Sony PS3Eye Camera on Windows OS

Well boys and girls, I’ve been working hard last few weeks to make this great camera work under Windows.

As you may seen it before, here are the specs:

– 4 channel audio input:16 bits/channel, 48kHz, SNR 90db 
– 56º or 75º Field of View zoom lens 
– 2.1 F-stop, <1% distortion, fixed focus (25cm to 8 at 75º FOV) 
– 640 x 480 at 60 frames/second 
– 320 x 240 at 120 frames/second 
– USB.0 high-speed data transfer 
– Uncompressed video or optional JPEG compression

This makes the PS3Eye ideal for multitouch applications. The best part is the price $39.99! I found mine here.

Now, the main problem with this camera is that there are no drivers for Windows. The camera’s chipset info is virtually non-existent on the web. 
After examining the camera internals (pictures here) I found that it features the OV534-LB50 camera USB 2.0 bridge and the OV7720 CMOS VGA sensor. Both of these are made by OmniVision.

I started thinking to my self: “This camera is awesome and it will be such a great and inexpensive replacement for Firefly MV and the like. If we could just get it to work under Windows…”

Initially, I started poking around with the USB trying to send some commands to the PS3Eye and see what happens…

After many long nights I’m bringing you the result: 
– Full VGA (640×480) 60fps video capture test app that features uncompressed high quality raw video 
– Low CPU overhead (since there is no decompression involved on the PC) 
– Very low latency (1 frame time period)

The camera currently streams video in YUYV format, therefore each frame is 640*480*2 bytes. 
At 30fps this amounts to about 17.5MB/s which is pretty low in comparison to the total USB 2.0 bandwidth. 
At 60fps the amount of data gets higher and it could be affected by other peripherals connected to the USB host controller. 
This is why it is recommended that the camera be the only device connected to the USB host controller.

Most of the CPU overhead that I currently have is the color conversion code that is implemented in straight C/C++ without any SIMD optimizations. 
For real (MT) applications this code will go away, since we will be extracting raw grayscale image (every second byte of YUYV).

My driver exposes PS3Eye camera as a device with direct access, thus eliminating the complexities and the overhead of DirectShow system. 
For multitouch applications (where low latency is a key) I will be working on custom PS3EYE capture filter for use in TouchLib. In parallel I will be working on a DirectShow filter that will allow wide use of this camera on Windows. 
NOTE: I am currently running Vista and all the code is developed and tested under this particular OS, but it should work on XP with no problems.


– Download and run PS3EyeSetup file.
– Click ‘Install’ and follow the setup process.
– Plug in the camera.

After successful installation, your Device Manager should look similar to this:

Now run the PS3EyeTest.exe program, and the captured video as well as the FPS counter will be displayed.

Go, try it for yourself…


I created a new single PS3EyeSetup that will autmoatically install all the necessary files.
For more info and up-to-date files go here.

*UPDATE* 10-16-2008
New driver allows the camera to run under x86 and x64 Windows systems.
New TouchLib filter allows the use of this great camera in multitouch applications!!!
Incredible capture frame rates and image quality!!!
Read more here…

If you find the software useful or if you feel like supporting this project, please feel free to click the donation link below.

~ by Alexander Popovich on September 3, 2008.

50 Responses to “Sony PS3Eye Camera on Windows OS”

  1. […] previously described here, you need to install the driver […]

  2. This is great but i cant seem to find the driver file when i go to download it i get a blank page what should i do???

  3. yes there’s a blank page at booth links… you do a great job and i would like to run it… so please fix the download buttons…

  4. I updated the download link so that it points to a new PS3EyeSetup installer page. Please use this for installing PS3Eye driver and associated Apps.

  5. its not working on the windows xp OS
    what can i do?

  6. gr8 app seems to be running on vista for me

    Sad thing is my MSN dotn work when its installed, maybe you can work on a fix for this!!

  7. once i downloaded the ps3 eye setup and plugged in the camera my device manager popped up with the Jungo header and a ps3 eye camera under it with a “!” on it. i run vista 64 bit and was wondering what i should do.

  8. I have mine working just fine. Windows XP Pro SP3. Everything is just great! but i always have music playing in the background and it relapses as if it was on A->B playback. probably just lag. but it happens when trying to connect through Aim, it does connect and can webcam just fine.

  9. […] guida che presentiamo è una traduzione in italiano della sua pubblicazione originale; nella guida troverete i passi necessari all’installazione e il driver per far funzionare la […]

  10. Hey I’m having problems running this as a webcam for chat progrmams. I can get the PS3 Eye App working fine, but AMCAP doesn’t work (Or I just don’t know what to do with it.) Please help me out I’ve been trying to get this thing to work as a webcam for months

  11. ive installed this but cant use the camera on msn, why?
    please help

  12. […] questa guida, derivante dalla versione originale, potrete trovare i passi necessari all’installazione ed il driver per far funzionare la webcam […]

  13. driver seems to install fine on XP, but AMCAP say it does not detect devices. Also, audii applications seem to lock up or do not capture sound from microphone. Does this driver need any additional components to use hardware with msn/gchat, etc? thanks!

  14. i can put it like a webcam on msn per exemple but i cant capture as a video …

    i didnt download from this website but it’s you AlexP (C) 2008 sooo should be the same as you offer here…
    looks like the Test App does not work too he stay on initialise Drivers all the time …

  15. hey i downloaded it the test program works but AmCap when started says “Sorry, you have no video capture hardware” I’m running windows XP home sp2

  16. every time i try to configure my recording devices it will always freeze the process and it won’t respond
    is there anything you can do to fix the recording part

  17. sorry, can somebody say to me because it gives an error me? Before the PS3Eye worked to me correctly.
    Sorry because my bad English, I am Spanish.

