AlexP’s Forum is up!

I created a forum where you can find the latest news and join the discussion about various topics featured on my blog. Join the forum here.

~ by Alexander Popovich on July 20, 2009.

5 Responses to “AlexP’s Forum is up!”

  1. i install the program for the pseye 3
    but when i want to run it
    it doesnt work. it say that it didnt found winusb.dll and downloading again the program will fix the problem but is not doing it

  2. AlexP Man great job with the drivers, I like it alot. I just have one question now. When I go to use it as a web cam in yahoo messenger it does not show it as a cam and I can’t find it anywhere for me to chose it. Do you have any clue to what my problem could be?

  3. Hi,

    great driver i have only 1 problem. if i try to run AmCap there is a error message that shows sorry you have no video capture hardware. There was also an problem during the installation process. The device Alex P … was installed by Windows after i used your installation program. Sorry for the bad english… Hope you reply

  4. hi, my computer won’t install the PS3Eye Camera (x32) – Driver everytime i plug in my camera and try to open it it saids i have no camera

  5. Hi Alex,

    I work in medical imaging research at a hospital in London. I am hoping to use the ranging abilities of the Kinect (or similar) for an idea I have. All I need to do is capture the depth map every 1/30th of a second (or as fast as possible) and write it to disk in some format (e.g. binary) with a time stamp. Can I do this using your Kinect toolkit? I would be happy to give you credit in the paper I will write. Please feel free to reply to my email address.

    Many thanks,


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