Sony PS3EYE (B3.04.06.1) IR Filter Removal and More…

After playing with the software part and getting PS3Eye to capture under Windows, I decided to see how difficult is to remove the IR blocking filter from the lens of this camera. Please note that this tutorial is only for experienced users who are interested in using the PS3Eye camera for multitouch applications.

NOTE: The pictures used in this tutorial refer to the camera version B3.04.06.1. This is the older version of PS3Eye camera and features the OV534 USB controller chip. For the pictures of the newer version (B4.04.27.1) of PS3Eye camera featuring OV538 chip scroll down. 
BTW, this tutorial applies to both versions of PS3Eye camera.

I recorded the whole process in a few pictures. In addition I took a closer look at this camera’s chipset.

First remove the four screws at the back of the camera.

After carefully removing the back cover, you will see the camera’s main board.

To remove the front cover of the camera, remove another four screws.

Now you’ll have a full access to the camera’s PCB. Note that four microphones are further protected by a plastic cover.

Lets take a closer look at the chipset.

The main camera USB2.0 controller chip by OmniVision.

The GL850A USB2.0 hub controller chip.

Here you see the two clock crystals. One for each chip.

The 8K I2C EEPROM chip. This is where the Sony’s camera/audio vendor IDs, product IDs and firmware are stored. By disconnecting (floating) pin 8, you’ll get the OmniVision’s default (OV0534) PID and VID (Not recomended unless you are a firmware developer or want to modify camera’s firmware)

This is where the Sony’s GL850A hub vendor and product IDs are stored. By disconnecting (floating) pin 1, you’ll get the Genesys Logic’s default (GL850A) IDs. (Again, not recomended unless you are a firmware developer or want to modify camera’s firmware)

Now, lets remove the lens and IR blocking filter.

To do this remove the two CMOS lens screws.

Carefully pull off the lens assembly to reveal the OV07720 CMOS sensor.

The IR blocking lens is mounted on the inside of the lens, close to the CMOS sensor. It is heat-pressed in, so it is fairly easily removed.

After cutting around the IR filter with a sharp knife, you should be able to just pop it out.

Here you see the IR blocking filter plastic socket.

I was prying to much on the IR filter and cracked it.

Now just follow the reverse steps to put the camera together.

Your camera shoud be ready for Multitouch/IR vision applications. Please note that camera sensor is very sensitive to the IR light which makes it even more attractive (besides the high capture frame rates) for these applications.

~ by Alexander Popovich on September 5, 2008.

13 Responses to “Sony PS3EYE (B3.04.06.1) IR Filter Removal and More…”

  1. […] chipset info is virtually non-existent on the web.  After examining the camera internals (pictures here) I found that it features the OV534-LB50 camera USB 2.0 bridge and the OV7720 CMOS VGA sensor. Both […]

  2. Alex, Thanks for posting this tutorial. I noticed after removing the IR filter and resembling the camera that the focus is off. It’s set to focus on objects super close up. Almost like macro-photography or something. Is this due to the additional space between the CMOS and lens now that the filter is removed? What did you do to correct for this if anything? Thanks

  3. Matt,

    Indeed the focus is a little bit of even though the IR filter does not seem to have any curvature or lens effect. I am doing a few things:
    1. By rotating the mens zoom right before the click, you can get it to focus.
    2. I am trying to document a process of lens removal from the lens mount. By doing this you’ll be able to rotate the lens assembly and correct for lost focus.
    3. I am in the process of getting a new cheap lens mount that will fit the camera.

  4. Have you found a lens mount yet. I’m spend hours looking and can only find ones in the US. Also I’m not sure about height. I use 12mm lens on the fire-i camera and would ideally like to be able to use the same lenses with the Eye. Any help is appreciated. Thanks…

  5. […] In this version Sony removed the GL850A USB2.0 hub thus greatly simplifying their design. Check here if you want to see the internals of the older version of this […]

  6. I got a PS3Eye to test but cracked the lense just below the ir filter :(… So I took the rest of it apart and discovered how it works. Alex could you email me and I can send you the spec diagram i created showing how its built and where all the lenses are. Its a PDF. Maybe useful for the community. There seems to be a easy way to widen the viewing angle of the camera and a secure place to put a IR pass filter in the very top where there is a screw cap holding on the top correction lense. Off to buy another camera.

  7. Thank you for putting everything together Alex! I just got my PS3Eye today. I had the same focus problem after I removed the filter. So, I sanded the base of the lens housing down a bit and it worked perfectly. Don’t sand too much though or else you will have to shim it back up like I did. I kept the camera plugged in and tested it ever time I took a little plastic off with the sandpaper. Hope that helps people

  8. je besoin de driver de camera ps3 sue PC

  9. Hello,

    Today i´ve bought a PS3 Eye Cam and i reassambled it and removed the IR Blocking Filter. Afterwards i put my PS3 Cam into a box and startet testing with Touchlib but nothing worked??? Is there enything else i have to take care of, or what´s the Problem …i dont get IR do work..Maybe i need some IR Leds?

    Any help would be really appreciatet.
    Thanks in advance.


  10. strange nuigroup is down

  11. cydex
    can you send your pdf to me?
    my mail:

    by the way,Alexander Popovich
    the ps3 eyes camera can capture two IR laser pointer simultaneously?and it can distinguish between these two IR points at the same time?it it is ok,how to do it?

  12. Great job you’ve done with this camera, but my ps3eye still freezing under windows live messenger/windows7 (i’m use the driver

    Thanks a lot!!!!

  13. There’s a big change you’ll drop a great deal of chips or money which something anyone don’t desire to happen.

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