    “Unregistered Version
    Please, check for the updated version of PS3EyeLib library

    Thanks, RAT

  18. I do not use the PS Eye as my webcam any more , but even though i have uninstalled the program, it still sends me a reminder to update it, and also blocks programs on my pc from loading untill i click ok on the reminder.
    How do i remove this, it is VERY annoying

  19. Im having the same issue as Dustin

  20. Man I feel stupid. Where’s the download button

  21. Is there anyway this driver can be changed to allow for more then one PS3 eye at a time. It seems what is happening now is that both devices are being given the same name so I can’t pick which one I want to use in the software.

  22. hey this thing didn’t work it told it could not find winusb.dll or something like that…this is BS!

  23. Same here. AmCap fails to work, Test is fine, Gchat sees camera for audio but not video (yet I still cannot chat with it…)

  24. Followed the instructions. Software loaded. Opened the program and started the capture but immediately went to a bunch of horizontal color bars then black screen. HELP!

  25. I can get everything to work except the auido? any suggestions?

  26. im having trouble using my camera in windows movie maker and also my other movie makes “Cyberlink Power Director”. it is working fine in chat and that’s it. im in the process of downloading a different version and also am downloading sony vegas do you think either one of those things will make it work better. email me at

  27. hay i got the cam working in the test but when i go to record it ask’s me 2 open a file and im lost after that help plz

  28. for all with winusb.dll missing – you have connected Eye before drivers installation; you have to delete or ‘update drivers’ for camera in HW Manager; it is all 🙂
    and of course – Thx Alex!

  29. I followed the directions and installed then plugged in the camera, went to device manager and tried to update the camera using the AlexP folder and it says no drivers found. I am currently using Windows Vista 64 bit. Any help solving this issue would be appreciated.

  30. I have been using the latest version without any problems with your testing app in all resolutions without any problems.
    I am using Xp Pro with sp3 installed but when i try to play video o msn it crashes the app completely.
    When you will come up with a solution on msn just email me mate.
    Great work indeed.Keep it up.

  31. Yeah, i tried to use this before, and i got the test to work, but now i tried to go back to it, got the “Unregistered Version
    Please, check for the updated version of PS3EyeLib Test App”
    now that i got that, i downloaded the newest version, and whenever i try to use the camera AT ALL the left light (red) goes on on the camera. it stays on for as long as the camera is on. how do i fix this?

  32. i did everything right but the PS3 eye test app just shows up blank, the tan screem

  33. i did everything right and all i get is a black screen!! help

  34. Hi,

    my PS3 Eye is not working with skype …

    I did everything as described here – at least I hope to ;-). PS3Eye Test App is working in most cases, in resolution 640×480 and higher fps (>= 30) I often see my picture just for a second, afterwards screen gets blank.
    Starting AmCap says “Sorry, you have no video capture hardware”. And Control Panal –> Scanners and Cameras show no camera at all. My Device Manager shows “PS3Eye Camera (x32)” as AlexP Devices, is this correct ?

    My Problem is, that skype says there is no camera device installed. Did I do anything wrong ? Can anyone help me ?

    If anyone needs more information, just ask me 😉

    Thanks a lot in advance … Bye, Frank …

  35. I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  36. i have been having some problems with vid chatting on my ps3 eye. whenever I try to use it with skype the video freezes after around 30 seconds but the audio works fine. Also, I cant get video to start at all with aim, meebo, or various other im software at all. I think it may be a problem with the video resolution or fps being too high but i am not sure. I have the latest update installed and have tried using various versions of skype and aim. any advice??

  37. Hi, is a fix for MSN video likely? If not, looks like I need another webcam? If yes, I’ll make a donation!

  38. thanc

  39. i have the same error: “Please check for the updated version of PS3EyeLib library”………………… ???????????????’

    help please!!!

  40. everything seems to work as far as the test program, but its not recognized by msn messenger? any help for that? it does say the microphone is not compatible but i changed it to the laptop mic and still just no cam on messenger?please help

  41. I get the same problem as ryuk

  42. winusb.dll still mising after update the drivers, after delete ans install again, i need your help

    i use WIN XP x64

  43. I get the camera to provide video using your driver; however, I cannot get sound and if I try to use it with gmail video chat, I get crazy interlacing.

    I’m using windows xp.

  44. thx a lot!

  45. perfect works on windows 7

  46. Working on Windows 7 here. Skype and MSN detect it, though I haven’t actually tried video-calling on it yet.

    Elsewhere, everything sees the USB microphone, yet PowerDirector doesn’t see the PS3eye as a capture device. VLC and AMCAP are able to record fine, but the audio is out of sync by a few milliseconds which is a disappointing.

    Capture quality through the MIC is brilliant, with my 5.1 cranked you get no clipping. Video quality is a little grainy in standard light however the capture rate is brilliant, 1:1.

    Will see how things go with videoalling and report back. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure out the A/V sync problem…

  47. Hi, Camera works fine. Although there is no way to increase mic volume using windows (the bar is greyed out). Msn messenger audio/video setup works fine and it selects the audio from ps3 eye and the video too.

    BUT, whenever I start a video call, the camera simply won’t be used and instead my laptop uses the default built in camera. Messenger also won’t change to the camera when I try to select it during a call. (the mic works though).

    PLEASE HELP !!!!!

  48. GREAT REVIEW! I pretty much agree with pretty much all you said in your article, especially at the end of your article. Thank you, your post is very valuable as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your great blog:) Isabella S.

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