with ps3 cam and drivers 😦

  5. on which site can i find the driver?!

  6. is your driver work on vista 64 for ps3eye b4.04.27.1? It didn’t reconigze my camera after I installed the driver on my computer.

  7. Dear Alex,
    After I manually installed the driver, because after running the setup and plugging in the ps3eye I got the found new hardware message, still the amcap won’t work, i can use it only with the test application, neither tbetha or the new ccv wont work, in device manager i don’t have the usb camera b4.04.27.1
    Please help me out here.

    • If what you’re saying is true and the ps3eye doesn’t show under device manager then the test app won’t be able to find the camera either (check under ‘Alexp devices’ section). As far as ccv goes you should try the version that was specifically made for ps3eye. Otherwise normal tbeta and ccv will use directshow to talk to camera. It seems that the ps3eye directshow component didn’t properly install/register on your system. If you are running msn or any other app that uses directshow close them fully and run driver installer again. Make sure you are using the latest driver version. Hope this helps you.


  8. Under AlexP devices shows ps3eye camera(x32), i’m using the latest ccv version, and latest driver. I will close all applications and try reinstalling the device. Anyway with ccv i have some other issue, it won’t start with other camera either, seems some shaders can’t be loaded.

  9. It seems that because firefox was running when i installed the device some components where corrupted, after reinstall it seems to work fine. Thanks your fast reply.


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